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The State of the Bulldog Nation

It was a frustrating weekend for the supporters of the UGA basketball program. After the Hoop Dawgs suffered an incredibly frustrating, but completely predictable, first round NIT loss to Belmont on Wednesday night, Athletic Director Greg McGarity went on 680 The Fan on Thursday to attempt to smooth over the second eighth consecutive disappointing season from the Bulldogs embattled head coach, Mark Fox. Needless to say, this was yet another in a long line of PR blunders by McGarity.

“Mark would be the first to tell you it’s (the program) not what he wants it to be and everyone wants it to be, but it (this season) is a winning record and that’s something that’s become commonplace in our program, and we just need to take that next step forward in getting to the big dance.”

To be clear, not only did McGarity admit that after eight years the program is not where Fox would want it to be, but he openly admitted that the program is not where anyone would want it to be. I must admit, I am impressed by how accurate that statement from McGarity was, while also being astonished that an Athletic Director at a SEC university would actually admit something so damning about a program and follow that up by effectively telling its supporters, “And oh yeah! Did I mention that we are bringing Mark back for year number 9?

With his very next sentence, McGarity touted the fact that Georgia had a winning record this season, something that has “become commonplace” at UGA under Fox- and literally every other major conference program that doesn’t finish dead last in their conference every year. It appears that this non-existent accomplishment is something that the University of Georgia Athletic Association is proud of. Never mind the fact that Fox has missed the NCAA Tournament 5 out of the past 6 years, or that he couldn’t make a field of 68 teams this season while having 2 consensus First Team All-SEC performers. Forget that Fox couldn’t make the Tournament last season with those same two all-time UGA greats, J.J. Frazier and Yante Maten, along with two other 3+ year starting guards in Kenny Gaines and Charles Mann (ironically, both Mann and Gaines were pre-season First Team All-SEC last Season) .

Never mind the fact that McGarity had just admitted on air that Mark Fox is falling short of literally EVERYONE’s expectations. Forget all of that, and don’t ask questions. None of these facts matter. By the end of the interview, Greg McGarity had made it clear that Mark Fox would be back, despite any and all of the above.

Things got even worse over the weekend. By Sunday, South Carolina had knocked off Duke to reach its first ever Sweet 16, further lowering Georgia down the SEC Basketball pecking order and further emphasizing Fox’s complete and total lack of NCAA Tournament success at UGA. By today, realistic head coaching targets such as Kevin Keatts (North Carolina State), Will Wade (LSU), Pat Kelsey (UMass) and Mike Rhoades (VCU) had all been taken off the market.

I know that we typically stick to just UGA Hoops around here, but it is hard to talk about the AD-approved failure of the basketball program without discussing the state of the UGA Athletic Department as a whole. In case you missed it over the weekend, the Georgia baseball team opened SEC play with a shocking, but not-so-shocking 22-9 loss to LSU, en route to being swept over the weekend. The Bulldogs are 9-13, have dropped series’ to College of Charleston, Mercer, and Rider.  Scott Stricklin‘s team seems to be destined for yet another cellar-dwelling performance that might fail to even net an SEC Tournament appearance. I mean, the Diamond Dawgs allowed 35+ base runners to reach base via walk or HBP last weekend, and also committed eight errors in a game earlier this season. Truly incredible numbers there, and if things continue down this path and the team does indeed miss the SEC Tournament again, it would be the third time that has happened in Stricklin’s four seasons.

Between basketball and baseball, the situations in two of the big three men’s sports at UGA are worse than bad, they are catastrophic. Fox will apparently return for a third consecutive Make-Or-Break Year. With seemingly no basketball-related reason to bring Fox back, then what is the reason?

McGarity the boosters who really call the shots are completely fine with being mediocre if they do not have to pay Fox’s $1.7 million buyout if he were to be terminated this season. As long as the money continues to flow into the University of Georgia Athletic Association, wins and losses mean nothing in any sport not named football. It is for this same reason that I am not convinced that Stricklin will be fired.  Decisions in all sports other than football are made on a cost-basis rather than revenue growth or success in the particular competitive sport.

Is this the prevalent attitude of Bulldog Nation? Could it be that THIS is the way boosters and the leadership of Butts-Mehre think?

