2019 PG Ashton Hagans Commits to Georgia with a Video!

Ashton Hagans committed to Georgia in a unique and creative way.

Forget the special graphics and images, 2019 Point Guard Ashton Hagans took his announcement to a new level with a special 50 second video that he put up on his Twitter account.

Ashton Hagans does have a bit of a special connection to UGA, his cousin is Howard Samuel Thompkins III… this audience might know this man simply as Trey Thompkins.  Thompkins was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers in the 2011 NBA Draft in the Second Round along with Travis Leslie.

There’s a possibility that Hagans re-classifies to join the 2018 Class, but there’s the alternative possibility that he does not and chooses to remain in the 2019 Class.  Hagans could be looking to bring Small Forward Elias King into the fold along with Marcus Watson.  However, this is a bit of looking ahead.

Should Hagans re-classify, a full breakdown and profile will be done on him.  He’s 18 years old (the previous article was corrected) and he’ll turn 19 in July, which opens the door for Hagans to want to start his time in college.  Hagans is also more mature physically than others in the Class of 2019, but he is likely to grow physically, mentally and developmentally.  Re-classifying is certainly a possibility for Hagans given his performances and mindset.

Georgia Basketball Blog does not do breakdowns on the classes ahead because changes happen and it is important to understand how exactly a particular commit or recruit will fit for the next season.  It’s hard to project two seasons down the line and the AAU Summer action against the best of his class as a rising Senior typically provides a great opportunity to gather a full understanding and a more accurate snapshot.

Hagans is regarded as the top Point Guard in the State of Georgia and likely in the country for the 2019 Class, but this is still very tough to gauge without having completed his Junior Year of High School.  However, Hagans is extremely talented and he has the size (6’4″ 190 pounds) that Mark Fox covets at the Point Guard position.  The question that lingers is whether Hagans is going to re-classify to the 2018 Class, which would mean that the 2018 Class is finished as far as recruiting is concerned.

If Hagans sticks to the Class of 2019, Mark Fox has some interesting options for the final slot in that 2018 Class and Hagans can play the role of recruiter for the Class of 2019 himself as he is an unsigned commit.  He actually got started rather quickly with 6’10” Power Forward Armando Bacot from Richmond, Virginia who was offered a scholarship by Georgia an hour ago.

Does it seem like the Class of 2019 in the State of Georgia want to play together?  Elias King seems quite passionate about what he thinks of the talent in the Peach State.

Out of all of the recruiting news and developments this week, none are more impactful than this one.


  1. It is a more impactful commitment for UGA basketball than any one football commitment was.
    I am amazed that HS All-Americans as a group are talking Georgia. My wildest dreams.

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