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2017 Recruiting: Where UGA Stands as of August 8

Let’s review the recruiting situation for UGA on Move-In Day in the Classic City.

A lot has happened in recruiting over the past few weeks and they have involved numerous cuts, frustrations and official visits scheduled.  For the purposes of clarity, there are a good number of recruits making their visits to Athens over the next two months.  Will commitments follow?  Remains to be seen.

Point Guard/Combo Guard

Collin Sexton:  Sexton cut his list down to ten, UGA is not on the list. UGA is OUT.

Darius Perry:  Perry visited Louisville a few days ago and he will be in Athens on August 11th.  This is just in time for classes to start on-campus.  Perry gets to see UGA when it is like Summer Camp for Freshmen.  He may be advised to tour Milledge Avenue this week.  All signs point to this recruiting battle to be between UGA and Louisville.  UGA has a better chance of landing Perry now that he’s NOT visiting during a time that involves Football on-campus.  

Herb Jones:  He’s a wing, not a Point Guard, but we’ll lump him in here anyway just for the sake of organization.

Lindell Wigginton:  UGA is OUT for Wigginton, not exactly a surprise.  Wigginton also avoiding the SEC like the plague.

Lavar Batts:  This 6’2″ Point Guard out of Charlotte is a bit forgotten, but he actually is strongly considering Georgia.  Batts is a favorite among VCU fans on social media.  UGA is in the Final 7, which means that there is a good chance Batts does pay an Official Visit to Athens.

Trent Frazier:  The Combo Guard from Wellington, Florida cut his list down to eight.  UGA is on that list and has also secured an Official Visit during the weekend of August 26-28.  Frazier will be in Champaign the week prior to visit Illinois.

Luis Hurtado:  Not much is known here on the recruiting front here.  Hurtado is a Combo Guard from Decatur, Georgia and he attends Sagemont School.  UGA offered him very early in the recruiting process.

Shooting Guards

John Petty:  Made his Final Five recently.  See UGA on this list?  No, no you do not.  UGA is OUT.

Nick Weatherspoon:  Cut down to his Top 10.  UGA is not on the list as well.  UGA is OUT.  Weatherspoon may join his brother at Mississippi State.  It is entirely possible that Nick Weatherspoon goes to Mississippi State and does not play with his brother, Quinndary.  Quinndary Weatherspoon could jump early into the 2017 NBA Draft.

Chaundee Brown:  Cut down to his Final Four.  UGA is not in that Final Four.  UGA is OUT.

Jamal Johnson:  Scheduled his first official visit with UGA.  Set to visit on the weekend of October 1st.  Johnson will be in for the Tennessee Football game.  He is planning a trip to Memphis in September.  UAB, Wake Forest and Butler are said to be the other major contenders.

Terrell Turner:  No news available.

Jamal Cain:   Cain is from Detroit and has an offer from Michigan.  UGA offered him a scholarship four months prior to Michigan.  UGA is in Cain’s Final Four.  He is considered a Power Forward by some and a Small Forward by others.  Fans, alumni and students will learn more about him in the coming weeks.

Alex O’Connell:  He has been a busy guy this Summer.  Lots of attention from prominent programs.  Duke is interested in O’Connell and Louisville hosted an Official Visit for the Shooting Guard from Milton last week when Darius Perry was in town.  No cuts have been made thus far.  UCLA, UConn and Syracuse have offered him as well, it is getting serious here.  O’Connell went from someone that UGA could feel good about getting a commitment to likely out of the race in the face of competition that values a Basketball-oriented culture.  No cuts yet, so this one is not over.

Zack “Scootie” Bryant:  The 6’2″ Combo Guard from Jacksonville has been most aggressively pursued by Clemson, UAB, Iowa State, Murray State and Georgia.  He plans on making an Official Visit to UGA some time this Fall.  He has emerged on the scene after a very strong Junior Year.

Combo Forwards/Power Forwards

Wendell Carter Jr.:  Likely going to a Blue Blood program or an Ivy League program.  There is a possibility of a package deal that sends him with Gary Trent Jr. to Duke, Kentucky or Arizona.  The chances of Carter coming to UGA are minimal.

