Bruce Pearl May Be Fired if He Continues to Not Cooperate with Investigation

Bruce Pearl has not been cooperative with Auburn University’s internal investigation and it may cost him his job.

Bruce Pearl has refused to cooperate with Auburn University’s internal investigation surrounding the corruptibility of his staff.  Pearl has reportedly refused to talk to attorneys conducting the investigation and the ability to determine whether Pearl has had any involvement in wrongdoing of any kind is diminished due to the fact that FBI agents seized his devices.

As a result of this, Pearl is facing the threat of a firing.  Pearl’s long-term future at Auburn seems shaky beyond the FBI Investigation.  Pearl cannot even get his team to defend and even with greater talent than the opposition, this is not the same Bruce Pearl who was at Tennessee from an on-the-court perspective.

The Auburn Family is All-In and they turn on you when things go wrong if you are an outsider or if you sully the school’s reputation.  It’s amazing how the warnings can come to life.

Auburn does not have a rich Men’s Basketball tradition.  Those who want to see Auburn become significant in Men’s Basketball are going to be very disappointed, Auburn Basketball is not going to be resurrected and the sentiment on The Plains will be an acceptance of this circumstance.  More people will say that it is impossible to win at Auburn and it is a falsehood, but it requires a proper commitment rather than a quick fix and pure infusion of talent without regard for the law.

Talent alone does not and cannot win Championships, Bruce Pearl lost sight of this as a coach.  Pearl’s adaptation to the sport of Basketball after spending time with ESPN is never discussed, which is strange as his team’s performance has reflected his own failure to adapt properly to the game as it played in this era.  His failure to teach defense, get buy-in from his student athletes, adjust expectations from his student-athletes and instill a work ethic is a problem.  Pearl’s carnival barker antics faded FAST at Auburn, his demeanor turned very introspective unlike his time at Tennessee.  No amount of talent can cover up bad coaching, Pearl became lazy and he knows it.  Pearl is a Dr. Tom Davis disciple and his physical press with whatever talent he had during much of his run at Tennessee, which happened to be in the upper half of the SEC, along with a Flex Offense that required buy-in and focus from his student-athletes pushed him and the Tennessee Basketball program to National Title Contenders.  In his last season at Tennessee, something did seem off about Pearl’s team from the very beginning and it is the same sort of problem that continues now at Auburn.

A Bruce Pearl 30 for 30 Documentary would be very interesting, Pearl is too captivating and he would be extremely candid about what really is happening.  What took Bruce Pearl so long to get this sort of a revelation?

“When Steven got on the staff, as he began to have a larger voice, his comments to me about our Tennessee teams were that our Auburn teams aren’t any less athletic, and in some cases, less talented, but our Tennessee teams played harder or more physical and played tougher.”

Keep this in mind…

It’s easier to do this sort of investigation in College Basketball, there are plenty of horrible things (racist false flags, sexual assaults, CTE, pain killers, steering, prostitution and more) going on with College Football and this will be exposed in the coming years.  It is also unfortunately common for female student-athletes to be pressured to have abortions by administrators and coaches.  Just as Hollywood is confronting its past and present, College Athletics is just starting to have its time and there are a lot of skeletons.


  1. It will be interesting to see Pearl continue to squirm under the spotlight of a federal criminal grand jury investigation. He appears to be caught in a catch 22 for certain. All he can do is keep his mouth shut for fear of providing incriminating statements that may be used in criminal charges against him. At the same time he is violating the terms of his employment with Auburn. Pearl and Auburn deserve one another.

  2. I’m sure there will be plenty of things uncovered in relation to wrongdoing in college athletics in the coming years, but let’s not get carried away by comparing it to the vile pedophile freaks of Hollywood.

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