If it is not obvious enough, I think that McGarity and his cronies are robbing the fans by not even attempting to strive for excellence in athletics. At this point, I think it is beyond fair to question if President Jere Morehead was really the huge improvement over Michael Adams that we all envisioned. I would say that the fact that McGarity is still in place as the J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics is pretty strong evidence that Morehead is not. In my opinion, just like under Adams, the sole objective of the University of Georgia Athletic Association is to make as much money as possible.

Thankfully, we are in the beginning of a Great Awakening, but it is apparent that there is still a long way to go, so don’t get too excited. In this article last week, McGarity defended his decision to keep millions upon millions of dollars in reserve for a “potential rainy day”. These millions have been donated by boosters under the impression that they would be spent on improvements to facilities, but those improvements have not come.

Check out the reaction from former UGA and current PGA Tour golfer Kevin Kisner to this McGarity quote:

“Compare it to someone else, everyone compares it to Alabama. Compare it to Tennessee, compare it to LSU. So I think what happens is so many people refer to one place. There are 12 other schools in the league. Let’s compare to others. Some better. Some don’t have what we have.”

Keep in mind, this is a quote about FOOTBALL. This is the only sport that is taken seriously by everyone from those within Butts-Mehre to the ordinary fan wearing a Georgia cap in Waycross.  After reading that quote, I can’t help but wonder why McGarity didn’t just come out and say, “Why don’t we shoot for 7th best? That would be in the top half of the SEC, after all.” It should also be noted that Harman has been rumored to have made a sizable donation for improvements to the golf facilities years ago and the improvements have still not come to fruition.  (This would be an interesting investigation.)  McGarity continues to delay the facility improvements.

It is possible that the only way that anything is going to change on this matter is if famous and successful alumni that excelled as student-athletes at UGA like Kisner and Harman continue to speak out and tell the truth. Jon Stinchcomb did his job in this article regarding the reserve funds here

On that note, here is your chance to speak out. We want to hear from you. We are curious to see how many of our readers agree with this view, and we’d like to see how the Dawg Nation feels as a whole.

There are 4 questions below, 1 specifically about UGA Basketball, and 3 about the State of the UGA Athletic Association.  The basketball question is particularly interesting because at this point, if Fox is returning, he almost has to be extended just for the purpose of recruiting. I can’t wait to see McGarity try to positively spin an extension after these past two years!

The first question concerns Mark Fox and Georgia Basketball…

After 8 seasons of the Mark Fox era of Georgia Basketball, what is the best approach going forward with Mark Fox?

  • Firing Mark Fox immediately. (60%, 98 Votes)
  • Let Fox coach one "hot seat" season. (29%, 47 Votes)
  • Encouraging Fox to get another position anywhere else and paying him $2 million to leave. (7%, 12 Votes)
  • Extend Fox's contract for two years. (2%, 4 Votes)
  • Extend Fox's contract for four or more years with a raise. (2%, 3 Votes)

Total Voters: 164

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Now, How is the University of Georgia Athletic Association doing as a whole?

Does the University of Georgia Athletic Association value all competitive sports?

  • No (94%, 145 Votes)
  • Yes (6%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 155

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How would you assess the level of corruption in the University of Georgia Athletic Association?

  • Mild Level of Corruption (26%, 38 Votes)
  • Moderate Level of Corruption (26%, 37 Votes)
  • Not Corrupt (24%, 35 Votes)
  • High Level of Corruption (24%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 144

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Do you approve or disapprove of the leadership of the University of Georgia Athletic Association?

  • Disapprove (93%, 140 Votes)
  • Approve (7%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 151

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Outside of the University of Georgia Athletic Association taking action in some form or another (if even viewed as necessary), what can we (as in all of us not in a decision-making role) do to improve the state of University of Georgia Athletics and University of Georgia as a whole?

Give GBB your suggestions in the comments below.   If you feel there is nothing that needs to be improved or worked on, let us know as well! I am very interested to see the percentages on these poll results.

Hunker Down Bulldog Nation, we have a fight ahead of us.


  1. Simple answer, withhold money. That’s what they are listening to, and it’s still flowing in. Why fix what, to them at least, clearly isn’t broken.

