Baker Mayfield Should Go the DeMarcus Cousins Route

Baker Mayfield’s phone is blowing up.  Did he handle it the right way?

There are some in Bulldog Nation who think that it was a great thing that Oklahoma Quarterback Baker Mayfield had his phone bombarded with “messages of encouragement” by Georgia supporters.  It probably was an extremely dumb thing as Mayfield could still choose to expose the idiots who decided to bombard him with messages.  It’s 2017, not 1997 and phone calls can be traced (thanks NSA!).

The likely messages that Mayfield received were along the following lines…

  1. “Woof Woof Woof Go Dawgs!”  (Wish this is all he received, but it is unlikely)
  2. “You’re a f***ot!”
  3. “I’m f**king your Mom!”
  4. “I’m gonna kill you!”
  5. “Our n*****s are gonna destroy you!”

What is there to gain by calling Baker Mayfield?  Nothing.  Why hasn’t Mayfield released the voice messages and text messages he has received with the phone numbers associated leaving the possibility of outing ignorant people?  It’s unknown, but he should and the all of the records should be out in the open.

However, DeMarcus Cousins when he was at Kentucky dealt with harassment from the Mississippi State faithful.  It’s strange to say it, but Mayfield should have went down the road Cousins went as far as approaching this situation.  It was an incident that set Mississippi State back decades as Cousins dealt with racial and homophobic slurs and harassing calls that were of a racist and homophobic nature.  Cousins let the public know what the messages were and the Humphrey Coliseum crowd really did not care as they had their “Governor Barnett – I love Mississippi” moment on ESPN for all to see.  Cousins went on to rip the awful crowd’s hearts out in Overtime with a 19 point 14 rebound performance.  It was uglier toward the end of the game as the crowd threw bottles onto the court.

To say that Cousins was unamused by the taunts and treatment would be an understatement.  However, in this world, who is laughing now?  Cousins is in the NBA and is set to make $18,063,850 this season before taxes.  The Mississippi State crowd has to live with their actions and pretending that this did not happen out of shame.

Cousins called the bigots and homophobes out, it was important for him to do so.  However, the 2017 way of doing it is releasing voice messages and texts with the phone numbers attached with location tracking.

Bombarding Baker Mayfield’s phone with threatening messages is not funny, Mayfield is playing it off as nothing, but he should be exposing people for their ignorance.  Did Mayfield get death threats?  Who knows?

Release the messages with the phone numbers.  If there are threatening messages, submit them to law enforcement.  It’s that simple.  Baker Mayfield should have his own form of a #MeToo moment.

This is embarrassing for UGA and it makes everyone associated with UGA look bad.  We’re better than this, this is not who we are or is it?  It’s time to root this out.

 (Update to those thinking this is to stir up trouble… 1.  What type of people would make harassing calls to a 22 year old that they do not personally know?  Think they are actually making classy, tolerant or even coherent comments?  This is not a culture war, it’s a student-athlete getting harassing phone calls from low-lives.  2.  This is like the McElwain situation, just release the records and go to the police for anything threatening.  It’s that simple.  It also discourages instances like this from happening again.)


  1. Do we know for sure who made these calls? You can actually fool some of the people some of the time. Maybe the calls should be traced! and get the real truth!

  2. You sound like someone trying to start a race problem at UGA. You have no reason to assume anything was racist or homophobic but your own prejudices. “Physician, heal thyself!”

  3. Good grief. Get off your soapbox. Stop trying to be a social justice warrior. Threatening messages? Homophobic and racial slurs? You imagine this from one tweet from a QB and an article about a “prank”? You so want it to be more so you can call it out to make yourself look noble. Maybe BM is just making it up, and that’s why he won’t release the messages. No, it has to be more sinister. You can’t be a moral scold as Rosa Parks-like icon unless there is true evil, so you make it up out of whole cloth. .

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