Daniel Giddens visit Georgia

Daniel Giddens to Visit During 93K Weekend

Daniel Giddens is going to visit Georgia this weekend and it leaves open a few questions.

Ohio State transfer Daniel Giddens will be visiting UGA this weekend and may be in town for G-Day.  Giddens has three years left of eligibility and will have to sit out next season, no matter what his situation is.  Almost the entire Ohio State freshman class bailed on Thad Matta and Giddens’ decision to be a Buckeye is not the only decision that has attracted criticism.  Giddens transferred High Schools as well as he attended Oak Hill Academy and Wheeler High School.  Transferring High Schools and Universities is a sign of one of three things:  He’s a possible prima donna, he’s unsure of what exactly he needs and wants or he is taking bad advice.

The University of Georgia does not suit everyone whether they be from the State of Georgia or out-of-state.  Debating whether Giddens should have chosen to be a Bulldog from the outset is the wrong discussion to have because he made what he felt was the best decision at the time a decision was to be made.  Forcing people to attend institutions that they do not want to attend is WRONG, it is a fact that is lost on the minds of many, but it is wrong.

Giddens’ performance this past season has been analyzed and the next eighteen months are the most critical to his development as a student-athlete.  Giddens is certainly feeling the pressure to make the right decision for him not only now, but in the future.  After all, Giddens’ is determining what direction he wants to go in as a student, basketball player and professional in something other than sports.  Giddens has a lot on the line and he has to make one of the most important decisions of his life in the next month.

Daniel Giddens’ Decision Situation

Giddens only has one visit planned thus far, which is Georgia, this weekend.  He is considering Kentucky, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee and Mississippi State as well.  He will have to consider the depth charts of each of these programs in the 2017-18 season when assessing how much playing time he will receive.  Coaching staff stability, program success, academic fit, style of play, existing friendships and lifestyle matters will all weigh on Giddens as he makes this decision.

Giddens’ decision to attend Ohio State created a domino effect for Georgia as Mark Fox signed Derek Ogbeide and then Mike Edwards in the Class of 2015.  With Giddens in the fold, it could take away a scholarship spot from a member of the Class of 2017 if Georgia were to land Pape Diatta and Giddens.  Yante Maten may be only in Athens for another season as he may have a path to the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft should he continue to improve.  The only benefit that Giddens can provide Georgia or any program for the 2016-17 season is a quality post that can contribute in practice.

It is difficult to project that far forward, but schools that are contacting Giddens should have the ability to clear the space for next season and going forward.  Whether Giddens meets a need for each program or is just a cherry on top is unknown.

There does seem to be an individual that does not seem to believe Jon Rothstein’s reporting.

Does Mark Edwards know something everyone else does not and how much influence does he wield?  Edwards has indeed worked with Giddens for a while.  Edwards happens to be Derryck Thornton’s (transferred out of Duke) uncle.  Edwards also has worked with Antonio Blakeney (de-committed from Louisville, attending LSU and currently testing the NBA Draft waters), Ryan Harrow (attended NC State transferred to Kentucky and then transferred to Georgia State… now playing professionally in Greece), Kobi Simmons (went from a final three of UNLV, Kentucky and Ohio State to committing to Arizona) and Jordan Adams (who attended Oak Hill Academy and then went from UCLA to the NBA).

Every single Edwards trainee ended up initially attending an out-of-state program.  Take a good look at his client list, if a Georgia native is on the list, they are not going to UGA.  The other characteristic that is emblematic of his clients is that quite a few end up de-committing or transferring at some point.  It may all be pure coincidence.  However, Edwards does work with some of the best high school recruits and some of them publicly owe a lot of their success to his skills training.  It is tough to deny his craft.

So with this all in mind, these are the scenarios:

  1. Daniel Giddens is toying with Georgia and trying to angle a way to attend Kentucky.  Mark Fox has Pape Diatta as his #1 priority anyway, no harm no foul in hosting the big man.
  2. Daniel Giddens is toying with Georgia and trying to angle a way to attend Kentucky. Pape Diatta is going to get slowplayed by Mark Fox much the way James White was last Spring during his visit.
  3. Daniel Giddens is lined up to go to Kentucky in some fashion and Jon Rothstein’s reporting is bunk.  Giddens is not visiting UGA after all.
  4. Daniel Giddens has a legitimate interest in attending Georgia and is visiting Athens this weekend, but a spot has to be cleared for him.  Pape Diatta is the #1 priority to this staff.
  5. Daniel Giddens has a legitimate interest in attending Georgia and is visiting Athens this weekend.  He is the #1 priority of the staff to fill the vacant scholarship spot and Pape Diatta is a more realistic backup plan.  Pape Diatta is going to get slowplayed by Mark Fox much the way James White was last Spring during his visit.
  6. Daniel Giddens is legitimately interested in attending UGA and Mark Fox already has a contingency plan should Pape Diatta and Giddens wish to attend.

What scenario seems most likely?  The book on the Class of 2016 is not closed and it is about to get really interesting.


  1. Fools gold to think that Fox has a contingency plan.
    All signs point to Diatta slow play

  2. I believe Daniel Giddens has interest in UGA and his visit shows that he indeed has a genuine interest. With that said, I still think Diatta is our #1 priority for this year’s class and hopefully we can recruit him successfully. It is hard to figure out Giddens as I am sure he is very interested in UK and the question is, “is UK interested in Giddens”. :Like you stated, the book on the class of 2016 is not closed and it is about to get interesting which I concur.

  3. My gosh dude. James White averaged 3 points per game this season for Tech. Edwards averaged 2.5 for UGA. Similar rebound numbers also. And Edwards has 3 years to grow.

    YOU WERE WRONG about James White. Fox was right. Let it go!

    1. My gosh dude, James White was supposed to be a one year rental to fill out our roster! Edwards was NOT a replacement for White – there was no one on our roster to provide any numbers to compare
      YOUR COMPARISON NUMBERS ARE WRONG about James White. Fox was wrong to not play with a complete roster and the fatigue on his starters showed down the stretch. For a coach so hesitant to play freshmen, White’s experience may have been the difference between an NIT berth and “Dancing” in March.

  4. So, any word on his visit yesterday? Did we tell him a large percentage of the 93k in attendance are also basketball fans?

    1. You know I was joking, right? Plus, I’m sure he already knows that we don’t even draw 10% of that for basketball.

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