Georgia Suffocates Roy Moore University 65-46

Roy Moore University was without Dazon Ingram and their energy level reflected it.  Georgia was able to suffocate Avery Johnson’s squad.

Georgia jumped out on a sleepy, lethargic Roy Moore University Basketball Team.  Without Dazon Ingram, there was a not-so-surprising lack of energy on both ends of the floor.  Georgia was able to control the glass, get to the Free Throw Line and force Roy Moore University’s team to be just Collin Sexton.  The prediction in the preview of this game was taking into account that Roy Moore University would have Dazon Ingram, instead Ingram’s flu and poor shootaround due to illness was a miasma for their team in Athens.  Without Ingram, this is the type of result one can expect.  The opportunity was handed to Mark Fox’s Dawgs and the team was more than happy to take advantage of it.

Roy Moore’s Start was Hymnal

The lack of energy from Roy Moore allowed Georgia opportunities to grab offensive rebounds and create offensive opportunities.  The ball movement was critical and E’Torrion Wilridge getting three assists by the 8 minute mark of the First Half was a good indication that the post feeds were strong.  Yante Maten was drawing defenders out while Derek Ogbeide was a mismatch for Daniel Giddens and Donta Hall in the post.

The pace of play favored the Dawgs in the First Half, Roy Moore is accustomed to attacking in a relentless fashion, but seemed very muted due to the absence of Dazon Ingram.  There were no momentum plays for them today and it fed into their own sloppiness.

Roy Moore University was not getting to the Free Throw Line like they were accustomed, they were missing something and it seemed to be their soul.  Avery Johnson could not motivate or scheme his way out of getting further engagement from Herbert Jones, John Petty and Braxton Key.  He was left with Collin Sexton doing all of the work and nobody else getting involved.  This is the formula for losses for this team, they just made it much easier for Georgia by having to sit Ingram out due to the flu.

Mark Fox was content to let Herbert Jones and Braxton Key attempt jump shots.  To this Georgia team’s credit, the rebounding effort was absolutely what was needed for this game.  An 86.95% defensive rebounding win rate is absolutely incredible for the First Half.  Georgia was ready and brought the physicality.  Closing out possessions with one-and-outs and following it up with Yante Maten shot attempts and a stellar half for the team demoralized Roy Moore University.

It was pretty much over at Halftime, but don’t tell Roy Moore University.

The Second Half Was A Sloppy Mess

This half would not be considered part of the highlight reels for both teams.  Turnovers, sloppy ball movement, brain farts and the inability to handle Full Court Pressure were what stood out.  The 2-2-1 Zone Press from Roy Moore worked, but they could not capitalize on it due to their own sloppiness.  In all, it was a wash of a Second Half.

Georgia went 5 for 27 in this Second Half, but needed Free Throws and an equally bad performance from Roy Moore to get through this with a win.  Georgia had 6 steals in the Second Half and some of them were immediate turnovers after coughing the ball up.  Georgia played out of rhythm in this Second Half and the sets were clearly not working.  It was the sort of a Half of Basketball that Mark Fox would be able to dig into and find things to work on going forward.

Georgia should be fortunate to have come out of that Second Half unscathed and testing Roy Moore University’s perimeter to get them to shoot threes was the right approach.

Avery Johnson’s team was turning it over frequently and having quick one-and-out possessions.  The only redeemable part of the Half for them was their ability to force turnovers with the 2-2-1 Zone Press.  Outside of that, it was a complete disaster.  Complete disaster and Roy Moore just go together so well.

Collin Sexton was operating on an island today and while Turtle Jackson and Teshaun Hightower had their struggles, his inability to help his teammates get better shots is a credit to the Georgia defensive effort.

