Dawgs Get Cucked in Second Half at Auburn in 79-65 Loss

Let’s just use the word ‘cucked’, that’s what Mark Fox did to this team in the Second Half.

In one of the more shameful efforts of the Mark Fox era, Georgia went 15 minutes without a Field Goal and allowed Auburn to start the Second Half on a 31-5 run, but wait it gets worse.  Georgia led by 14 at Halftime and held Auburn to 26 points at that point.  How can Georgia go from playing well defensively and somewhat tight offensively to going completely limp and letting Auburn steamroll them?  Georgia’s effort and game plan had a lot to do with it.  The entire First Half was Fool’s Gold and it is all reminiscent of the Oakland game from last season, remember that debacle?  Well, Fox repeats history.

In fact, two things came to mind.  Cuckolds and the Cold War.  Two completely different things, but sort of appropriate given this game.  Because Leonid Brezhnev and Cuckoldry just go together so well.

We’re all Jerry now!

The First Half was Fool’s Gold for Georgia

Before the soon-to-be Cuckdogs assumed their role in this unfortunate affair, the team played strong defense and was able to knock down shots from the perimeter.  The defense was able to keep Auburn from delivering from the perimeter and prevent them from getting out and running it up and down the floor.  Georgia was not necessarily dominant, but the defensive effort was there.   The perimeter shots fell because they were set up off good looks inside the perimeter and Teshaun Hightower and Yante Maten deserve credit.  Second chance opportunities were fleeting, but there were signs of trouble at the end of the First Half.

  1. Georgia was allowing Auburn to get offensive rebounds:  In fact, Auburn had 7 of them.
  2. Georgia was not able to take advantage of the foul situation and unwilling to attack the Auburn Defense further.  Consider that Desean Murray, Mustapha Heron and Chuma Okeke had foul trouble.  Okeke had 3 fouls and sat toward the end of the First Half, but there was no effort to knock Murray, Heron or Bryce Brown who had 1 foul into a problematic state.
  3. Georgia committed 7 turnovers and only had 31 possessions, 20 seconds per possession.  Georgia was obsessed with slowing it down and Auburn was detecting the sets better as the half went on.
  4. The last time Auburn committed a foul in the First Half was at the 3:45 mark, they played with the Double Bonus available to Georgia and Fox’s team was content to shoot jump shots.

It all went down the tubes from the 2 minute mark.  The level of discomfort and the inability to kill the spirit of the Auburn Basketball Team and the Auburn Arena crowd were obvious.

Georgia Plays the Role of Cuckold, Auburn Plays the Role of the Bull

It becomes evident that if the element of victory was the partner in the room, Georgia got victory all warmed up (the hotwife), then stepped away and went into the closet while Auburn hammers away for the Cuckdogs to watch.

Did Mark Fox want to win this game?  Did he get any sort of pleasure from this display?

  1. Auburn was an aggressive bull playing with an energy and ferocity that Georgia could not match.
  2. Georgia was submissive on offense letting the Auburn 2-3 Zone dictate where they could be in the room (the closet) to watch them take what is theirs.
  3. Georgia did not grasp the ball on rebounds nor did they attack the basket with any sort of purpose, they were content to be weak.
  4. Georgia was obsessed with trying to slow the game down to the point where they were unsure of themselves and they fed into the hyper-aggressive style of the Bull (Auburn).
  5. Auburn was able to get anything they wanted in the Second Half and took away everything that Georgia had.  Their lead, their victory, their pride and their dignity.  Auburn turned Georgia into the Cuckdogs.
  6. Auburn’s press was smothering and Mark Fox watched helplessly as his Point Guards were left to handle traps all by themselves.
  7. Georgia’s body language was scared, Auburn’s was confident.  Auburn got to plow while Georgia takes care of business in a small, musty closet because they are wimpy cucks.

This game was a microcosm of Georgia Basketball over the past nine years.  The aggressors always win.  Georgia chooses to be passive and they are afraid of their coach.  This leads into the other thought that was in mind, the Cold War.

Because there’s nothing like a transition from BDSM and Cuckoldry to the Cold War.

The USSR was a massive state planned Socialist Republic, which seized the means of production and sought equality of outcomes.  It was a statist, human rights disaster that resulted in millions being killed by various means.  The USSR wielded a command-control economy with an iron fist, the “success” of the Soviets came early even though they were purging their own under Joseph Stalin.  The Allied Powers (spearheaded by the uneasy alliance of the USSR and USA) defeated the Axis Powers that represented expansive Fascism and Totalitarianism (even though the USSR was a totalitarian state – the enemy of my enemy).  This would be the high point of the USSR as the Space Race would prove to be just a show and the Brezhnev era faced massive challenges.  The USSR would slowly crumble despite having occupied Eastern Europe.  West Germany was growing and free compared to the Soviet Satellite State of East Germany that was confining and controlling their people in the face of a collapsing economy.  They were also doping their Olympic athletes, but that is a different story.  (We’re trying to keep this generalized and brief, folks.  It would be a chore to go through the nuanced History of the Cold War.)