    1. Sadly, that is true, and as McGoof has shown, the financial bottom line is the only one that counts.

      McGoof needs to go now. I wouldn’t trust him to hire a dog walker. Hiring the next basketball coach will be a huge gamble with poor odds. Football is still TBD in my opinion, but I seriously doubt he had much say in that hire. If he’s waiting on Leeburn to tell him who to hire, he’ll be waiting a while I’m afraid.

      Fox has done a fairly good job overall and has us at a consistent level, but we can look around and see several examples of teams that historically sucked now doing better (Florida and SC anyone?). Plus, Hugh, Tubby and Harrick all won here.

      We’re obviously keeping Fox for one more year. I’d tell him be in the top 3 of the SEC next year, make the NCAA tourney (and win at least one game), or pack his bags. Then, skim a little off that huge reserve fund and hire a big-name coach.

      1. I tend to agree with most of your post, but couldn’t disagree more that Fox has done “a fairly good job overall”. Although not much of a compliment, that is still grossly overstating the job that Fox has done.

        Zero NCAA wins in 8 years is historically bad. Only one other coach in history has coached for that many years at a major conference university and failed to win even a single NCAA game, and that coach was at Northwestern, who as I’m sure you are aware had never made the Tournament in its history until this year.

        Fox has not done a “fairly good job overall”. He has failed, conclusively and miserably.

        1. Fair enough. I was thinking he was a slight uptick over Felton, and better than Jirsa. But that’s a really low bar.

          One thing I’ve noticed watching the tournament, teams like Kansas, SC, Tech, etc that we either beat or competed with fairly well have all improved greatly, while it seems we played more poorly later in the season. We certainly didn’t improve over the season. That’s squarely on Fox, especially since we didn’t have major injury issues until Maten got hurt.

          1. It could easily be argued that Fox is even worse than Jirsa. Jirsa was only given two years because the bar had been raised considerably by Tubby’s tenure immediately before him. In his two years as UGA head coach, Jirsa made the NIT both seasons. UGA went to the NIT Final 4 in his first season and won 20 games that season (which Fox’s proponents act like is a big deal). He won more postseason games in two seasons than Fox has won in 8 seasons. They were all in the NIT, just like with Fox. Understand that I’m not in any way supporting Jirsa, just showing how bad Fox has been. Jirsa had two years that were .500 or better and got fired. Meanwhile, Fox had two straight losing seasons with a top 10 NBA draft pick in the backcourt and he’s still the head coach at UGA 5 years later. The lazy hire of Jirsa coming off Tubby’s tenure and the continued acceptance of Fox’s unacceptable results are glaring examples of just how pathetic our admin’s support of the hoops program has been over the years.

            You are kidding yourself if you think UGA is going to finish in the top 3 in the SEC next season. We will be very fortunate to finish in the top half of the conference. The SEC is on the upswing big-time and it’s going to get tougher and tougher with each passing year. Almost every program in the conference has upgraded the head coaching position in recent years. The right coach can turn things around in two or three years in college hoops and that’s going to happen with several of the teams that Fox has been beating on at least a somewhat regular basis in the past. With the lack of a true PG and a guy like JJ who can beat most guys off the dribble when Fox’s pathetic offense breaks down, next year could be really bad (even with Maten). NIT is the best we’ll ever do going forward with Fox and I question whether we’ll even be able to do that. It’s going to get worse with each passing season at this point. Fox’s window of opportunity has long passed.

  2. McGarity, Strickland and Fox aren’t getting the job done and should be held accountable. McGarity fired Richt for mediocre results, he should be held.to the same standard. President Morehead,, Board of Regents, Athletic Board, is anyone home and do you care?

  3. Several sports are underperforming in addition to basketball & baseball. Gymnastics, women’s basketball,,tennis don’t appear as competitive as in the past. The A.D. Is basically powerless. As always, the big dollar boosters ultimately call the shots. No one
    has been able to hold their ground since Adams forced Dooley out. McGarity is a joke.. As far as money goes, the way the SEC
    shares revenues, none of the schools should be hurting for money. Sitting on millions of dollars is ridiculous when millions are
    coming in each year.

    1. About the money, I think that gravy train is going to end sooner rather than later. ESPN is shedding subscribers and losing money. With all the cable cutters out there, it’s not going to end anytime soon. There’s going to be a rude awakening when they renegotiate these TV contracts the next time. Then there’s the

      I agree with McGoof holding onto some of this money, but he looks more like Scrooge McDuck with the giant piles of money he has now. It’s not really serving any purpose.

