Georgia Recruiting Update 10/27

Class of 2017 Recruiting Projections: October 27 Edition

A brief Class of 2017 Recruiting Projections as of October 27.

Georgia has yet to land a commitment for the Class of 2017 and it is going to be a race to the finish.  As time has passed by, more clues as to how Signing Week starting November 9 and going through November 16 will play out.  It may be tame, it may be wild, but it sure is going to be important.  Here is how it all looks right now.

Jamir Moultrie:  As mentioned prior, he’s down to three:  Georgia, Monmouth and La Salle.  Georgia remains the projection.

Teshaun Hightower:  Did not commit to La Salle on his official visit this past weekend.  Still remains in play for Georgia, Purdue (who is interested, but has not offered) and La Salle.  The projection right now is La Salle, but this could easily swing toward Georgia.

Anthony Mack:  Speaking of easily changing, Anthony Mack received a Villanova offer on Tuesday.  The projection has switched from Georgia to Villanova.

Collin Sexton:  Had some choice comments in a recent interview.  Sexton dropped some interesting insight into his decision-making process and even cut his list down to a Final Four (North Carolina State, Alabama, Kansas and Georgia Tech).  Sexton’s decision comes November 10.

I want to be able to make mistakes without looking over my shoulder to see if I’m going to get taken out the game. I want to play my game on the court and I also would like for my family to be able to go to the games and support me.”

Sexton was projected for a while to Kansas, but now he is projected to go to Alabama.

The first sentence in bold is important, this is a clear shot being taken at Georgia.  This is obviously something that Alabama is saying about Georgia on the recruiting trail and it is hard to deny or spin against it.

Jay Jay Chandler:  Georgia Tech is making a last minute push for the talented and extremely athletic Shooting Guard from Katy, Texas.

However, nothing has changed here as far as the projection is concerned.  Western Kentucky remains the projection.  The Georgia staff may be well-advised to get him on campus as soon as possible.

Nic Claxton:  No changes here, he’s projected to go to Baylor.

Rayshaun Hammonds:  Deng Gak committed to Miami on Tuesday and this may impact Hammonds’ feelings about Miami.  Hammonds cancelled an official visit to Alabama and the Tide do not appear to be significant players in this recruiting race anymore.  However, it puts UConn in good position with Hammonds.  Georgia had a very tenuous lead for Hammonds and the trip to UConn may be very influential.  Kevin Ollie is a very good recruiter and he has won a National Championship.  UConn’s commitment to Basketball is evident and Hammonds will get his first taste of it in Storrs.  UConn is now the projection.

Garrison Brooks:  Recently received an offer from LSU, but it likely will not make a difference here.  Garrison Brooks’ recruitment really has not changed and if Mississippi State really wants Brooks they are going to have to do one of two things:

  1. Make it clear they are oversigning and open themselves up to serious negative recruitment.
  2. Make Garrison Brooks a walk-on.

The optics for Mississippi State clearing scholarship space by making it obvious that they are not bringing back Schnider Herard, E.J. Datcher, Joe Strugg or Abdul Ado before the season officially starts in favor of an assistant coach’s son are rather terrible.  Giving the Auburn and Alabama coaching staffs that sort of fodder is a horrible idea.

The projection remains UGA for Garrison Brooks.


  1. Don’t most coach’s sons who play for their dad receive free-rides as a family benefit without having to use one of the thirteen schollies? With the Villanova offer to Mack, the possibility of going 0 for 2017 early signing period is moving closer to reality. We do not have good luck with players with the last name of Mack. It is time for a regime change due to all of the Fox coaching shortfalls that other schools are using against UGA. But it is hard to change coaches when he wins 20 games every year and finishes in the top 4 in the SEC.

  2. Not thrilled with the fact that Fox and crew currently have zero commitments……but I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around an above poster’s comments of need of a regime change that is admittedly producing 20+ win seasons and top 4 conference finishes.


    Can you provide a little more background to your interpreted shot from Claxton to Fox? Is there bad blood between Johnson and Fox? Thx

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