The Expectation of Attrition… The Seeds of Discontent are Sown

Mark Fox may actually have student-athletes transfer out after this season.

The 2017-18 Georgia Basketball Season could be ready to fall off the rails and given the personnel coming into the Georgia Basketball Program, it could serve as a major threat to incumbent talent on the roster.  In fact, the decision of staying at Georgia may hinge on whether Mark Fox remains at UGA in the first place.

Here are the three most likely to transfer out of UGA this offseason.

3.  Isaac Kante

Isaac Kante has not received much playing time this season.  Kante offers a lot of promise, but he is not close to home and he’s buried on the bench.  Yante Maten’s exit does create a vacuum in the frontcourt, but Kante will have to fight off Mike Edwards, Amanze Ngumezi and Nicolas Claxton for playing time.

Does Kante stick around?  He’s going to be extremely important after Derek Ogbeide graduates.  Kante could play the waiting game, but if Fox was going to de-emphasize him like this, he should have redshirted the tough Power Forward from Brooklyn.  Expect him to stick around rather than leave, he’s going to get his turn.

2.  Jordan Harris

Harris has a weird relationship with Mark Fox and he is one of the top defenders in the backcourt, but he really has not been put into a position to play well consistently in Athens.  Fox and Harris have butted heads and Harris has been reluctant to have surgery for his bone chips.

Harris has not started, but he emerges to win over the lion’s share of minutes as the game goes on, which means that starting lineups mean absolutely nothing.  However, it comes at the cost of taking playing time from his best friend, which makes things even more complex.

1.  Tyree Crump

Crump is the most obvious candidate to leave the UGA program.  In fact, it may be for his own good both as a student and an athlete.  The mind games and expectations surrounding the young man from Bainbridge is more than he can handle.  It’s a major distraction.

From being anointed by Kirby Smart to a misleading trip to Spain that changed the way the staff viewed his abilities to a media and fan base with unrealistic expectations… it’s not surprising to see this all mess with the man’s psyche.  Rayshaun Hammonds has never had to carry these sorts of expectations.

Crump has never had a fair shake in Athens and his development has been nil.  Crump handles it all with a smile, but a part of him is rebelling and making it clear that something is definitely wrong.


The weird truth is that Jordan Harris convinced Crump to come to Georgia and that the staff was more interested in Georgia State’s D’Marcus Simonds who committed and de-committed from Mississippi State before ending up at the emerging Atlanta institution.

Crump has struggled at the Point Guard spot in an offense that he’s never quite comfortable with in the first place.  Crump’s defense has not improved to the level that would be expected from a Starting Point Guard at Georgia and that falls with both Crump and the staff.  Crump’s time at Shooting Guard is limited by the fact that his best friend is outperforming him.  His development was stifled by Mark Fox’s Hero Ball approach with J.J. Frazier and Fox’s reluctance to play Turtle Jackson and E’Torrion Wilridge as Freshmen when Frazier, Mann and Gaines were in Athens have negatively impacted them.

Whoever gave Crump the idea that he is to take 3 out of every 4 shots from three point range did him the greatest disservice.  Crump had all the ability to be a COMPLETE Guard, instead he’s chucking 25-30 footers without any rhythm.  On what planet is this considered acceptable?

Let’s not forget that Ashton Hagans is highly likely to re-classify, which means Crump’s really going to have trouble getting playing time fighting with Turtle Jackson, Hagans, Hightower, his best friend (Jordan Harris) and possibly JoJo Toppin for time on the floor.

Tyree Crump is probably wishing that he chose Ole Miss.  Tyree Crump is the opposite of Parker Lewis, he can’t win.


  1. You are right Fox 🦊 doesn’t like Tyree. You are wrong though— Tyree is a shooter and a slasher to the basket but he never gets to prove what he is capable of because he is jerked out on every mistake he makes—-how can you get any confidence it yourself if you are being mistreated like Tyreee? As far as the other players being better than Tyree once again you are on another planet. If Tyree had all the freedom every one else has he would be the man with Maten winning games but he has never been given the chance. So he has wasted two years with Georgia who has never been a basketball school waiting to give you a show of a real shooter. And his defense might not be the best but they have so many coaches and grad assts why don’t they work with him individually isn’t that part of their job? And I haven’t seen any great defense by the bulldogs— they are all mediocre at best.

    1. Crump and Harris should have transferred after last season. Fox will never give them a chance. Any other coach around the country would have developed two top 100 kids into great players.

  2. 2 straight games with predicted W’s…
    You are really going out on limb these days trusting Old Coach Fox will somehow coach us into the win column..
    I say 7 wins max before the conference tourney if he’s lucky, but it won’t matter like you’ve always preached – the powers to be have no interest making this sport relevant at UGA..
    Can’t you just hear it now – the future is so bright with the committed players we have on the horizon.. like a more talented roster has actually helped Fox this yr…

  3. Good analysis with the exception of not mentioning Hammonds lack of production. How about starting Hightower at point with Turtle at 2 guard . Maybe let Hammonds come off bench to motivate him. Let Crump rotate with Turtle at 2 guard. Harris could start ahead of Hammonds till .Hammonds gets untracked. Of course Fox won’t change lineup.

  4. Was wondering if an article like this might surface. Surprised to see Harris on the list, but as you noted it’s been a “weird” situation. imo and this really isn’t going out on a limb, but harris is the 2nd best all-round player on the team. coming into the season, I would have thought he might be best, but maten clearly put a lot of time in at the gym in further expanding his shot and ball handling. seeing maten take the ball up against the press against lsu with virtually no resistance was surprising to me.

    I want to see harris continue to get more minutes. know that fox has been mixing and matching the line ups more this year than any other, but I’m good with seeing him getting 25+ min no matter the opponent. positive for this year and for the next two.

    PS, I think Pam is a fan of tyree. spot-on with your analysis of him. enjoyed the chart you earlier shared regarding his shot selection since hs. I can’t believe anyone on staff is telling him to shoot 3s at a 75% clip. who would do that?

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