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Forget Everett Golson, James White is the Transfer to Watch

Bulldog Nation is obsessed with Everett Golson, but James White is the Transfer to Watch.

Everett Golson has had his name tied to Georgia and South Carolina as far as where he’ll play football next season and quite frankly, it really does not matter.  Golson could transfer into either program and not win the starting job at either program, in fact, it may be likely!  Who wants to break in a turnover prone Quarterback into a brand new offense for ONE season?  Yet, Georgia fans seem weirdly obsessed over this nonsense as if this is an addition that will finally end a decade of underachievement under Mark Richt.

Much of the Georgia Football fanbase (notice the language used here) thinks that a win over an average Louisville team in the Belk Bowl and the addition of Everett Golson will propel the program to the Final Four.  That’s delusional.  The philosophy of Run The Damn Ball (RTDB) is delusional and outdated.  Yet, it is the rallying cry.  By putting Everett Golson’s name in the title, it will generate more visits only for visitors to find that this article is about to turn into a basketball article.  Skip to the bottom to vent your anger.

Georgia Football is considered to have 25/1 chance of winning a National Championship according to Bovada, who will easily keep that money.  Georgia as a football program has not been undefeated past the Florida game under Mark Richt.  Expecting that one Quarterback, a Quarterback that had an academic suspension and was pulled in favor of an untested Junior that threw for less than 100 yards against LSU, is very far fetched.  Mark Richt has not tasted an elite bowl since Knowshon Moreno was doing the Soulja Boy.  Everett Golson is really going to be that impact player?

Everett Golson gets the hype, but if you care about seeing an impact transfer on a program set to rise, look at Georgia Basketball and how James White could likely join the program.  Georgia Basketball is the red-headed stepchild, but yet is poised to outshine and embarrass the Georgia Football only crowd that fear the words “Basketball School”.  Georgia Basketball has had back-to-back 20 win seasons and an NCAA Tournament berth last season.  Sure, the team was bounced in the Round of 64 by Michigan State, but consider that team’s depth (injuries were a major factor) and take a look at the influx of talent coming in and the guys that are coming back to the program.  This leads us back to James White, a transfer from UALR, who is very likely to come to UGA and will provide a major boost in experience and is an established talent in a frontcourt that needs one more year to rise to a more prominent level of play.

One might say, “James White played in the Sun Belt, that’s not a real conference.”  Yes, the Sun Belt is not exactly comprised of world beaters, but then again one can say the same about Conference USA Football.  Jake Ganus was the leading tackler of the now defunct UAB Football program, a team that went 6-6.  Yet, Ganus receives a lot of hype and is considered to be a guy that is ready to contribute in the mighty SEC.  James White was the leading shotblocker and rebounder for UALR and was their second-leading scorer.

Much of the nucleus from last season’s team are back next season.  All of the backcourt guys come back and with Will Jackson and E’Torrion Wilridge, UGA’s depth and talent level will be even better than last season.  The frontcourt is young and talented, Yante Maten is ready to be a starter that makes a big impact next season.  Maten proved that he could play against the vaunted Kentucky frontcourt of Lyles, Cauley-Stein, Towns and Lee by notching 8 points, 7 rebounds and 3 blocks against the then-undefeated Wildcats.  Nemanja Djurisic, Marcus Thornton and Cameron Forte are all gone, but the influx of young talent are more than ready to take on the challenge in doses.

The addition of James White to the UGA Basketball team means less reliance on inexperienced posts, improved development for Derek Ogbeide and Michael Edwards and the ability to put our players in positions of strength on the floor.

A starting lineup that features:

PG:  Charles Mann

SG:  J.J. Frazier

SF:   Kenny Gaines

PF:   James White

PF2: Yante Maten

That’s a tough starting lineup to beat.  If E’Torrion Wilridge proves himself worthy, he could end up starting and allow for Charles Mann and J.J. Frazier to platoon.  There is far more parity in the SEC Basketball environment, which sets up UGA for a possible SEC Title run.

Florida, Alabama, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Arkansas and Missouri are all making major overhauls after this past season.  Kentucky does not have the same talent that they had last season and appears to be more vulnerable.  Everyone knows that Texas A&M and LSU will not get the most out of their talent.  Let’s face it, Georgia has a very real possibility of having a special season, if they fill that gap in the post.  James White is the guy that can take Georgia to the next level.

With James White, Georgia has all the pieces to make a serious run not just in the SEC, but in the NCAA Tournament.  James White would be an instant major contributor for Georgia Basketball, Everett Golson may ride the bench for Georgia Football.

Georgia Basketball is on the path to breaking major barriers and accomplishing things that have not been accomplished, eventually everyone must take notice.  James White is the impact transfer, not Everett Golson.


  1. Awesome Loved the article, I am a Big Georgia Fan Men and Women’s Basketball, and football. James White is big and be a beg welcome to Georgia Basketball

  2. Love UGA basketball and hope we are on the way up. But as far as delusion goes this is WAY over the top. Yeah, UGA football hasn’t won the big one since 1980 and might not ever win it again. But they will be in the conversation from time to time. Now some more reality….UGA basketball will NEVER win it all. And only once in my lifetime (55 years) have they even been mentioned in the conversation. Running down the football program and Coach Richt doesn’t help UGA basketball at all. Weird article…..

  3. Interesting proposed line-up with JJ at the 2 and Gaines at the 3, as we never did that in the 2014-2015 season. That is a small line-up at the 2 and 3 and loses the advantage of Gaines shutting down the opponent’s 2, unless we have Mann guard the 3 and JJ guard the point.

    I agree that White could be the final piece to the “get past the first round of the NCAA” puzzle and a bigger deal than Golson. In addition to what you mentioned DO and OI will greatly benefit from practicing against an experienced, physically mature post player.

  4. Is Georgia looking at Noah Dickerson who Florida just release from his LOI? And who is from Georgia.

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