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Georgia Basketball Blog is 2 Months Old… Thank You!

The Georgia Basketball Blog is 2 Months Old… Can You Believe It?

It started with a desire to write more long form pieces about Georgia Basketball after discovering that posts on the board were getting way way way too long.  Then, finally the decision to get this blog came along on March 25.  Yes, that means the blog is 2 months, 2 days old.  Let’s not go crazy.  Expectations were not exactly sky high as far as how big this can get.

UGA Football trumps UGA Basketball every time and being a part of shifting the culture so that a sport that generates a profit to the UGA Athletic Association and fills up a considerable chunk of the year gets the attention it deserves is a challenge.  It is the offseason and finding stories to discuss is far easier during the UGA Football offseason because of the sheer number of recruits and the established drama surrounding SEC Football.  Plus, creating overly gimmicky articles is just not the style that fits with this blog.

Some thanks are in order because this blog went from being a completely unknown entity with a passive, unmentioned link on a message board forum to strangely becoming a news and opinion source for so many that are UGA fans or fans of other programs.  Thank you for reading the Georgia Basketball Blog, this is done for you.  If you like what you see, spread it on social media.  If you hate what you see, definitely spread it on social media.  If you are apathetic, StumbleUpon is wonderful?

We all have our favorite Georgia Basketball memories, but what is interesting is that the student-athletes that represent our dear university at Stegeman Coliseum are so easily accessible and have not been put on a pedestal as celebrity figures.  These are the people that when we were all at UGA, ate with us at the dining halls and commiserated about our days.  With UGA Football players getting the attention that they did (and currently do), student-athletes of other sports (including Men’s Basketball) were (and still are) more able to be just like rest of us (now just an alum… sigh).

There’s some good stuff coming this Summer, just wait and see.  However, going from nothing to finally getting the number one spot on Google for the term “Georgia Basketball Blog” is a start?  Right?  Okay, it is a moral victory.  Once again, thanks for reading!  More good stuff is coming your way.


  1. I love this blog and think that you are doing a great job bring news on UGA basketball. I enjoy reading the blog. I was just a little disappointed in Coach Fox not using the 13th scholarship for a graduate player that would have one year of eligibility especially if that player was a big man that could either start or play considerable minutes coming off the bench. Maybe there is still someone out there that would fill that description. We absolutely have to get a quality Big Man with that scholarship for the 16-17 season.

  2. Happy Anniversary! This blog has turned into a daily stop for me as I peruse the internet and my usual Dawg boards.

  3. Love this blog. As an alum and true fan of Georgia Basketball this is exactly what I have been wanting and waiting for someone to start. So THANK YOU. Keep up the good work.

    I could do without that post ripping into Fox about your favorite grad transfer not getting the priority you wanted (it reeked of “typical” Georgia fan just looking to complain about anything that doesn’t go exactly how you wanted it) but for the most part I really do love all the content and the attention Georgia Basketball finally seems to be getting.

    Thanks again!

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