In this game, Georgia was the USSR and their success was fleeting.  Halftime was seemingly 1980 and the cracks were becoming very evident.  Auburn was the United States, ready for economic boom and making technological advances.  Georgia collapsed while Auburn thrived and helped dictate the terms of how the future would go in the Russia and the satellite states.  The Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet dream was dying even with last gasp attempts to keep the dream alive, perestroika and glasnost.  That was Georgia’s last gasp effort in the face of the inevitable end.

Georgia’s offense and dependency on sets is much like the inefficient state-run, command economy of the Soviet Union.  Auburn’s offense would be compared to American style Free Market principles.

The Auburn players run the Auburn offense, but in Mark Fox’s Soviet Offense, the offense runs you!

Because the Soviet Cuckdogs has a horrible ring to it.  That’s the program we have right now and many are happy that it is in this condition.  From boosters to ignorant rednecks, they want Georgia Basketball to fail.  They want to justify putting all of the eggs into one basket, which is Football.  They have not been rebuked and it is time for it happen.  Otherwise, non-Football programs will continue to be inconsistent and underachieve.

Demand better.  Otherwise, that One Shining Moment will always be reserved for the Football Team.  It does not belong to all of our student-athletes who deserve the financial and moral support of the so-called “Bulldog Nation”.  After all, how could there be one united “Bulldog Nation” when there are forces within it actively trying to sabotage and diminish?  We’re better than this.

Our student-athletes deserve far more (they should be PAID).  UGA is more than just Football.  Voices need to be loud in support of the student-athletes and in opposition of those trying to suppress their efforts.  UGA is an ascendant academic institution that is capable of winning in anything, but there’s an acceptance and embrace of failure.  The idea that all student-athletes and programs are equal, but some are more equal than others needs to stop.

No Georgia Team should ever look as helpless as the one that performed tonight.  None.  These student-athletes had their masculinity and freedom taken away from them.  They played like they were told that they did not belong and that they should accept the will of the Auburn Basketball Team.  It is a Crisis of Confidence and it is not isolated to the UGA Men’s Basketball Program, it permeates through the entire UGA Athletic Association.  Maybe it takes a moment like this…

To have a great moment like this…

 Tear it down.  


  1. Mark fox can’t win big games because he is too controlling. He doesn’t know who to play and when to play them. I just really don’t like his coaching and the way he jerks The players around. Every time I watch the dogs I get very very agrevated

  2. Did this team have champagne at halftime? What is it about halftime in the Georgia locker room? Were they told the game was won?

  3. Very good. In terms of British aristocracy, someone is screwing your wife and you cannot or will not do anything about it.

  4. Why is there no one on the Ga team that drives to the hoop.Why are they content (or ordered to stand around and watch until either a turnover or desperation attempt ends the misery.Recruiting doesn’t matter if the players are turned into scared statues.No wonder there are so many really good Ga high school products on other teams.I would wager some of the current Ga players on the UGA team would play better elsewhere and some of probably will.

    1. You are right. He may have lots of talent but he doesn’t let them do anything. He holds the team down by his controlling. The players are not allowed to think for themselves . Georgia basketball 🏀 isn’t fun to watch . Too slow. And I am sure most of these players will be better on other teams where they are allowed to play .

  5. Every time Georgia tries to run on the break ,Fox will be over there standing stomping his feet to slow it down. This is a veteran team, yet he claims to play match up against his opponent instead of making the team match up to his team .Guys don’t know when they’re going to play or if they’re going to play and it kills their morale. Watching Georgia on offense is like watching a team trying to play basketball in quicksand.

  6. 31-5 run….Really Mark?
    Just when you think you’ve seen the worse from Mark Fox coached team he delivers again…. 2 million a yr for mediocrity…. God he’s got it made….

  7. Just what was Fox thinking at the 15 min mark…..the 10 min mark….and then the 8 min mark right before the first fg of the half went in?

    That game feels like a faton bauta announcement as your starting qb for the UF game……yet no coaching whatsoever to help the team win. smh. that game really could be the dagger game.

  8. He never adjusts for anything. Once again I didn’t see any super duper defense like he says they play—- what planet is Fox on ? Fox would rather loose the game than play the right people. I really don’t like his coaching methods at all, no rhyme or reason

  9. Why is he still coaching? Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Wow, the rest of the SEC is so happy!!! Hopefully better basketball days are coming. GO DAWGS!

  10. With all the HS athletic talent in this state, and in metro Atlanta in particular, there is absolutely no excuse, NONE, for ALL our programs to be going to their NCAA tournaments, and actually advancing a bit, on the regular. While some may complain about the dominance of football, right now is the time to use the football program start to push a Kirby Effect within our own program. There have been three men’s basketball coaches who’ve had success here: Durham, Tubby and Harrick, so McGarity, it can be done! We watch schools other like Oklahoma and West Virginia, where football is dominant, have success. Why in the hell can’t we? There is no reason we can’t, other than the acceptance of mediocrity that this athletic program embraces.

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