What Georgia Did That Was So Different against LSU

Have there been drastic changes on offense?  Let’s talk about that.

This article is devoted to all of the very different things from the LSU game that were also seen against Tennessee.  What took Mark Fox so long to allow for more aggression and micromanage less?  Instead of being forcing his team to obsess over choreography, Fox let his talent shine through.  In Late February.  Again.   It seems intentional for Georgia to be suspiciously in a similar circumstance every season and the adjustment that comes late in the season is the same and it comes too little, too late.

It sure seems like Fox has been coaching around his talent for most of the season rather than recognizing that he actually needs to let his guys play like they are capable.  Fox has an excuse for everything and his approach to offense plays to an inferiority complex that plays to those excuses.  Fox really believes he has terrible talent, so the media really doesn’t hate his kids – he does.  It’s reflected in his game planning.

It all intertwines with the whining and sanctimonious sermons about doing things “the right way”, which the NCAA argued gives student-athletes the same designation as prisoners per a 13th Amendment loophole.

Now to the Film Room segment… which is simply comprised of a caption and a GIF clip showing something that Georgia did against LSU that was very different on offense than what has been seen this season.

Cross Screen with the Stagger Screen Has Actual Reading of the Defense

Maten on the Perimeter Iso

Hightower Attacks an Unset LSU Defense

Vintage Tyree Crump on a Pick and Roll from the Wing

The 5 to 4 Pass Denied and the Improvised Response

Ball Screening with Maten to free him up in the middle against the 2-3 Zone

Screen and Roll with a Baseline Cut

High Ball Screen Just Like J.J. Frazier and Charles Mann

Attacking the Press Rather Than Pull It Back Once The Timeline is Crossed


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