Anthony Mack Commits to Wyoming

Anthony Mack committed to the program that was with him from the beginning.

Anthony Mack chose to go to Wyoming in a case of possibly overplaying his hand with Villanova.  Mack left Georgia and Missouri hanging while hanging onto a conditional scholarship offer from Villanova.   According to Rivals’ Eric Bossi, “Georgia appears to have pulled out on Mack as well.”

Bossi’s statement aligns well with an article by Adam Zagoria concerning Mack’s recruitment on October 31.

“I’m actually looking to decide [this] week, either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.”

“I’m either going to decide to commit to one of those schools or I might open up my recruitment.” 

When the article came out concerning Mack’s recruitment, the interview took place on October 30.  The fact that Mack made the statement about re-opening his recruitment was a bit unusual and probably should have sent up some red flags that something had happened.

It would seem that Mark Fox who had appeared to have slow played Jamir Moultrie was being slow played by Anthony Mack.  Georgia reportedly pulled out and Missouri may have prematurely jumped out before Mack’s Final Five came out.  In fact, Mack was looking to possibly make visits to Saint Louis and Florida, but this did not materialize.  Mack chose to commit to the school that he made his first official visit, Wyoming.