Georgia Brings Offense Back in 93-82 Win Over LSU

The score of this LSU at Georgia game was an NBA score.

Georgia had an opportunity to notch their first 100 point game under Mark Fox, but poor Free Throw shooting in the last quarter of the game denied the Dawgs that accomplishment.  LSU helped make this game fast-paced and the Georgia players did not seem bogged down in the offense, it was a very different performance.  There was a willingness to get up the floor after a miss and even force a turnover, it was a bit different for Mark Fox coached team.  Possibly Fox’s security in having superior talent to his opposition played a role in this much more loose performance.

The first thing that catches the eye is that Georgia had a whopping 15 Fast Break Points and 19 Assists, which is worthy of a double-take.  Georgia accomplished this offensive output with a streaky, but poor shooting day from the perimeter.  Georgia went 5/22 from the outside, which means that Georgia went 25/39 from inside the perimeter.

Georgia’s ability to score at the rim and rebound was on display against an undersized and overmatched frontcourt of LSU.  The offensive answer was to always attack when LSU was not set in their defense.  The LSU man-to-man defense failed to keep Georgia from getting to the Free Throw Line and Georgia was able to get to the rim against their 2-3 Zone.  The 1-3-1 Zone, which came later let Turtle Jackson get a rhythm three point shot.  The only effective defense LSU sported was the Full Court Press, which is Georgia’s biggest bugaboo of all.

Yante Maten was simply unstoppable with a crazy stat line seen below and Turtle Jackson had 8 Assists.

Is Yante Maten the SEC Player of the Year?  Absolutely.  Denying him that distinction would be outrageous.

Rayshaun Hammonds played free, easy and aggressive.  He was attacking in transition and secondary break.  Nothing looked stilted and he was not finessing shots.  It looked like he was back at Norcross High School and he was loving the pace of play.

There were 82 possessions in this game, Georgia averaged 15 seconds per possession and were able to score quite efficiently when they were not missing Free Throws and turning over the ball in reaction to the Full Court Press.  The times when the press was broken created opportunities for layups, dunks and Free Throws.

LSU deserves credit for speeding up the pace, but Georgia deserves more credit for deciding to not only play the pace but embrace it.  Georgia went into a 1-2-2 Extended Zone and played a more active 2-3 Matchup Zone Defense than viewers are accustomed.

The sets were not really as significant offensively and the offense was more focused on playing unselfishly to get the first available shot.  There were a few bad shots, but for the most part the shots created with the looser, non-compulsive feel were better shots.

Many want to be down on the talent of this team, but the talent has not been the problem with this program.  The last time there was a true deficit in talent was in 2012-13.  Today was an example of Mark Fox having actual confidence in his team and this is something he does not usually have because for some reason he thinks he’s not recruiting good enough talent.  Why hasn’t Georgia played at this pace all season and with the same lack of directives?

The Basketball served tonight was not Georgia Basketball and that is a good thing.  Film Room Session in the next article.

Oh and what was with Will Wade’s fashion choices today?  That shirt without a tie and the pants just made him look like he was straight out of the 19th century?  Give thoughts on Will Wade’s attire in the comments.  Is there a more appropriate time period?  Is this off-base?


  1. Mark Fox does it the “right” way. I hope UGA doesn’t make the mistake of firing a coach who recruits correctly, coaches correctly, treats players correctly, and has the ability to take UGA to the next level! Yes, winning is important, but it is not the most important factor in a program. I’m quite sure I will get lambasted for my statements, but I had a son who played all the sports, and he learned correctly, and is now a fine young man. Thank you Coach Fox!

  2. Let me first say that I do believe Mark Fox runs the program with integrity but come on. Surely no one can believe in year 9 that he is going to take us to the next level. And ultimately his job is to win. You don’t get paid almost $2 mil a year to be a “good guy.” He’s paid to win games. I’m afraid William’s comment is representative of the attitude of the UGA administration regarding hoops. The just be competitive, don’t get us in trouble & that’s all we want until spring practice arrrjves & a real sport begins. Well that’s ludicrous. There is no reason that UGA can’t be a football school that wins championships in basketball. Florida has done a good job of this. Oklahoma & Texas do. We just need the right coach & a commitment to the program. And Fox isn’t it.

  3. Funny how all this scandal has suddenly covered up all of Fox’s pimples of the past 9 years.. Come on people – Fox is paid handsomely to do things ” the right way”. He’s had 9 years to recruit talent the correct way and coach it accordingly.. No one is asking for national titles year after year like some of the blue blood programs in question.. All we are asking for is an exciting product to get behind, and offer some hope come March.. There is never any “hope” with this guy’s running the ship because of his wildly inconsistent teams year after year..He’s a .500 coach for a reason
    Time to move on ….. He’s had more than enough time to build his program the “right way”….

  4. Fox says he’s disgusted with how coaches have treated the game. I agree with him, and the snarky side of me says I’m disgusted in how he’s treated Georgia basketball. I’d rather watch paint dry.

    He’s a good man and does it the right way, but we need to win, too. They aren’t mutually exclusive.

  5. Just testing a comment from my pc. HwT, I’ve had trouble posting from mobile devices just in case you weren’t aware of an issue.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. I’ll admit that I was concerned at first when I heard LSU had hired Will Wade from VCU. But after second thought and seeing the following:
    – Why should I ever be concerned with a decision by Joe Alleva? He’s single-handedly running the LSU sports program….and state deficit to a point of no return. His handling of Miles and Jones…..and later Orgeron/Aranda should be published in the “don’ts” in athletic directing.
    – Some questionable tactics on the recruiting trail have apparently surfaced with Wade….of which have nothing to do with Martin and Quartermann.
    – Wade and LSU’s loss to UGA in B.R. back in January was almost as inexcusable as Fox’s loss (can’t really call it UGA’s) at T A&M last year.
    – Speaking of Fox, Wade is now 0-2 against him.

    And of really no value other than to respond to the last paragraph of this article, Will Wade doesn’t believe in working out or tailors. Both of which would mask his questionable wardrobe style.

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