Candidate #5: Steve Alford, Who Needs L.A. Traffic?

Want to make a splash?  Here you go.  He’s not coaching the Ball Family anymore!

Splash hires can pan out well and Steve Alford is the definition of a splash hire.  Plucking the Head Coach of the most apathetic Blue Blood is the way to do it.  Steve Alford has a great track record and would immediately make Georgia a contender.  This is a man who is accountable and has a fun style of play that will get people excited.  He’s a name, like him or hate him, he’s a big name coach.  Time to turn this Blue Blood Coach into a Red & Black Blood Coach.

Tired of High Taxes, Traffic and Hypocrisy?

It’s not like Steve Alford has not left a major program to go to a less traditional power or conference.  Alford coached at Iowa and left to take the New Mexico job in 2007.  Alford left Albuquerque to take the UCLA job after Ben Howland’s dismissal.  Now Alford can do what he did at Iowa and go down the less conventional road to Athens, Georgia.

UCLA is not for everyone and this is not a patient school nor are they very good at supporting the program.  You want the home run pick, here is the CBN featured coach that everyone can swoon over while Georgia wins Basketball games.

Alford was a recognized name, but he was not a big name until he took the UCLA job.  The best part is his style of play would get everyone excited.

Oh and he wins.  Splash hire, wins games, talks about God, knows how to recruit, exciting style of play… have any complaints?

By the Metrics with Steve Alford

His teams play offense really well.

2017-18 Season

2016-17 Season

2015-16 Season

2014-15 Season

2013-14 Season

His teams play at a fast pace, play great offense and play above-average defense at worst.

The teams have great ball movement, get to the Free Throw Line and avoid making turnovers.  Wonderful.  Defensively, opponents liked to shoot threes on them a lot and UCLA did a good job of defending without fouling.  This is not Alford’s best team at UCLA, but the team could use some work on the defensive end.

Like 8 Man Rotations? Steve Alford’s your guy.  Like motion offense? Steve Alford’s your guy.  Alford uses quite a bit of 3-2 Zone, putting a long player at the top for the purposes of disrupting the primary ball handler.

Alford would benefit from a move to Athens

Alford needs a change in scenery.  He’s a very good recruiter who knows how to take advantage of his local talent.  He has a lot of egos to deal with and he would do better in an environment with lower expectations than UCLA.

Given how often Alford jumps from place-to-place, Jonas Hayes would certainly stick around and comfortably know that he’ll be the Head Coach in 5-7 years having learned the motion offense from Alford and possibly blending the man-to-man defense concepts from Mark Fox along with the zone concepts from Steve Alford.

In many ways, it would be a major win to bring in the veteran Steve Alford.

  • Georgia becomes an instant contender in the SEC.
  • Georgia’s recruiting momentum does not change.
  • Jonas Hayes would know that his future is in Athens and nowhere else.
  • The quality of product improves and it is fun to watch Georgia Basketball again.
  • The offense will never falter under Alford.
  • The local community will like Alford like they appreciated Mark Richt.

Steve Alford is a fish out of water in Los Angeles and he may be looking to come to Athens.  He seems like he’s had enough.

Maybe he brings Shareef O’Neal to Athens with him.  Who doesn’t want to see his father, Shaq, at UGA Basketball games?

Everyone wants to see Shaq!


  1. Gonna have to agree with Jody on this one- this is the first one where I’ve really disagreed with you ,HWT. But keep throwing the names and facts out there- that’s exactly what needs to be done at this point. This is a rare chance to change things.

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