2019 Swingman Elias King Commits to Georgia

Georgia’s 2019 Class is going to be something else in terms of the talent level.

2019 Swingman Elias King from Shiloh High School (formerly of Huntington Prep) committed to Georgia and will join his friend Ashton Hagans in Athens.  UGA has become a popular place for the Class of 2019 and it will likely result in more developments like these until all spots are filled.  There’s no discussion of re-classifying for King, but it does raise questions that are rather interesting.

  1. King was very passionate about the idea of 4 McDonald’s All-Americans from the State of Georgia in 2019:  Himself, Isaac Okoro, Marcus Watson and UGA commit Ashton Hagans.  Does King have any sort of preference as far as Ashton Hagans’ classification?
  2. If Ashton Hagans re-classifies successfully to 2018, would this mean that Fox has Hagans for at least two seasons so that he plays with King and possibly Watson, Okoro or even Armando Bacot?
  3. Who is next for the Class of 2019 and is it possible that this class fills before the Class of 2018?
  4. The talent level makes a significant breakout in 2019.  Does Mark Fox change his style of play in reaction to being able to trust the talent?
  5. Has the FBI investigation changed the recruiting landscape for the Class of 2019 and beyond?

Subscribe to Elias King’s Youtube Channel if you wish.  He has 208 subscribers and it will surely grow.  He could be the most telegenic of UGA’s Class of 2019 and his story is quite interesting.  Subscribe already. 

A full scouting report on Elias King will come out after the 2018 Preakness Stakes, which means it is going to be a bit of a wait.  However, he’s in the middle of his Junior Year of High School and he’s still developing.  Remember, Amanze Ngumezi was around the same size as King at this time.  This is why evaluations are worth the wait.  King is a 6’7″ 190 pound Swingman focused on improving his defensive skills, maintaining his ball-handling ability and doing the things on the floor that are beyond scoring.  In late May 2018, there will be an update on his progress.

Hagans and King will be selling their friends in the Class of 2018, 2019 and 2020 on the benefits of coming to UGA.  It’s a very different time.  It may give reason to start tailgating at Myers Quad for an extra four months of the year.

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  1. Great commitments from Hagans and King. It will be interesting to see who else joins these two for the class of 2019 or 2018 if Hagans reclassifies. UGA basketball is improving their talent level and I hope Fox can fully use this improved talent to take our team to new levels.

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