Dawgs Chase A Historic Feat This Season

Did you know that Georgia Basketball may make SEC history this season?

This has been a very ordinary season in Athens and nothing seems to be spectacularly different about it when compared to past seasons, but there is something unique to monitor.  Georgia sits at 337th in the country in adjusted tempo.  If the season ended TODAY, this Georgia Basketball Team would have the slowest (and lowest) ranking sported by an SEC Men’s Basketball Team in the history of measuring pace of play.

Since the 2001-2002 season (which happens to be when Ken Pomeroy started measuring this intriguing metric), no SEC Men’s Basketball Team has been ranked as low as this Georgia Basketball Team in adjusted tempo.

During SEC play, Georgia has played like a team chasing this historically slow relative pace.  There’s still eight more games for Georgia to catch up to Virginia in this metric and have the distinction of being the slowest paced team in the country.  14 teams are slower than Georgia right now.


  1. Also of note…Virginia has a McDonald’s All-American at guard and shooters all over the place…we couldnt hit the ocean if we were standing on a pier.

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