Second Anniversary

Georgia Basketball Blog: Two Years of Bringing It

Georgia Basketball Blog is Two Years Old

Our team puts in such an amazing effort to provide you with the news and analysis of Georgia Basketball you deserve.  “Big Tent, High Quality” is the philosophy and we’re doing that.

I’m enjoying being in the background giving our editor-in-chief, MonkDawg, the additional features he needs and giving him perspective on what is working and what is not from an analytical standpoint.  Under MonkDawg’s directive, things are really coming into place rather well and he’s just getting started.

Georgia Basketball Blog is the leading independent publication that covers Georgia Basketball.  Being an influencer is a privilege and it is not something that we take lightly.  We know that media members do take cues from us, it’s not a well-kept secret.  In fact, it’s not much of a secret at all.

Visitors from 131 countries this past year visited Georgia Basketball Blog.  We even had a visitor that was reading Georgia Basketball Blog just south of the South Korea/North Korea Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).  How about that!  Screw you, Kim Jong-un.

Got a friend south of the Fall Line?  Tell them about Georgia Basketball Blog.  We have more visitors from New York, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Charlotte than all of the cities south of the Fall Line combined.  Our young alumni in these popular out-of-state areas have flocked here.  Wherever you are Dawgs, chime in here!

The Georgia Basketball Blog has a full offseason to cover all sorts of topics.  Yes, the University of Georgia Athletic Association’s activities will be scrutinized and if the overwhelming majority’s view of how things are operating in Butts-Mehre is any indication, we are all empowered to thoroughly investigate the actions of the management and the ownership big boosters.  Currently, polls have the University of Georgia Athletic Association leadership enjoying a worse approval rating than Congress.

Personally, I do not agree with all of the opinions shared and that’s 100% fine by me.  (I do e-mail counter-arguments to everyone when applicable.)  What I appreciate is that there is a continued tradition of argumentation supported by well-cited facts.  (You’d be horrified by how often other publications fail to do this.)

People can read game recaps anywhere.  Anyone can easily come across message board and Twitter talking points, but after a while the talking points are just bumper sticker statements and we all eventually ignore it.  Georgia Basketball Blog exists to peel back the curtain and think critically.  We explain why things are the way they are and bust the misconceptions and blanket statements from different perspectives.  It’s wonderful.

Thanks to MemphisDog, DerkDawg, Elevator, Tate Smillie and our editor-in-chief MonkDawg for keeping this going.


  1. I thought that this salient narrative from your space said it all, “Now that the regular season is over, it seems completely fair to look back at some statistics to illustrate my point. Out of respect to Houston Kessler and Kenny Paul Geno, I will simply say they are both overmatched at this level of basketball, and they would not be playing meaningful minutes for any SEC or, for that matter, any other major conference program. Tyree Crump, on the other hand, was a Consensus Top 75 Prospect who was widely regarded as the second most highly coveted recruit of the Mark Fox era. Now consider the fact that both Houston Kessler and Kenny Paul Geno played more minutes this season than Tyree Crump. Yes, you read that right:…”

  2. Thanks for the great blog and analysis. I’m not a hard core basketball purist, so I always learn something here.

    1. Why?
      Because the powers that be saw that the previous coach was not getting it done and hired a proven coach who had achieved great success in the Big 12.
      That coach is driven to be the best and he is getting close.

  3. Appreciate you bringing the site back! As you mentioned, one may not agree with all opinions on here, but the majority are at least informed….be it you agree with them or not.

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