Collin Sexton’s Brother Denies His Brother’s Ineligibility Due to FBI Probe

Collin Sexton’s only appearance in an Alabama uniform likely was in a secret scrimmage against Baylor.

Collin Sexton was ruled ineligible due to being implicated in the FBI Investigation as it relates to disgraced and potentially incarcerated Director of Basketball Operations at the University of Alabama, Kobie Baker and former NBA referee Rashan Michel.  Sexton was also said to have a relationship with AAU coach and influencer Christian Dawkins, another individual who was arrested in the Adidas probe.

There are still unanswered questions.  Keep in mind, the goal was to get Crimson Tide players to have Martin Blazer (a cooperating witness) serve as a Financial Advisor once they become professional athletes.  However, the Christian Dawkins element makes things more interesting.

  1. Why did Collin Sexton schedule an official visit with Georgia the week before he signed with Alabama?
  2. Why did Collin Sexton cancel that official visit?
  3. What role did Christian Dawkins play in Collin Sexton’s recruitment?
  4. The ESPN article cited gets it wrong on Oklahoma State as they are a Nike-affiliated school, why did they not correct this one?
  5. One of Dawkins’ objectives was to funnel talent into Adidas schools, ultimately Sexton chose between Kansas and Alabama.  Did Dawkins fail in his objective if he had extensive contact with Sexton?
  6. What did John Pelphrey, Antoine Pettway, Yasir Rosemond and Avery Johnson know about Kobie Baker’s activities?
  7. Is there any digital evidence of any of these four being made aware of Kobie Baker’s improprieties?  Was any digital evidence deleted, destroyed or wiped (like with a cloth)?
  8. Former Alabama Assistant Coach Bob Simon was fired on May 1, 2017, which is two days before Baker’s meeting with a cooperating witness (Blazer) and Rashan Michel.  Did Simon’s absence make it easier for Baker to “go rogue”?
  9. Did Kobie Baker have involvement with other student-athletes or even recruits?  Did Christian Dawkins play any sort of a role?
  10. What did the University of Alabama Athletics “internal review” entail?
  11. If Avery Johnson was informed of illegal activities and did nothing, would he face charges himself?  Would the University of Alabama fight to keep him?
  12. Alabama Basketball has a cloud over their heads with Sexton ineligible, but it is made worse with Braxton Key’s meniscus injury and surgery, which could put him out from 1-6 months.  Is this an uncomplicated meniscectomy or a meniscus repair surgery?  If it is the latter, Key’s possibly getting a medical redshirt.
  13. Riley Norris remains out with a hip injury and ArMond Davis is out with a knee bruise, can Alabama beat Memphis going 8 Deep into their game in Annapolis?
  14. Was it too early for the media to make proclamations as to how the SEC would finish before Auburn and Alabama had eligibility issues stemming from the FBI investigation?
  15. How important was it that Javian Fleming committed to the Crimson Tide?  The team cannot be three deep at Center in 2018-19?  (Wink Wink)
  16. How patient is Alabama going to be with Avery Johnson with an FBI investigation under his watch?  After all, Avery Johnson hired Kobie Baker.

In Auburn, patience is starting to run out on Bruce Pearl and the Auburn Family has painfully disowned one of their own.  At Alabama, a promising season has come crumbling down and questions remain.

Collin Sexton’s brother Jordan denied that Collin is ineligible, but he deleted the tweet in response to Jeff Goodman publicizing the story he had published.  What does his brother know about the situation?


With Georgia Tech, Auburn and Alabama having eligibility issues and coming under scrutiny, who is next in the Deep South?  It sure looks like a House of Cards for a region trying to show that they can play Basketball too.

(Update November 9, 2017:  Collin Sexton is going to be eligible after sitting out one game.  The NCAA is arbitrary.  The questions still apply and the Alabama Basketball staff is not necessarily “in the clear”.)

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  1. Not expecting an answer, but…
    So considering the perceived cold feet and/or interest in swaying from Bama, did sexton get caught up in something and try to get out, or was it out of that pending cold feet that something else was stirred up?

    When this whole FBI probe broke publicly a couple months ago, Fox seemed to be pretty confident in a willingness to boast that his program had nothing to be concerned about. What all did he definitively know about Aub, others….or potentially with Bama and Sexton?

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