    2. Agree. Could not get into the other sports as much as I would have liked because the post was already running long, but I am just shocked at the disregard that McGarity has shown for the smaller sports at UGA. If he was running an actual business in the real world, he would be fired for dereliction of duty.

      The UGA Athletic Department is completely broken, and none of the boosters care enough to even TRY to fix it. They are too busy counting their stacks of money.

  4. McGarity does not value all the sports the same. Football is the big revenue producer and this sport is receiving a lot of funds that it has needed in order to catch up with some of the other programs in the SEC and nearby. The baseball coach has clearly not produced going on his 4th season. UGA fans are waiting on that program to develop and not be a cellar dweller in the SEC. The women’s soccer program has dropped from where it was and our gymnastics program is not what it was. Jay Clark, our former gymnastics now the Associate Coach at LSU has clearly been the missing link for the LSU to take the next step and win the 2017 SEC crown for the lst time in 38 years. UGA gymnastics was not close to LSU, Florida and Alabama this year and Kentucky and Auburn is nipping at our heals. It has been that way since our present coach was hired some 5-6 years ago. Fox falls in the same boat as Gymnastics as his record is ok but winning two NIT games in 8 years and zero NCAA games is not acceptable. We have the athletes in Georgia in any sport to get it done. Our athletic administration sets it goals too low and does not hold the coaches to a higher standard. UGA also does not promote basketball with a good radio network thru out Georgia and the South. It is hard to pick up a game while traveling. A “Georgia Network” needs to packaging to the radio stations for football and basketball and some baseball. An occasional basketball game also needs to played out in the state to promote this sport. New fresh ideas from fresh heads on the athletic board will maybe move the needle forward and we fans can look forward to a brighter future from UGA sports teams.

    1. Great post Rod. Thank you for your thoughts. Agree totally with your point about the radio network.

      Just wish that something would actually be done about it!

  5. McGarity, Strickland and Fox all should be let go immediately. I could live with McGarity and Strickland gone and keeping Fox for one more year. There is nothing left to day except GO DAWGS!

  6. This is the mentality of the state of Georgia at all levels football is king and that is all that matters. It is very sad state of affairs. Basketball could be so exciting but Coach fox thinks it’s all about him and won’t play the people that should play and has to call every play from the bench so you can’t play exciting fast break basketball. If anyone questions what he does or doesn’t do then he will do the opposite just to prove who is boss. Most coaches want to win and listen to others opinions and suggestions

    1. You hit the nail on the head here Pam!

      Fox would rather play an upperclassmen with no basketball talent or skill whatsoever and LOSE, than play a supremely talented freshman and WIN.

      I have never seen a coach in any sport willfully decrease their chances of winning by consistently playing bad players instead of good players, other than Mark Fox. At any level. And this has gone on for 8 consecutive seasons in the SEC, and we won’t do anything about it!

      The nightmare that somehow will not end.

      1. Your goal is to win, and I can’t think of any other coach that doesn’t play their very best players–especially if they can put the ball in the hole. You have to have people who can score and score consistently to win games. The coaches I know play to win, they don’t play players who can’t play at the level they need to to win.

  7. BTW, thanks for beating the drum on this. Get The Picture and other UGA blogs are similarly pushing this and with Seth at the AJC picking it up, I think it’s the only way we’re going to push for changes.

    1. That is my hope Russ!! I really hope that something positive will come from this. I tried to link the article on the dawgvent, ugasports.com, and they deleted my post within a minute.

      This despite the fact that I have written guest columns for them for free and have been a member for 15+ years. Sad. I just want the word to get out. Feel free to send this out to all your UGA friends.


    2. We’re just getting started. Trust me. You’re going to get some muckraking – this is likely not going to be pretty. We have a full offseason, what do you think we’re going to cover for nearly eight months? Sure we’ll have recommendations for Mark Fox that will fall on deaf ears, recruiting coverage and previews of next season. However, this is an important matter and it cannot be swept under the rug.

      This is a Great Awakening and slowly people are figuring it out. Our role is to make sure they find out how far this rabbit hole goes at a faster rate. Some of this stuff is rather public knowledge already, it is just that nobody has put together those particular pieces.

      Stay tuned.

