Fall Signing Week Predictions

Final Predictions for Fall 2017 Signing Week

Here are the Final Predictions for Fall 2017 Signing Week.

Signing Week starts on Wednesday, November 9 and here are the predictions for the undecided recruits that Georgia is pursuing.

Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton was never confirmed to visit UGA this weekend, which could mean a whole variety of things.  However, Sexton’s recruitment was never in doubt before the talk of Sexton visiting Athens took place and while the rumors were flying during this past weekend.  Collin Sexton was going to choose Alabama all along.  When a recruit is using a particular school’s talking points without even having to be prompted to discuss the school, it is a clear sign that the particular school is the choice.

Prediction:  ALABAMA

Nicolas Claxton

Claxton has been predicted for quite some time to be a lock to attend Baylor and nothing has happened that would change this prediction.

Prediction:  BAYLOR

Garrison Brooks

A school receiving the last official visit does not always get the recruit.  In the case of North Carolina and their already crowded frontcourt, it does seem strange that Brooks would even continue considering a future in Chapel Hill.  Auburn would be a more logical choice than North Carolina and almost anywhere would be more logical than Mississippi State at this point. Garrison Brooks is aware of how the coaching profession operates and how transient coaches really are.  After all, George Brooks could choose to leave the Mississippi State staff after six years in Starkville to take a “better” opportunity.  Mississippi State does not have any space at this point and family rows exist concerning this particular matter.

Aside from his father’s recruitment, Georgia has been recruiting Garrison Brooks from the very beginning and provides the happy medium as far as playing opportunities, scholarship space and familial neutrality.

Prediction:  GEORGIA

Rayshaun Hammonds

Cancelled his official visit to UConn to make an official visit to UGA, which is a bad sign for UConn and a very good sign for UGA.  UGA has made Hammonds a top priority.  Hammonds is a must-sign for the UGA staff and all signs point to this happening.  Hammonds has made several unofficial visits to Athens and this past weekend made the official visit.  He is Athens bound.

Prediction:  GEORGIA

Wendell Carter Jr.

Is there room for Wendell Carter Jr. at Georgia?  Of course.  Hammonds could play the 3 and 4 at Georgia.  Problem solved on that front.  Carter is considered a one-and-done possibility as well, which means he will not be a credible threat to playing time for either Hammonds or Brooks.  Will Carter pick UGA?  Highly unlikely.

Carter should end up picking Duke, but there are reports that UGA would have been his second choice.  Al Gore, John Kerry, John McCain and Mitt Romney were all second choices for the Presidency.  Second choice means being first not chosen.

Prediction:  DUKE

Jay Jay Chandler

Chandler expressed that he is going to continue his recruitment process and he will decide in the Spring Signing Period.  Chandler was always considered a Western Kentucky lean, but he may be choosing to wait and see how Western Kentucky plays this season before he pulls the trigger on that choice.  Rick Stansbury is in his first season at Western Kentucky and Chandler wants to see what Stansbury can do with this 2016-17 Team.  He has other choices as well including Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech and Texas A&M.

It will not be surprising if new contenders jump into this race, he will be one of the most coveted guards in the country this Spring.

Prediction:  WAIT AND SEE

Raynere Thornton

He’s growing in popularity at Gordon State College.  He holds 20+ offers and has no intention of signing this Fall, he will wait until the Spring.

Prediction:  WAIT AND SEE

Teshaun Hightower

Hightower’s status has not changed, but this recruitment process is in a holding pattern.  If he is going to be signed by Georgia or any program, the Spring is the time to do it.

Prediction: WAIT AND SEE

Could Georgia flip any committed recruits during Signing Week?

Odds are that this will not happen, this almost never happens.  This is something that happens in Football because there is one signing period.  In College Basketball, the existence of two signing periods enables coaches to land those that wish to get out of their Letter of Intent because of a coaching change in the Spring.  The graduate transfer market and number of recruits choosing to wait until the Spring is just part of how College Basketball recruiting is very different from College Football recruiting.


  1. I’ll give you some props. everyone else and their mother are saying brooks to UNC….which I don’t get either.

  2. I’d love Brooks, Hammond, and one of Hightower or Chandler. I’m not hopeful we can even get two from that group right now, but it’d be nice. That’d allow us to focus our spring efforts on a PG to come up behind Turtle in 17/18, and then the best other piece we can get should another spot open up from Juwan Parker graduating, Yante going pro, etc. Or if at least we could snag Hammond and Brooks, the efforts could be on getting the best pair of Gs we can find + whatever else can slide our way if a spot opens.

  3. It’s looking bad for Brooks looks like another case of Fox not being able to close the deal. He rather sit the bench at UNC than get good playing time at UGA. Sad but true

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