Georgia Contacted Avery Woodson

Georgia Contacted Memphis Transfer Avery Woodson

Georgia contacted Memphis graduate transfer Avery Woodson, which means that Mark Fox is jumping into the graduate transfer pool.

Avery Woodson has been featured in the Top Possible Backcourt Graduate Transfer list featured on this site.  The Georgia staff contacting Woodson is a sure sign that the team could be going in one of two directions next season.  Both of these directions point to the same sort of conclusion, which may indicate that Georgia’s style of play in the last eight games of the season could be the style of play employed next season.

1.  Georgia may take on two more scholarship level student-athletes this Spring.

Mark Fox was trying to land a Combo Forward and Pape Diatta is a Georgia target.  Georgia currently has only one vacant scholarship space remaining, which means that a second scholarship level student-athlete this Spring would indicate that someone is either not going to be on the team or receiving an athletic scholarship at UGA.  The two most logical and likely possibilities are that Juwan Parker cannot continue with the sport (and receives a medical exemption) OR Houston Kessler becomes a walk-on as he would be a fifth year Senior.  Remember, Mark Fox voluntarily redshirted Kessler when he came into UGA.

Bringing in Avery Woodson when a second scholarship is available for someone in the frontcourt is a smart move.  Mark Fox should use all thirteen scholarship spaces on student-athlete that are scholarship level as it improves the team’s depth and reduces fatigue significantly.  Avery Woodson would also provide a great sparring partner in practice for Tyree Crump and Turtle Jackson, which has historically aided in the development of Georgia Basketball student-athletes.

2.  Fox and staff are content with the frontcourt and wish to have a deeper backcourt.

In this case, Juwan Parker returns and he’s back to being himself again.  Georgia brings in Avery Woodson and the lineup shifts to accommodate a faster pace and different rotations that would facilitate a faster pace.  Fox would be content to use a smaller, more dynamic lineup.

A few possible rotations:

Rotation #1

  • PG:  J.J. Frazier
  • SG:  Avery Woodson
  • 3G:  Juwan Parker
  • SF:  E’Torrion Wilridge
  • PF:  Derek Ogbeide

Rotation #2

  • PG:  Turtle Jackson
  • SG:  Tyree Crump
  • SF:  Kenny Paul Geno
  • PF:  Yante Maten
  • PF:  Mike Edwards

Rotation #3

  • PG:  J.J. Frazier
  • SG:  Avery Woodson
  • 3G:  Turtle Jackson
  • 4G:  Juwan Parker
  • PF:  Yante Maten

Rotation #4

  • PG:  J.J. Frazier
  • SG:  Avery Woodson
  • 3G:  Jordan Harris
  • SF:  Kenny Paul Geno
  • SF:  E’Torrion Wilridge

If Fox wants those sorts of options, he can do it with the addition of Avery Woodson.  The trend of 4 perimeter shooters with a versatile, strong post that has vaulted the Golden State Warriors to the top of the NBA is coming to College Basketball.  If Georgia were to add Avery Woodson, it provides Mark Fox with the ability to do this.

Mark Fox in the past has shown the ability to run 4 out 1 High looks on offense and it was effective.

What Would the Addition of Avery Woodson give Georgia?

Easily the team’s best three point shooter.  Woodson would force opponents to respect Georgia’s perimeter shooting and give the Georgia posts the freedom to make plays in the post.  Josh Pastner is a great recruiter, but not a good coach and if anything Mark Fox brings to the table as a coach is the ability to teach defense.  After one Fall preseason at Georgia, Woodson would be a much improved defender.  He is just an average defensive player now, but he could be even better in Athens.

Avery Woodson’s offensive efficiency should be what raises eyebrows.  The only member of the Georgia roster this season with a better offensive efficiency was J.J. Frazier.  Pairing Woodson with Frazier and giving him the ability to work with the Georgia frontcourt would make this offense very explosive.  Woodson is not much of a dribble driver and 75% of his shots are from three point range, he does not turn the ball over much at all, which means that defenders that try to play him tight may end up regretting their decision.

Avery Woodson makes a very good fit for Georgia in 2016-17, which is a season that is filled with the expectations that must be met.  Woodson’s offensive abilities should improve if he goes to Georgia as the SEC is not as stiff defensively as The American.  Woodson would continue his studies and pursue a Master’s Degree after earning a Bachelors Degree in Sport and Leisure Management.


  1. How would you rate Mr. Woodson out of all the graduates we could realistically be in the running for?

      1. I’m sure Alabama will find away to snatch him up the way they’ve been recruiting lately. I just don’t have much faith in Fox to close the deal.

  2. He seems like a perfect fit and would love to have him! We might be able to have something that resembles an offense next year if Woodson, Maten and Frazier are on the court!

    So is one of the free scholarships the one that was given to Brandon Young? If not, I bet his scholarship won’t be renewed if the right player becomes available. I could see Kessler getting his scholly pulled (for obvious reasons) but I feel like Fox is too loyal to his seniors to do that.

    Anyhow, things are looking up!

    1. Okay. That’s what I figured. But it’s crazy that there is a slight chance of having three scholarships open! That means a lot of new faces!

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