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Georgia Tech Fired Brian Gregory

Georgia Tech fired Brian Gregory in their latest episode of Up with the White and Gold and Down with the Basketball Coach and Green.

Georgia Tech getting rid of Brian Gregory has big implications for the Georgia Basketball program as this means that Georgia not only has to face a new Wizard of Techwood, but recruit against one too.  Georgia Tech’s recent NIT run after four straight seasons of postseason-free basketball meant nothing to Athletic Director Mike Bobinski.

Romello White, Josh Okogie and Christian Matthews have all signed Letters of Intent and it remains to be seen what these potential Yellow Jackets will do in response to this news.  Will they choose to stay no matter what, take a wait and see approach or get out of their Letter of Intent?  If they were to try to get out of their Letter of Intent, they would not be able to transfer to another ACC institution per ACC rules.  However, their eligibility to transfer to Georgia depends upon any restrictions that Georgia Tech has placed upon Letter of Intent signees that have not matriculated into the institution.

The new coach at Georgia Tech inherits a team that does not have the talent that is able to match the success that this season’s team under Brian Gregory had.

Adam Smith, Marcus Georges-Hunt, James White, Nick Jacobs and Charles Mitchell will all depart the Georgia Tech program.  Georgia Tech will be scrambling to fill roster spaces for next season and for the 2017-18 season.

Can the three freshmen and returning student-athletes realistically pick up the slack?  No.  This is a job that requires a complete rebuild.  Contrast this complete “boom” season of 21-15 in Brian Gregory’s final season with Mark Fox’s “bust” of a season in 2015-16, which ended with a 20-14 season.  Fox’s weakest team in the past three seasons defeated Brian Gregory’s strongest team in five seasons.

Brian Gregory’s buyout would be approximately $1.3 Million and Georgia Tech is still paying out Paul Hewitt’s ridiculous buyout of $2.7 Million remaining over the next three years.  Georgia Tech will be paying $4 Million worth of dead money to cover the past two Head Coaches.  Georgia Tech’s struggles to generate revenues are a pressing concern, which means that there will be some penny pinching on North Avenue.  It is surprising the lack of affection and booster relations that Georgia Tech alumni have for their program, but it is possible that the firing was made as a Silicon Valley/Alley entrepreneur that attended Georgia Tech may have decided to jump into the fray… who knows?

Georgia State has overtaken Georgia Tech in many ways in recruiting with Ron Hunter at the helm right nearby.  Georgia Tech’s 2016 Class is easily the best class that Georgia Tech has assembled in four years.  The big questions that remain are:

  • What is Georgia Tech’s budget for a coach?
  • Is there a new infusion of cash and influence on North Avenue?
  • Can Georgia Tech bring in a quality coach?
  • How well connected will Georgia Tech’s coach be with the local recruiting scene?
  • How long will this process be?
  • Can Mark Fox and his staff exploit this situation?
  • Will Georgia Tech place any limits to prevent Georgia from exploiting this situation?
  • How fast do Yasir Rosemond and Jonas Hayes get into contact with 2017 and 2018 recruits?

Lots of questions, answers will soon follow.

Consider this starting lineup and bench reserves next season at Tech:

  • PG:  Josh Heath
  • SG:  Tadric Jackson
  • SF:  Quinton Stephens
  • PF:  Romello White
  • C:  Ben Lammers

Hypothetically speaking, if Mark Fox jumped for a job at Pittsburgh tomorrow (which he won’t as he is not being considered by them either and surely he is not interested in the job), Georgia would have a rather full cupboard compared to that.



  1. It’s going to be interesting to see how Teck handles the signed recruits. Since they are not enrolled yet, does Teck have any say in where they can go if released? If so, does the JJ Green/Robert Carter “gentlemens agreement:” still stand or is that now null and void since Kirby’s recent escapade? That being said, would any of their recruits even be interested in coming to UGA if released?

  2. Tech had to fire Gregory. He only had 2 years left on his contract. If they don’t fire him, they have to give him an extension. Without sufficient years on his contract, he would beaten in recruiting worse than he has been. They weren’t willing to hitch their wagon to Gregory long term, and rightfully so. Gregory had to go.

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