Alex Reese:  There is talk of a package deal with Reese and Garrison Brooks involving Arizona State.  No cuts have been made.  Thought to be a three program race here:  Alabama, Auburn and Vanderbilt.  However, this Arizona State discussion has thrown a monkey wrench into the conversation.  Will the Alabama-based talent get together and choose to attend a non-SEC institution?  If Garrison Brooks and Alex Reese are involved, others may follow.  Keep an eye on this story line.

Rayshaun Hammonds:  According 247Sports, he is UGA’s #1 target.  Hammonds is being hotly pursued by Alabama.  He has cut down his list to his Top 14, which is a bit humorous.  No Official Visits scheduled as of now.  Hammonds fits UGA’s versatility pitch perfectly.

Nic Claxton:  Featured before here in this publication, Claxton has UGA in his Top 6.  He will visit UGA on October 1, same date as Jamal Johnson’s visit during Tennessee weekend.  He’ll also visit Florida State on September 10 and he will take in a Florida State-Charleston Southern Football game in Tallahassee.

Tomas Murphy:  The younger brother of Erik and Alex Murphy.  Both Murphys went to Florida.  Not much else is known about his recruitment.

Luka Garza:  He is scheduled to visit UGA on the weekend of September 10.  Garza hopes to commit in October.  Garza has already visited Louisville, Alabama and Iowa.  Iowa has always been considered to be the favorite in this one.

Aamir Simms:  Made a trip to Donald Trump’s second-favorite country, China.  No notable moves at all in his decision-making process yet.

Isaiah Whaley:  Re-classified to the 2017 Class.  Familiar name for those following UGA recruitment.  Memphis has offered him recently.

Brandon Huffman:  Has collected 35 offers.  Awaiting some sort of cut-down process.

Alexis Yetna:  He has not cut down his list, but the powers of The American and a good number of A-10 schools have offered him lately.  Oregon State may jump into the fray as well.

Centers/Power Forwards

Brandon McCoy:  Seems inclined to be attending a school in the Pac-12, Big Ten or ACC.  UGA is an also-ran here.

Ikey Obiagu: Made an unofficial visit to Georgia Tech and is also interested in Arizona.  Obiagu has a lot of offers and has not made many cuts.  UGA is not really competitive for this 7 foot Center.  Louisville, Kentucky, Baylor, Maryland, Arizona, Georgia Tech, Georgetown and UCF have captured his attention.

Garrison Brooks:  It’s wide open and now nobody will know what Garrison Brooks will do until November.  There is talk of an Alabama talent package to Arizona State that may include Alex Reese, but everything is speculative now.  UGA’s odds of landing Brooks decreased significantly this Summer as more schools have caught his attention.


  1. Thanks for the depth of reporting although not the rosy outlook I had hoped. With the momentum from being one of the most stable programs in the SEC and Frazier’s and Maten’s development, combined with high expectations from our newer assistants, I would have hoped to have a recruit or two in the bag and high on the list of many others. Fox has pulled some late rabbits out of hats in years’ past, it may be necessary again this year.

  2. Thanks for the update. I don’t think Clisby is panicking; he’s just be realistic. I’m putting my hopes on Claxton, if only because of his father and Nic’s comments about being a long-time UGA fan. Hopefully Fox is giving Claxton enough attention and not playing games, hoping to get someone better (Fox tends to be a bit delusional when comes to recruiting; he’s probably wasting time recruiting Carter. I don’t think he realizes that KCP was a fluke). Perry would be great, but unless another point guard commits to Louisville soon, I expect Perry to go to Louisville (one plus: Louisville has offered a lot of point guards).. Maybe Garza? My understanding is that Iowa no longer has an open scholarship because Dale Jones was given a sixth year. On a more general note, does anyone have any thoughts on Fox’s recruiting philosophy (for lack of a better word)? I know he’s not alone is doling out offers like candy on Halloween, but 30+ offers seems ridiculous.

    1. Heck with Tech,

      I am not one to champion signing Georgia kids and Georgia kids only, but it amazes me that Fox casts such a large net. Like pulling Wilridge out of Texas, Maten and Edwards from Michigan, and Parker from Oklahoma, it seems as if he has a specific criteria for what he looks for in a player (s) and is not afraid to go out and get them, wherever they may be. Geno and some of the others were head scratchers, but you have to credit Fox for finding these guys and pulling them in. If we can land a combo of what you mention above, I think it would be safe to say that recruiting is heading i the right direction–pairing it with a NCAA birth would be even better.

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