All Aboard the Decommitment Train: Ashton Hagans Starts It

Ashton Hagans decommitted from Georgia.  It’s possible Mark Fox knew about it a few days ago.

Ashton Hagans was expected to re-classify to the Class of 2018 and join the Georgia Bulldogs, but these plans are now off.  Hagans has opened up his recruitment and it will likely result in another decommitment as well.  What this means for Mark Fox and his status at Georgia is unknown as Greg McGarity is enjoying the current atmosphere in College Basketball.

Hagans may re-consider Georgia, but it is extremely likely that he is going to move on and choose to attend a different school.  This is the first domino for Georgia as far as the future of the program is concerned and more dominoes are set to fall.  Transfers are highly likely as well depending upon whether Mark Fox is the Head Coach next season.

This is not the most surprising development, but it may spell the end of the Mark Fox era in Athens.  However, once again, Greg McGarity and the oligopolists just do not want to disrupt the Golden Goose and to the best of their knowledge Mark Fox is ensuring that the FBI does not come onto the premises at Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall.  After all, nobody is getting on a high horse about Georgia Football being “clean” like the way they are with Georgia Basketball and what knowledge they may have of so-called “rogue boosters”.

It may help explain why Mark Fox offered Point Guard Kamar Robertson from the 2019 Class this past Saturday.


  1. I haven’t verified this, but read this sad stat recently: since 1985 (the year the NCAA tourney expanded to 64 teams), only one Power 5 conference mens team has retained a head coach longer than 8 years when that coach has failed to win a single NCAA tourney game. Of course, that school and coach are UGA and Mark Fox.

    The timing of Hagans announcement always seemed odd to me considering the apparent “make or break” nature of this season for Fox. I figured he’d decommit at some point after he thought it through further…with the help of coaches all over the country telling him how little Fox has accomplished in Athens and that he’s a dead man walking at this point.

  2. Well, I hate it, but you had to see this coming. I agree with Bluto, though. Keeping a coach based on current (possible) recruits is fool’s gold. If we’re going to get rid of Fox, rip the bandaid off and be done with it. If we’re keeping him, then go ahead and say so. But don’t make the decision based on recruits.

    1. One can only hope this decommit is the final straw for TPTB to greenlight Jere to allow ADGM to start the search firm/make calls.

    2. As badly as we need a PG, there’s only so much he could have done in his one year before heading to the NBA…see Sexton at Alabama. We had KCP for 2 seasons and didn’t finish with a winning record in either season. ..another Mark Fox point of pride!

  3. Heck with Tech do you think Hagans would be a difference maker for Fox? A great point guard especially a pass first point guard who can score too tends to make guys work harder to get open knowing that they will get opportunities to score.

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