Georgia Faces Clemson in Secret Scrimmage

It was long suspected that Georgia would face Clemson in a secret scrimmage this season.

Georgia will face Clemson on October 27, 2017 in a secret scrimmage at Stegeman Coliseum.  In the past three seasons, Georgia faced North Carolina State, Wake Forest and Xavier in neutral environments.  This time around, Georgia faces their traditional secret scrimmage opponent.  Clemson and Georgia faced each other in back-to-back seasons in a home-and-home arrangement where each home team held serve.

Clemson provides a familiar challenge to Georgia in preparing for this upcoming season.  Clemson’s perimeter shooting capability will test Georgia as Marcquise Reed, Shelton Mitchell, Donte Grantham and A.J. Oliver should all test the perimeter defense.  Aamir Simms will test the frontcourt’s ability to handle versatility while Elijah Thomas will provide an interior test for Derek Ogbeide and Mike Edwards.

By Brad Brownell’s own interesting admission, he says his team is not extremely physical, which may have its own subjective definition.  However, Mark Fox has to see if his team brings the necessary physicality to overwhelm Clemson.  Based on Mark Fox’s evaluation, Isaac Kante has been “too physical” in practice, which fits the scouting report quite well.  How much Kante rubs off on the team against another team is to be found out next Friday.

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