A Challenge for Tonight’s Valdosta State Exhibition Game

Laying down a challenge, to you, for tonight’s Georgia-Valdosta State Exhibition Game.

Before the challenge to you, the viewer of the game tonight.  Here are five points to be made concerning this intrastate clash.

  1. Jordan Harris will likely not be playing.  There’s plenty of speculation surrounding his status and until there’s more solid information, this will not be reported here.  However, the official position is that he has a knee injury.
  2. Pape Diatta is still in the post-recovery phase from his injury and his status for tonight’s game is unknown.
  3. Georgia may have had a tough time with Michigan State, but based on reports, Georgia pummeled Clemson on a night when Yante Maten and Nicolas Claxton struggled.  Who stood out against Clemson?  Rayshaun Hammonds.  Clemson is a bit soft, they are a bit desperate and they have some depth issues.
  4. There will be a lot of lineup manuevering and experimental sets, Fox does this in the exhibition game.  There will be some looks that will never be used again.  Fox does test out presses and he even tried a less conventional ball screen.
  5. Can Teshaun Hightower win the starting Point Guard role early in the season?  Watch Hightower tonight and pay attention to him on defense.

The Challenge

If you are at Stegeman Coliseum, you only have two part of the challenge.  If you are watching from elsewhere with the WatchESPN app on SEC Network+, you have three parts of the challenge.

  1.  Watch the game without audio.  No announcers, no commentators, nothing.  It will help you train your eyes on the action and keep you from being distracted.  The goal is for you to understand what is going on rather than having the announcers alter your perceptions.  If you are at Stegeman Coliseum, this is easy because you do not have that problem!  Unless you are listening on the radio, which is lame, don’t do that.
  2. When the team is on offense do not pay attention to what the person with the ball does.  Pay attention to the action and movement of the other four players without the ball.  Movement without the ball is much more important than movement with the ball.  You can see who is doing what and who is lost out there.  If you can predict where the half court set goes, you have read Georgia Basketball Blog’s Film Room articles!
  3. When the team is on defense, do the same thing as what you were watching on offense, but note how tightly guarded the man with the ball is.  Pay attention to how defenders are denying, shifting and getting into position.

That’s it.  That’s the challenge.  It’s good to do this for a game that does not count.

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  1. The actual reality with Jordan Harris is he’s in Mark Fox’s doghouse and will not be playing for a while due to it.

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