  8. Hire an AD who does not need the job but wants the challenge of taking all sports to a championship level. McGarity doesn’t seem to have a competitive bone in his body. I’m getting old and tired of waiting for next year every year.

  9. Football is what football is. The hiring of Kirby Smart was the easiest move for McGarity to make. Richt had gone 15 years, the program had been underperforming since ’08, sans 2012, and the talent wasn’t being brought in to compete with not only Alabama, but the likes of LSU, Auburn, Clemson, etc for national titles. Kirby was an easy hire and whether he succeeds or not will be all on him. The other coaching decisions are a little tougher. I’m a HUGE Joni Crenshaw Taylor fan. But she was hand-picked and deservedly so, by Andy Landers. Swimming and diving are doing really good. Anyone following Suzanne Yoculan would be like following Nick Saban, so that’s a tough one. Firing Perno? Don’t know if we are getting the results we want, although recruiting has been pretty good on the Diamond. Mark Fox is the intriguing one! When Fox took over the dumpster fire that was UGA basketball, Adams told him it would take 8 – 10 years to build it right. Year 9 starts NOW! I was on the 11 year plan, but I have to see marked improvement going into the new season. Fox couldn’t do much with Gaines & Mann having awful seasons two years ago. The losses UGA suffered (8 of 15) to Sweet 16 teams, by less than 7 most times and in overtime on a few occasions tells me we aren’t that far off. But, if we aren’t that far off, then the huge step has to be forward in year 9. If it is stale or backward, McGarity will have to make the hard choice. BUT FANS HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TOO! Fill the stands and make it known that basketball matters! It’s “chicken or the egg” time. Yes, put a better product on the court to bring the fans. But Fox is recruiting at a pretty high level, but I is not unreasonable to demand better from this program. Now is the time to take huge steps forward. Now…not later.

    1. Mr. Rosenberg, did you really say Fox is recruiting at high level? Please explain.
      Last look he has never had a class rated in the top thirty..
      Your statements epitomizes the culture of the admin at UGA. We love mediocrity and please send money.

      1. Curtis, I agree with your comment “Your statements epitomizes the culture of the admin at UGA. We love mediocrity and please send money”, 100%.

    2. Let’s be honest. Mann and Gaines had under-performing seasons to a point, but much of it was due to the offense that Fox still employs, as well, as his playing less talented players, which happened last year too.. Along with his refusal to change up his defenses during ballgames, ala Pastner at Tech this year, are the reasons we did not make the dance last year.

      What losing many close games tells me, after 50 years, playing coaching and commenting on BB is that the coach is coming up short more often than not..

      And the blame it on the fans argument is as lame as we need a new facility one. We need a fresh start at the top period.

  10. Fox has had 8 years to prove he can do the job as Head Basketball Coach at UGA and he has FAILED!! ZERO wins in the NCAA Tournament, 2 wins over Belmont a nd Vermont and now a LOSS to Belmont in the FIRST ROUND of the NIT(Not Invited Tournament)!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! He inherited TWO NBA Draft choices when he arrived, and this year had TWO First Team ALL SEC Basketball players and STILL has 0 NCAA Tourney wins!! I think we need to bring in an AD that is not beholding to the OLD GUARD and has the Balls to clean house in Basketball, Baseball and any other sport that is not in the TOP 5 of the SEC!! We have the money, athletes and facilities to be better than MEDIOCRE TO POOR IN ANY SPORT AT UGA!! Inbreeding has brought UGA to where we are today along with BIG DONORS Running the Athletic Department!!

    1. I think I read that only two teams had two first-team All SEC selections this year, Georgia and Kentucky. One of those teams is not like the other.

