Georgia Basketball Scheduling

2015-16 Georgia Basketball Scheduling Suggestions

Here are some 2015-16 Georgia Basketball Scheduling Suggestions.

In the spirit of the conference rivalry games being expanded out to three permanent home-and-home rivals and the notable scheduling botches made by the SEC, there is a need to address the matter of Georgia’s non-conference scheduling.  A good portion of Georgia’s non-conference schedule has been settled out already with established dates, but not necessarily times for the games YET.  With an 18 game conference schedule, this leaves Georgia to have 12 or 13 non-conference games with one of the non-conference games being in late January against Baylor.

Currently, Georgia has a non-conference slate that is as follows thus far.

With seven games already scheduled, this means Kent Davison and Mark Fox have some work ahead of them.  They have to choose to add five or six more games to the schedule.  With Thanksgiving 2015 being at the time of the Seton Hall game, this removes the possibility of a few tournaments although those tournaments should not have vacancies at this time of year.

Some non-conference tournaments have vacancies and could be worth consideration given the schedule.

The Coaches vs. Cancer Classic at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn will be played on November 20 and 21.  No teams have been determined thus far at least according to the last post by Chris Dobbertean of Blogging the Bracket. This might prove to be a challenge due to the scheduling of Chattanooga as Georgia’s opener.  Fitting in two games between November 13 and 20 would be too many games far too soon in the season.

There is a possibility of a Round Robin situation at a location to be determined, but it appears highly unlikely that Georgia will be participating in a non-conference tournament.

Georgia’s Current Non-Conference Distribution & Power Conference Opponents

  • ACC:  2 (Georgia Tech, Clemson)
  • Big XII: 2 (Baylor, Kansas State)
  • Big East: 1 (Seton Hall)
  • Big South: 1 (Winthrop)
  • SoCon: 1 (Chattanooga)

Adding a third ACC or Big XII opponent for next season would be silly.  Georgia should be actively trying to add a Pac-12 and a Big Ten opponent.  It has been quite a while since a Big Ten opponent has come to Stegeman Coliseum, the last time the Big Ten came into Athens it was December 31, 2006 against Wisconsin.  Mark Fox has not been afraid to schedule Pac-12 opponents and has been partial to scheduling Colorado.

Ambitiously scheduling Michigan State, Ohio State and Arizona are not items on the agenda here.  However, matchups that are convenient as far as travel and providing a challenging, yet balanced schedule should likely be the prerogative.

Big Ten Possibilities

  • Rutgers:  Georgia could play both Rutgers and Seton Hall in the same trip through New Jersey, but this looks unlikely now because Rutgers may play on November 25 in Las Vegas and hosts Wake Forest in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.  Georgia faces Seton Hall on November 28, which means that this will not happen.  Rutgers could be a possibility during Christmas Break, but this does not seem likely.
  • Penn State:  Offers a very distinct possibility in tandem scheduling with the trip to Seton Hall.  Georgia could visit the Bryce Jordan Center and face a Penn State team that had a winning record last season.  Penn State’s schedule appears free around that time of the year.
  • Maryland:  It is extremely unlikely that Georgia will schedule the Terps for a Home and Home.  Maryland may not be far from Rutgers, but Maryland has games scheduled on November 25, 28, and December 1.
  • Purdue:  Made an NCAA Tournament appearance last year that ended in heartbreaking fashion against Cincinnati.  They would not be a bad opponent to fit in the schedule next season whether it be home or away.

Pac-12 Possibilities

  • Washington:  Root for this Home-and-Home Series to happen if you want to see an awkward series.  Can be scheduled for New Year’s Eve?
  • Oregon State:  A potential NCAA Tournament team with Gary Payton II.  Two quirky arenas to choose from.  Currently not participating in an non-conference tournament and may wish to bolster their SOS.

AAC Intriguing Possibility

  • Temple:  Why not make the trip down to the Liacouras Center after the Seton Hall game?  Temple was a bubble squad last season.

Georgia would be wise to schedule two challenging/Power opponents, three cupcakes at home and then a road and home series with a lower-to-mid major program that is in a city that has a large concentration of UGA alumni.

  • Macon:  Mercer
  • Jacksonville:  North Florida and Jacksonville
  • Charlotte:  Charlotte
  • Spartanburg/Greenville:  Wofford and Furman
  • Savannah:  Savannah State

North Florida’s trip to the NCAA Tournament last season should make them an excellent choice for a Road and Home series or a 2 for 1 arrangement.


  1. We will have 2 kids from Michigan and a kid from Texas; we should look at games against Michigan or Mich St and TX or some of the other teams in TX, although I seem to remember we are playing Baylor, so that might settle that last suggestion.

  2. The Dean Dome with large swaths of red and black. LOL! We have a hard time getting large swaths of read and black in Stegeman. I’ve been following UGA basketball for 40 years and have never seen us have a decent road following and our program doesn’t have enough momentum now (zero NCAA tourney win in 6 years under Fox) to have more than a few fans show up at road venues. I’ve seen us play in the NCAA tourney on six different occasions and we can’t even draw decently in places like Charlotte, Greensboro and DC for those events.

    On the flip side, understand that hoops programs like UNC don’t stop supporting their program even if they are down and out. Indiana was God awful a few years back and still packed the arena. UNC would be no different.

    I don’t doubt that Fox would be trying to schedule UNC now because he thinks they are going to take a hit soon. Why else would he do it? The guy has been owned by Brian Gregory at GT and Tech is now an ACC doormat.

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