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Collin Sexton Rumored Official Visit to UGA… This Makes No Sense

Collin Sexton is rumored to be making an Official Visit to Georgia this Weekend.

If it is true that Collin Sexton is visiting UGA this weekend, it would mark a very interesting twist in recruiting this Fall.  Sexton visiting during the same weekend as Rayshaun Hammonds, the last weekend before the Fall Signing Period.  There are reasons for Georgia students and alumni to be happy and of course a reason to raise a suspicious eyebrow.

Collin Sexton’s Recruitment is Confusing

Sexton is a highly regarded in-state Point Guard and he has never been featured in this publication because he was and never has been a credible possibility for the Georgia Basketball program.  Georgia was cut twice in his recruitment, but he is rumored to have made as many as two unofficial visits to Athens this Fall, which is a bit of a head-scratcher for a recruit who did not even put UGA in his Final 10 in AUGUST.

In fact, UGA’s top targets at Point Guard in August were Darius Perry, Trent Frazier and Lavar Batts.  Once Frazier cancelled his visit to UGA, Jamir Moultrie became Point Guard target #1.

Georgia apparently still kept recruiting Sexton in spite of the public cutting.  Sexton still was rumored to have visited anyway and then he apparently cut Georgia again.  He even used the Alabama staff’s talking points in an interview, the same negative recruiting lines that Alabama uses against Georgia were being used by Collin Sexton.

NC State, Alabama, Georgia Tech, and Kansas are Sexton’s final four schools.  He had an official visit to use, naturally he would choose to take that visit to the one school left that he did not pay an official visit, Georgia Tech.  That’s apparently not what happened, he is now rumored to be taking his official visit now to Georgia after subtly putting down Georgia in an interview and cutting Georgia twice.  Is this unusual?  Absolutely.

Georgia even backed off on Jamir Moultrie to pursue Sexton, which is absolutely nonsensical all things considered.  There would have been space and playing opportunities for both Moultrie and Sexton.  Now Sexton is rumored to be making a last second official visit to UGA this weekend, which happens to be the same weekend that Rayshaun Hammonds will be in town.  Fox and his staff like to bring in recruits on official visits one at a time to give them 100% attention, but this is a tad strange.

What is going on here?

Here are the possible scenarios…

Scenario 1:  Collin Sexton did not actually put out a Final Four

The recruiting media could be playing it fast and loose interchanging the word ‘Top’ and ‘Final’, which would be incredibly irresponsible.  Now, this publication could get into contact with Sexton and surely someone would gladly clear things up, but this publication does not do that for several reasons.  As mentioned before, the recruiting media have royally screwed up with two Georgia Class of 2017 recruits by falsely depicting the recruitment process and then they were called out for their irresponsibility.  Why not make it a third recruit here?

It could be possible that Georgia has always been in the running, but Sexton did not deem Fox and his program worthy of a Top Four designation.  Georgia could have been the fifth highest school in his mind and worthy of an official visit and not Georgia Tech.

Scenario 2:  Persistence pays off

This is the romantic, Pollyanna scenario that Georgia partisans imagine where Georgia plays the role of the interested suitor that is interested in a fellow parishioner (Sexton), offers to drive her home from Sunday Mass every week for a year with futile results and then eventually the fellow parishioner cracks and takes the interested suitor up on the offer.  Fast-forward seven years and they are married with three kids.

Is this really what is happening?  

Scenario 3:  Sexton is being used as a Saboteur

A strong Georgia Basketball program is not conducive to Alabama Basketball success.  The easiest way to knock a rising Georgia back down and eventually out would be to clip the program at the knees on the recruiting trail.  Alabama has their negative recruiting talking points down and it is no coincidence that Georgia has not received a commitment from a High School recruit since Mike Edwards’ commitment in April 2015.  There is a benefit to Alabama trying to hijack Georgia’s recruiting efforts.

If Georgia strikes out in the Fall, the biggest beneficiary is Alabama.  It is not Bruce Pearl and the Auburn program.  Pearl needs Georgia to be good so that if his team beats the Dawgs, they get the quality win boost, after all Auburn faces Georgia twice every season.  Georgia going into the toilet as a program and somehow beating a quality Auburn program could be damaging to the NCAA Tournament resume.

Rivalries create weird bedfellows in College Basketball, especially when a conference’s reputation is at its lowest.  Strange to say it, but Georgia needs Auburn, Florida and South Carolina to not be bad.  Mark Fox’s use of the term “travel partner” is bizarrely accurate.

Alabama does not face Georgia twice every season and thus the Dawgs are getting in the way of recruits in the region and their “rightful” place in the upper tier of the SEC.

Most recruiting analysts have Sexton signing with Alabama in six days and these recruiting analysts are definitely reading the tea leaves.  Could Sexton be a “silent commit” (this sort of behavior would be the only reason to have a silent commitment) who is trying to sabotage Georgia’s efforts?

Georgia missed out on Moultrie because Sexton all of a sudden comes into the picture.  Fox believed he can do better than Moultrie all of a sudden and ditches Moultrie, which is strange considering he could have had both recruits.  In this scenario, Avery Johnson counts on Fox handling this like a moron.  Mission accomplished.

Now is it possible that Sexton is being used to divert resources away from a personalized visit for Rayshaun Hammonds?  Hammonds cancelled his official visit to Alabama, why not make sure that Georgia does not put in their best effort to get Hammonds?

It sounds crazy, but it is not like this has not been done.  It would actually be a modified tactic from College Football recruiting.  College Basketball recruiting operates much differently, but if this scenario is the case, Avery Johnson has learned some of the tactics used from somebody.  Urban Meyer sent a Florida commit to “Dawg Night” to recruit guys to come to Florida, Mark Richt hoped to flip the recruit and ultimately had to tell him to go home.  Cam Cameron literally flew on the same flight as Malachi Dupre returning home from his official visit to UCLA.  Commits text recruits during official visits to get their minds off where they are presently.

Anthony Grant’s rise and demise at Alabama interestingly went hand-in-hand with Georgia’s demise and rise under Fox.

Antoine Pettway, Alabama’s lead recruiter for Collin Sexton, remembers it all quite well.  Pettway was the only holdover from the previous staff and he was there for the entire run.

Scenario 4: Bad info.  He’s not visiting UGA after all.

The rumors say he’s visiting Georgia, but he may be visiting Georgia Tech after all.  Mistakes happen and the wrong school is relayed to a reporter.  Ask Miss Colombia 2014 and Frank Martin about having the wrong name called or texted.

The other alternative is that Sexton is not interested in Georgia, the rumors are false and he’s not making any more visits at all.  This is possible too.

Should Georgia partisans be excited, skeptical or even suspicious?

It is a good question.  Unfortunately, this recruitment process is bizarre and offers no answers until November 10 when this is finally over.  Sounds a lot like something else going on around the same date that everyone wishes was either over or never happened.


  1. The coaches are in better position to know what’s going on with these kids. It makes no sense for us to turn Moultrie or Mack away unless the coaches know something. Also, I spoke with one of our new players. He said that after he committed to UGA both his and his mom’s phones blew up for 2 solid years with coaches negatively recruiting against UGA. By holding off on committing or even indicating any interest in us, it would put a stop to all that negative recruiting. Pretty smart really, if we can sign Sexton….

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