      1. Yeah one team plays their freshman right out the gate and one saves them for what I don’t know.

  11. Here’s my point on Fox’s recruiting. KCP was a Mark Fox recruit. Lou Williams was a Mark Fox recruit but jumped straight to the NBA after committing to Georgia. Tyree Crump and Jordan Harris were both highly thought of guards. Hammonds & Claxton are both Top 200 prospects; Hammonds being in the Top 50! Now, potential and recruiting rankings are different that production. Mann & Gaines had terrible production their last year in Athens. This year, Georgia had to depend on the play of a guard who was under 5’10”, who NO ONE else saw potential in other than Fox in J.J. Frazier. The fact that Frazier is a record setter at UGA shows that basketball has been neglected for several Administrations. And again, when you don’t have a serious history and then you have a dumpster fire disaster and you ask someone who didn’t create it to fix it, you’re starting behind the 8-ball. Now, recruiting is one thing. But style and scheme are something else. This is where I have my problems with Mark Fox. I didn’t see a coherent offensive game plan, set offensive plays, or anything that resembled organization. Then again, Fox can’t shoot for Mike Edwards or Turtle Jackson or E.T. Obviously, there are serious issues that need to be addressed. In fairness to Fox, he has put UGA on solid footing. Maybe that makes him the Tony Dungy of SEC basketball. He can build the foundation but can’t erect the building to touch the sky; I don’t know. Georgia must have very specific goals next season. They cannot come out of the gates slow as has become a hallmark of the last few seasons. Play a tough schedule, be competitive, but we have to find ways to finish. We aren’t that far off. It takes 1 or 2 shooters. Maten will lead. Ogbeide will be a force down low. I believe Harris & Crump will be much improved. But Fox has to commit to playing his best players and let their defensive game develop on the fly in exchange for more scoring! That’s where I am right now.

    1. I don’t think that I will ever agree with you on this topic, David, but I appreciate your take.

      Mark Fox did not walk into a dumpster fire disaster, as you allege. That is just not true. Mark Fox inherited 2 future NBA draft picks in Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie, and also had solid SEC players in Jeremy Price, Dustin Ware and Chris Barnes to build around. Once GRIII transferred in (which I will credit Fox for, obviously), he had the makings of an NCAA team immediately.

      The narrative that Fox walked into a dumpster fire is just that- a FALSE narrative.

      Fox will NEVER win an NCAA Tournament game at UGA. I feel almost as confidently that he will never make another NCAA Tournament at UGA. The only reason that he is still employed by UGA is because our AD not only accepts, but enjoys mediocrity.

      And no offense, but IMO, the fact that you can talk yourself into thinking that Fox is anything other than a total failure is just a symptom of our big, big , big culture problem.

    2. Lou Williams was way back in Felton’s 2nd year. Fox has never approached the post season success we had from 1983 to 2003. He has never even advanced past the 2nd round of the NIT, and actually has a losing record in that tournament of “leftovers”. To say he needs more time is crazy.

  12. ….and I would ask these questions as follow ups to all the complaints about Fox. A.) Who would you hire if you made the decision to replace Fox? and B.) What makes you think the person you want would take the job? I don’t ever blame FANS for the product put on the court or playing field However, if we are going to point fingers, let’s also acknowledge that when UGA, and more specifically J.J.Frazier had one more home game and fans had a real chance to show their appreciation for his efforts, the FANS and dare I say the locals, including the student body, failed miserably in showing that basketball matters to them.

    1. Because the vast majority of Bulldog supporters are done with the joke that is the Mark Fox Era. I bought season tickets, but did not attend another game after the Alabama debacle (until Senior Night), because I had already been done with Fox 3 years ago, but love UGA basketball so much that I can’t quit.

      I did attend the final game to say my thanks to JJ, but I WILL NOT be back in the Stegeman Coliseum for a UGA Basketball game again until Mark Fox is gone.

      People are boycotting the head coach. It does not take 9 years to turn around a college basketball program. Hell, it doesn’t even take 5 years. Mark Fox is the reason that the fans have given up. Get a good head coach, and you will never have to worry about attendance again.

    2. I think it showed how fans felt about Fox’s program at UGA. What better way to send a message to the incompetents that run UGA athletics. It is absurd to use that game’s attendance as a reason for Fox’s failures.

    3. And after JJ’s last game Fox basically stated that we wouldn’t have to work aronnd JJ’s size on defense next year.. Disgusting really. UK and UF had no problems with guys smaller than JJ playing a lot.

  13. The UGA Athletic Association is a not for profit as registered at the Ga. Sec of State. To keep the tax exempt status, UGA AA is not to accumulate large amounts of wealth, or the tax exempt status will be lost. 77 million in reserves x 35% tax rate is 26 million is a very huge gamble on the Athletic Associations part.

    1. Hmmmmmmmmm…… Interesting.

      How are they allowed to operate this way?? It appears that the way that the UGA AD is ran is directly against federal tax regulations?

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