negativity UGA recruiting

Concerning Recent UGA Recruiting Criticism

This Blog has made some criticism concerning UGA Recruiting and it may be disconcerting to some.

For those that have not been paying attention to recent articles about UGA recruiting posts for the Class of 2016, there are full breakdowns of recruits that have received offers.  There are strengths and weaknesses of the recruits just like any recruiting service would provide, but there are criticisms of the way that Georgia has handled the issuance of scholarships and late entry into already crowded recruiting races.

You may wonder:  “Why is this being brought up as a separate article?”

There’s good reason, this blog is certainly 100% behind UGA, but the opinions and analysis expressed are down the middle as far as commentary.  This is not a “sunshine pumper” site nor is it a “Fire Mark Fox” site, it is rather down the middle.  Scalding criticism and effusive praise is offered when necessary.   Even a bit of hope during the offseason.  Readers can feel free to disagree or agree and post their views in the comments, it is awesome to receive comments.

The blog is barely four months old and web analytics can provide a webmaster with a lot of information.  This blog is strangely making an impact.  In the coming months, many readers will have a very good idea how far this little site can go.  This sounds like some light horn tooting, but the tune changes rather fast.

The impact referenced is not just the uncredited material taken by certain well-known College Basketball writers nor is it the numerous forums and articles that have properly credited the efforts made here.  The impact that is feared is that this blog may be read by individuals that may be more easily influenced and their advisors.  Certainly, the hope is that this blog is NOT used for the purposes of making any college decisions.

The decision of where to attend college whether it be as a student-athlete or as an ordinary student is not a decision to take lightly.  There is a recognition that recruits read this site, their families read it and their coaches do so as well.  What they do with the commentary is unknown and quite frankly it is best kept that way.  For casual readers of this blog, this all may be surprising to learn, but consider that teenagers and AAU coaches often do read their press clippings!

There is a definite internal conflict as to criticizing the approach of the coaching staff as far as recruiting methods and Game Theory is concerned.  The conflict is that the fanbase should read an opinion that states that mistakes are being made because they ought to have someone putting the pieces together, but it may come at the expense of selling the program to a highly talented recruit.  It is not the Georgia Basketball Blog’s responsibility to recruit High School Basketball players nor does this blog interview them either, it seems too unusual.

The Georgia Basketball Blog will not change its editorial approach because it betrays the purpose of this Blog.  It is up to the recruits themselves to make the decision, we all hope that they make the right one and make the most out of their opportunities.