Takeaways from the Georgia’s Commanding Victory over Roy Moore

  1. The National Championship Game during the era of the College Football Playoff has had a preceding game in Men’s Basketball each season.  The National Champion won the Men’s Basketball game every time.
  2. Georgia must improve against Full Court Presses.  Georgia used 2-3 Matchup Zone and the enhanced use of it during this season has resulted in better zone offense.
  3. Georgia is going to have to win with a team effort.  Points scored are not everything.  Steals, blocks, assists and drawing fouls are critical to the team’s success.
  4. Georgia’s Offense needs more read-and-react elements.  It’s too predictable and by the Second Half, it was snuffed out.
  5. Derek Ogbeide is emerging as a major force for the Dawgs on both ends of the floor.
  6. Jordan Harris did a good job against Collin Sexton when the defensive assignments were switched.
  7. What is Antoine Pettway going to say on the recruiting trail now?
  8. Yasir Rosemond clearly offered no insider perspective as far as what to expect from Georgia.

Georgia improves to 11-3 (2-1 SEC), dispatches a potential stumbling block to the NCAA Tournament and soundly defeats their #1 recruiting rival.  It will not be long before Updyke Nation looks to burn it all down.

A National Championship is coming to Athens in two days and Georgia soundly wrecks Roy Moore University in Hoops.  It’s a good time to be had, just make sure to have extra security present on the UGA campus for the next few months, the Roy Moore folks can get a bit crazy.


  1. Good points. We beat a short-handed team the way we should. I agree with you about more read and react on offense. It seems like we’re doing a little more, but we need to keep adding to it.

  2. I get down on Fox through the years. Sure Ingram out, had you known you would have changed your prediction. I am thankful at times we have a dedicated blog. I was a new early fan. But each topic had a negative slant to it. You reminded me of FOX news during Clinton administration. So I rarely read. We have shooters now. And players get better especially ours big men.
    It was endearing to hear Antoine Walker admit he was wrong in broadcast today and make apologies
    about Maten’s shooting range. Try a little crow . It is not so bad. Or create a Georgia Tech blog you will not be missed. You seem snobby enough to fit right in. See negative easy. Also try to coach a team to 20 wins (last year) with 2 shooters. A point guard that is not a point guard even though in locker room you may think that.

  3. His comments are slanted at times because they have been warranted.
    Look to get excited with this win is great, but to say someone needs to eat crow after this Bama win is ridiculous . I’ll wait and eat crow myself if Fox can actually turn the corner with this program and start winning on a consistent basis. Anyone who thinks otherwise hasn’t been following his tenure too closely.This year I expect an NCAA tournament win ( not just a bid ) with the talent that’s FINALLY assembled on his roster – Nothing less……I’m tired of the yearly excuses for this product the last 8 years..
    Now whether he can finally accomplish this in a deep talented conference we’ll have the answer sometime in March.

  4. Hey
    I am eating crow post UMass.
    I just saw pregame prediction not fulfilled ! Then read a excuse for Al. So who’s ASS getting covered!
    I am just saying it seems always more negative than positive. So UGA blog? It seems not. So I rarely read now.
    Fox News caters to{ A}. CNN caters{ B}. I do not feel catered.
    I will never be a fake fan that goes to UGA game of any type and boos those kids or coach.
    Nor will I support a blog that is more negative than positive for my team.
    We did not cheat, pay families last year, win a National Championship or give A’s for going to class 3 days a week!
    But we had then and have now a great team with a lot of integrity that will serves UGA proudly!
    And they get better minus Auburn game last year or Umass that is sports. We now have more scoring talent.
    So we see? We have too many crows anyhow.

  5. Brent,

    What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever read. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone On this site is now dumber for having read it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  6. good synopsis as always. after watching the game, I was left with the following takes:
    – UGA just beat a “tournament” regarded team by 19….and didn’t even look good doing it, outside of Maten’s hot hand behind the arc. as you pointed out in the 2nd half…and maybe with the 2nd half just being my last impression I’m a little jaded, but with how dysfunctional UGA looked in the 2nd half and the fact that Bama couldn’t get any closer than 13 was more a product of just how bad Bama was then any control UGA had.
    – I remember being very disappointed when Fox missed out on Giddens after he withdrew from tOSU and chose Bama over UGA. I’ve checked the box scores throughout the season and saw that he’s had little impact, but in seeing it in first person on Saturday, wow! no progression.
    – love that harris is getting more minutes as the season has gone on.
    – outside of maten, turtle, Big O…and maybe hammonds and now even harris, anyone else getting more than 10 minutes is an unknown. That said, I’ve been surprised by some of the low PT minutes that Parker has gotten.

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