If You Follow on Twitter, Here’s the Deal

Twitter followers and potential followers just be aware.

If you follow Georgia Basketball Blog on Twitter, you typically would get the articles on a bit of a delay or at least be informed of it on a delay.  This is no longer the case, which is great because I finally got around to automating that process.

Only posts published on this publication will be posted on Twitter and that’s about it.  Twitter is just going to be a method of distribution and citation source, if you want us to add a different way to get Georgia Basketball Blog articles, let us know in the comments.  No, we’re not doing Facebook (I’m not going to compete with the baby pictures, wedding pictures, family reunions and political rants on your news feed), but if there’s any other way… let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Twitter can be informative, but it has its drawbacks and on days like today, it’s just downright disgusting.  We all know it, Twitter is angry place and it can suck in just about everyone.  Detoxing from Twitter is probably best for all of us and I decided that today was enough for me.  Uninstalling Twitter from my phone today was liberating.  It was not as liberating as getting Facebook off my phone, but it is certainly up there.

I’ll be setting up programs to pull applicable tweets and data from the Twitter API as it applies to particular keywords.  These tweets may be included in articles to provide context and references, it’s my way of getting alerts.  I’d prefer to use Twitter for data mining rather than interaction, it’s an echo chamber of insanity and getting involved is not helpful.

Why is this worthy of an article then?  For those not on Twitter, there are updates pertaining to just about everything on the account that does not require 300+ words to explain.  Now everything will be more self-contained here and this means more round-ups and even shorter articles when it is warranted.

Enhancing your accessibility to articles and being able to get them in a timely fashion is the goal as it is Preseason in the College Basketball World.

Yes, we have the analytics and just because you access us from one place does not mean that is your preferred method of getting the articles.