Garrison Brooks MSU

Garrison Brooks Will Sign with Mississippi State

Garrison Brooks announced he’s Starkville bound.

Garrison Brooks will sign with Mississippi State to play for his father, George, on the Mississippi State staff.  It is a surprising development that offers possibly a more disturbing proposition that is bigger than a recruiting miss or anything regarding Georgia.

How does Ben Howland tell one of his eight freshmen that one of them will not be with the team next season before they even play a minute this season?  How?

Schnider Herard, Abdul Ado, E.J. Datcher and Joe Strugg are the most likely to be “voted out of Starkville” in favor of an assistant coach’s son.  As happy as one can be for Garrison, it is quite an ugly moment for the Mississippi State program because this is actually happening.  One of these four young men have no future at Mississippi State University.


  1. I don’t think Ben Howland is the least bit worried. My guess is that if anyone asks about the scholarship situation, Miss St will say Brooks is joining the team as a walk-on as the son of an assistant, Whether the NCAA will allow it is an open question, but Miss St doesn’t have to worry about it until Fall 2017. By then a player may transfer or turn pro, and then the situation resolves itself. Transfers are a regular part of the college game now (heck, UGA might lose someone to a transfer). And in any event, Howland has quickly established that he’s a major player in recruiting top talent to Miss St (Miss St!); although Brooks’s situation might raise some concerns among some people, top players won’t care.

    1. nice to see howland didn’t learn anything from his embarrassing firing at UCL:A. he had anarchy amongst the team after all of the failed promises and clear favorite treatment. not long before the wheels come off over there.

      the handling/exit of newman looks to be a nice precursor.

  2. Tillman has decided not to sign with Illinois this fall. This is very worrisome because his good friend and St louis Eagle teammate Jordan Goodwin (who was expected to commit to Illinois back in the summer when Tillman committed) yesterday decided to sign with SLU. Both players are from the St. Louis area the former director of the Eagles is currently on the Travis Ford Billiken staff. Interesting recruiting story to follow but bad for John Groce and the Illini program.

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