Comparing The Top UGA Coaching Candidates by the Numbers

Here are the coaching candidates compared to each other based on different metrics.

Nobody is stacking up the coaching candidates against each other for the UGA vacancy, until NOW.  Here are coaching candidates compared to each other in a table, it scrolls from left-to-right.

Adjusted Tempo, Defensive Efficiency and Offensive Efficiency comes from KenPom.  The metrics examine shot selection, ball movement, defense, rebounding and forcing turnovers.  Be sure to scroll through.  There’s a bit of pagination to it.

What’s the “non-money zone”?  These are shots between the restricted arc and the three point arc.

MetricMark FoxEarl GrantNate OatsTom Crean (16-17)Thad Matta (16-17)Joe DooleyBob MarlinDennis Felton (05-06)Kevin WillardScott DrewTim Cluess
Adjusted O107.9109.9114.7116.1111.2108.3113.5103.4116.3111.3110.3
Adj. O Rank1278541276011651163247280
Adjusted D96105.2104.5101.6101104.9102.1979995.1107.4
Adj. D Rank2316515410499160110695714212
Adjusted Tempo64.664.973.268.46871.570.568.569.666.671
Adjusted Tempo Rank3333241616819243705610626156
Non-Money Zone % of Shots39.80%24.90%16.00%18.80%34%21.30%17.30%Not Measured27.40%41.50%20.40%
Non-Money Zone % Rank3391366202866612Not Measured19034653
% of Shots at the Rim25.50%37.40%43.50%42.50%32.90%46%43.70%Not Measured39.80%28%38.80%
% of Shots at the Rim Rank3471102124247314Not Measured7232583
Effective FG %47.50%52.80%54.90%55.20%52.20%55.50%53.30%48.90%52.80%51.40%54.10%
Effective FG % Rank3139329229423801869115356
Points per Game68.175.28579.772.881.582.570.37974.579.8
Points per Game Rank28011233416927211245112739
Assists per Game12.211.11714.413.614.817.612.515.814.315.9
Assists per Game Rank26731711971518572173710733
Assists to FGM0.5240.4280.5520.5090.5250.4970.630.4860.5540.5260.565
Assists to FGM Rank1703369920716424152949416673
Assist-to-Turnover 0.9571.1211.3630.9441.0241.0411.3230.8191.2341.0551.366
Assist-to-Turnover Rank22412429236166181382427017327
Def Reb Win Rate74.60%74.40%73.80%74.50%73.60%76.10%75.80%65.80%74.10%72.40%70.50%
Def Reb Win Rate Rank1131251561061465870243140221288
Off Reb Win Rate33.10%24.10%30.20%34.70%28%30.80%34.90%33.80%32.30%34.60%22.30%
Off Reb Win Rate Rank162597215146615109328301
Steals per Game3.805.
Steals per Game Rank34825717416327165502115423686
TOs forced per Game9.612.0013.611.112.113.914.217.212.811.813.7
TOs forced per Game Rank348252109313252897128185269103


  1. Uga will not bring in some mid major or some guy from college of Charleston , due the math Dennis Felton and Mark fox zero ncaa wins look where they came from . This is a big boy league now with eight teams getting in the Tourney. They are gonna bring in season veteran, Bruce Pearl, Rick Barns ,Ben Howland, Avery Johnson, mike Anderson , frank Martin , proven coaches the Anthony grants, of the world can not cut it in this league. So please quit being cute with theses no name cats and lets bring in a Greg Marshel, Thad Mata , Hugh Durham was a final four coach and did a damn good job. No more Felton, Fox and Jirsa.

    1. T.J Otzelberger is someone I’d like to see get consideration. Has had success at SDSU and is a young coach (40). They run an exciting and fast pace offense similar # of possession per game as Dooley @UFGC. This year they went to then #6 Witchita St and gave them a run, and beat a coach you have mentioned in Nate Oats. He also has a good pedigree coming from Iowa St. and was a part of a top 10 recruiting class while at Washington.
      See Bio below:

  2. It is hard to know what to make of these figures as they have to be influenced by the quality of opposition that the coaches have faced and a host of other factors. Clearly I would expect figures to be more stellar for a successful coach in the Southern Conference or MAC than the Big 10 in which quality opposition goes 7-9 teams deep. I don’t suppose that we could ever get Greg Marshall to consider this post but I’d love to see him considered if he was open to such a move.

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