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Don’t Despair Georgia Fans

If anything analytics can teach, it is to give the people what they want.

It would be foolish for any webmaster/marketer not to secure their website, track their traffic and get a sense of what users respond to in a positive fashion.  The numbers tell an interesting story and while those traffic figures will be kept under wraps for now, the lessons learned are what you, the reader, actually want to read.

The insights are quite fascinating as this blog is strangely far more popular with the non-Georgia fanbases than with the Georgia fan base, which actually is quite sad.  Traffic and positive reviews from readers certainly drive things, but there is a need for greater outreach to see what makes Bulldog Nation tick aside from these usual click bait and hype articles that lack substance and even style.

So what do you like besides the cupcake articles?

Well, if you come here via RSS Feed, a few of you may be deceived by the titles and finding yourself reading about Hoops.  Sorry, cannot control that.  Reading about Georgia Basketball is not like eating your vegetables at the age of 5.  However, the overwhelming majority of folks coming here via RSS Feed want the recruiting breakdowns, you come here for the news as it comes out and for it to be put in context.  You folks deserve more of this and it is coming your way!

Profiles of Sacha Killeya-Jones, Jordan Bruner, recent Georgia offer Maciej Bender from Poland, Tony Bradley, Zach Norvell and Kobi Jordan-Simmons are coming your way.  The Class of 2016 will get their time in the sun here.

Class of 2017 recruiting will not be covered until next April because it is far too hard to project that far forward.  It is incredibly unfair to the talent and they are 15-16 years old.

Oh and RSS Feed visitors really love the South Carolina bashing.  Frank Martin makes it too easy, he makes more flips than the pros on HGTV.  For those attending the South Carolina game, there will be a special list of talking points for you to use on your South Carolina friends.

If you come here via forums and social media, you come for the long form breakdowns of the team and the opponent previews.  The whole point of this blog was because long form articles and breakdowns are simply ineffective on a forum.  This place is for the forum junkies that need their basketball fix and do not want to be toyed around.  In that sense, the Georgia Basketball Blog is a pusher and is the corner for you to visit.

To sum it up:  More than just the daily previews are coming your way.  This is the GEORGIA Basketball Blog, more work has to be done to get more Georgia fans here and caring about the sport.


  1. been following for a while. long time football fan, recent convert after last seasons basketball run. keep up the good work!

  2. I’d enjoy seeing more details regarding next season’s UGA players. Also, how does UGA stack up with FL and KY and others Additionally, more insight into Coach Fox’s coaching strategies and what he envisions for the upcoming season.

    I’m a big Mark Fox fan and believe sincerely that he can, and will take UGA to heights never before achieved!

    Thanks for this site


  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed having a site where I can read about UGA basketball. Thank you! I’d like to know more about our current players. Tell me about their best HS games, their vertical leap or other physical abilities, how they are meshing as a team, what their individual and team expectations are, their hobbies or academic goals, etc . . .. I want to get to know our players through your site. I’m not that interested in knowing a lot about the teams we will play.Again, I appreciate this blog!

  4. appreciate your blog. enjoy all recruiting information. if possible would like to see you expand your blog to include the lady dawgs.

  5. I love your blog and, as a basketball first football second UGA alum it a treat to get a this blog. You, Hoops and Rock the Steg are go to daily sites for me, even though the other two are not as active in the off season.

    I would like some insight into what issues and challenges within the Butts Mere Building Fox, and, before him, Felton faced. My inference was that both had to deal with issues from above that coaches at other schools didn’t. I know about the academic rules Evans imposed on Felton’s players that no other UGA players had to face. Any insight?

  6. I agree with the previous comments regarding how great this site has been as a UGA hoops fan. I also agree with the previous poster who said he was not concerned (at least at this time) with future opponents-I would save those reports for week of game. Personally, I would like to see more current recruiting info-especially kids we have a real shot at as well as explaining some things that went on in the past to get us where we we were pre-Fox. Thanks again!

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