cameron forte is transferring

Cameron Forte is Transferring & Grad Transfers to Watch

Nobody’s Surprised that Cameron Forte is Transferring.

Cameron Forte is clearly headed for a destination that is closer to home for his last season of eligibility.  Forte and Fox never truly saw eye-to-eye as many know and this gives Forte an opportunity to possibly come back home and play at Arizona State.  Forte will certainly be missed and everyone should be proud of him for graduating from the University of Georgia this Summer.

Forte’s exit from the program only affects scholarship space for the 2015-16 Season.  Georgia had 3 scholarship spots available for the Class of 2016 before Forte’s transfer and this will not change.  However, this opens up the opportunity for Coach Fox to fill this spot with a graduate transfer.  Most UGA fans are hoping for Tevin Mack or Jaylen Brown, but these two guys have been a bit more aggravating for coaching staffs to recruit than most.  Kobe Eubanks has at least narrowed things down a bit more. If 2016 has the potential to be a loaded class based on the recruiting efforts made, then picking up a graduate transfer for next season would be the wisest decision.  Fox cannot wait around and then whiff like last season with Charles Mitchell due to the issue of transfer credits.  Fox needs to strike now and get one so that he can preserve space for 2016.

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Top Names on the Graduate Transfer Board

  • Willy Kouassi – He’s visiting Alabama on Friday.
  • Anton Grady – Just released from Cleveland State!  6’8″ 230 PF averaging 14 PPG and 8 RPG
  • J.P. Kambola
  • Uros Ljeskovic
  • Tomasz Gielo – Transferred from Liberty.  Averaging 12 PPG and 6 RPG.
  • Kenyatta Smith
  • Joseph Uchebo

The best name on the list now is Anton Grady.  Grady should be Fox’s #1 target now.  Jonas Hayes needs to book a flight to Cleveland and get Grady to come to Athens.  Hayes is 2 for 2 in the Rust Belt.

anton grady graduate transfer

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  1. I like Grady’s picture above. Although it’s a bit cartoonish, he looks just liking a viking. The beard is awesome! Will they let him where the helmet when he plays?

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