Cal State Northridge vs. Portland Pick

Cal State Northridge vs. Portland Pick and Prediction

Cal State Northridge vs. Portland is the last game of the night, but do not despair.

Cal State Northridge vs. Portland just conjures up these thoughts… Got points?  Got defense?  Got eyes and a neck that can move from one side to another really quickly?  Both of these programs are going to play a fast paced game that will keep degenerates awake on the East Coast.

About Cal State Northridge

Cal State Northridge is the sixth fastest paced program in the country.  They are an above-average offensive team and their defense is terrible.

Reggie Theus’ team is inconsistent from three point range and so are their opponents.  What is noticeable is that teams that are known for grinding it out a bit on offense are able to score high point totals against Cal State Northridge.

To get Texas A&M to play nearly 76 possessions in a game is quite an accomplishment.  Against a team that is committed to a fast pace, this would go above 80 possessions with ease.

The top three scorers are very good Free Throw shooters and the top four scorers can knock down threes rather well.

CSUN is not the strongest money zone team due to a low percentage of shots taken from three point range.  They are a 38.7% three point shooting team.  44.6% of their shots are taken in the restricted arc.  31.4% of shots taken are in transition and they sport a 62.7% effective Field Goal rate in transition (67th in the nation).

On defense, they let opponents take 45.9% of their shots in the restricted arc and also yield a 39% three point shooting rate.  Want to get out and run against Cal State Northridge?  22.8% of opponent shots are taken in transition, which is 235th in the nation.

Cal State Northridge has a soft defense and they allow opponents to score a lot of points.  Many of said points are off assists.

Opponents are able to get plenty of shots against this defense and the Free Throw parade is quite common, which artificially inflates scores.

Opponents are able to force this team to commit turnovers and fouls.  CSUN’s defensive rebounding is a joke and opponents are able to get second chance scoring opportunities.

About Portland

Portland is also a fast paced team.  They are 57th in adjusted tempo per Ken Pomeroy.

Portland is a very good Free Throw shooting team (in fact, they are the best in the country!) and they are spearheaded by Point Guard Alec Wintering.  Wintering is both a distributor and a turnover machine for both teams.  Wintering has had a poor three shooting season thus far, Jazz Johnson has been hot this season from three point range.

Portland is a very good three point shooting team that commits turnovers galore.  Against a lower end opponent, they should be able to score a good amount of points and shoot efficiently.

They tend to mimic the pace of the opposition, but they did force Dayton to play much faster than they usually do.  Their offensive efficiency was poor against UCLA and Dayton, but should be much better against weaker competition.

Portland is a 41.1% three point shooting team and they take 23.6% of their shots in transition with a 66% effective Field Goal rate in transition (34th in the nation).

Portland lets opponents shoot threes without abandon, 43.1% of opponent shots from three point range at a 37.3% rate.  Portland lets opponents get into transition as well, 25.4% of opponent shots are in transition (304th in the nation).

Portland does not get second chance points very often and they have a high propensity for committing turnovers.  However, they do get their fair share of steals and they do not come at the cost of committing personal fouls.

Cal State Northridge vs. Portland Prediction and Pick

Both teams play fast and it is hard to tell which team will actually win this game.  The pace of play will be extremely fast, this game will be defined by how fast CSUN wants to play and that should be extremely fast.  Portland will be content to keep up the pace as well.  Both teams are not very good in perimeter defense and should give up a high three point percentage.

This game should be played at a pace of 80-82 possessions.  Plenty of Free Throws will be made and this one should be a high scoring game at the Honda Center.  The current total is 168.5.  The pick would be to take the OVER.  Poor defense, Free Throws and strong 3 point shooting will be theme of this game.  The line is narrow showing this game to be a -1 in favor of Cal State Northridge or a pick ’em.

KenPom Score

Odds Shark Prediction

Georgia Basketball Blog Prediction:  Portland 92  Cal State Northridge 85  (OVER 168.5)

Pick of the Day is 10-6 after taking the OVER on last night’s TCU-Washington game.