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Georgia Contacted Rodney Pryor from Robert Morris

Georgia contacted Rodney Pryor of Robert Morris recently as he will be a graduate transfer.

Rodney Pryor may seem like a familiar name to Georgia fans because he faced Georgia in the year-end finale at Stegeman Coliseum.  Pryor was Robert Morris’ best scorer and rebounder this season.  He’s a 6’5″ 205 pound Shooting Guard that happens to be an excellent rebounder and adept at the theft on defense.  Pryor will graduate in May and be available to transfer immediately to any program he chooses.  Naturally, Pryor received a lot of interest.

Why has Pryor received such interest?  The numbers bear it out rather well and his game tape is actually quite good.

Pryor is an above-average defender on an average defensive team.  He is an above-average scorer on a terrible offensive team.  Pryor only had help from Elijah Minnie and was left to carry his team, but two student-athletes cannot carry a team and it was evident through Robert Morris’ hideous 10-22 record this season.

Pryor’s three point shooting percentage dropped considerably from his first season at Robert Morris to his second.  In Pryor’s first season, he was a part of an NCAA Tournament team that won in Dayton as a #16 seed and lost to #1 seed Duke in the Round of 64.  His team had far more balance, which gave Pryor easier opportunities to score.

There was actually some form of scoring balance to this Robert Morris team.  Pryor did not have to carry the team in any particular category as he did have help!  The next iteration of the team on the other hand relied upon Pryor.  The 2015-16 team was a train-wreck.

As far as shot selection is concerned, Rodney Pryor’s 2015-16 season required him to do far more off the dribble to manufacture points, which meant that his shooting percentage from 3 point range went down considerably.  This Robert Morris team was far less experienced and talented than the previous season’s team.

Consider that in 2014-15, he did not have to carry the team and take the tough three point shots to carry the team.  Winning Basketball often goes hand-in-hand with better shot selection and rhythm threes being taken as opposed to desperate heaves.  Marcquise Reed, a star Freshman Shooting Guard and Lucky Jones, a Senior that played as a Combo Forward in an undersized lineup took a lot of the pressure off Pryor.

The conclusion to draw from all of this is that Pryor is a skilled dribble driver with the capability to hit threes when he has a supporting cast.  Pryor also sports a mid-range game that Georgia would covet.

How did Rodney Pryor fare against UGA?

He was bricking it routinely from the perimeter at Stegeman Coliseum on December 29.  However, he was able to score 22 points, grab 8 boards and swipe 4 steals.

Want to see some game tape?

If Pryor joins the UGA squad next season, he and Frazier can be a dangerous duo of southpaws in the backcourt.  In fact, he would be the fourth left-handed student-athlete on the team.

Rodney Pryor has shown what he can do with talent and experience around him.  He would be a very dangerous guard on next season’s Georgia Basketball Team.  Pryor could play the role of a left-handed Kenny Gaines for the Dawgs.

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  1. Rodney Pryor looks like he would make a good addition to next year’s UGA BB team. I like his size and his ability to score. Do you know of any other graduate transfers that we may be targeting at this time All things considered, do you feel like Avery Woodson or Rodney Pryor make the best fit for next year’s UGA team? Do you feel like we will continue to recruit Pape Diatta If we recruit successfully Pryor or Woodson? Lots of questions and moving parts for next years BB team.

  2. This guy. This is the guy that I really like.

    I was at the game and he was the only real brightspot for their team. I get a tingly sensation just thinking about him, Crump/Jackson, Maten and Ogbeide on the floor all at once! He would definitely add some much needed game experience and depth to this team.

  3. heck, I notice a big brace on Pryor’s knee. What’s the story there? How is his lateral movement? I figure we could give possibly as many as 3 scholarships in spring if we really wanted to, but that would leave us short of scholarships for the ’17 class, which is so talented. I think 2 is the optimum number.

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