brian gregory trying to land any graduate transfer

Georgia Tech is Trying to Land any Graduate Transfer

Georgia Tech is Trying to Land a Graduate Transfer, Any Graduate Transfer.

If there is any sure sign that Georgia Tech Head Coach Brian Gregory is desperate to save a job that appears to be lost before the Fall Semester even begins, take a look at his activity on the graduate transfer market.  Every graduate transfer that has either a tie to somewhere within a 500 mile radius or went to a prestigious university has got a phone call from Brian Gregory and his staff.  The sure sign of going for broke is the desperation not just for filling a position where there is a need for an experienced player, but rather for anyone that can occupy any spot.

Georgia Tech’s needs are actual stability and depth in both the backcourt and frontcourt.  When Charles Mitchell and Nick Jacobs leave, who is left to play in the post for Tech?  Ben Lammers, A.D. Gueye and Sylvester Ogbonda… that’s called a trainwreck and it is a very welcome sight for a UGA program on the rise and looking to reverse a four year hex against the North Avenue Trade School.

Georgia Tech’s answer for next season is not to necessarily ensure that when Charles Mitchell gets into foul trouble he is replaced by someone that is able to compete in the ACC.  No, their solution is that they need anyone!  Tech made a crowded and not-so-talented backcourt more crowded and not-so-talented when they added Adam Smith, a transfer from Virginia Tech, into the fold.  Does a backcourt with Chris Bolden, Adam Smith, Corey Heyward, Tadric Jackson, Josh Heath and Corey Heyward inspire confidence?  It’s a serviceable backcourt, but certainly nothing close to special in any fashion.

Georgia Tech is pursuing post players and guards with the hope of just getting things to work in some way.  Tech had pursued Brown transfer Rafael Maia, a 6’9″ post player, before he had signed with Pittsburgh.  Tech is currently in pursuit of James White, just like UGA, he’s a post player as well.  Providence graduate transfer Tyler Harris visited Georgia Tech and he’s a talented post player.  At this point, it would seem that Tech was pursuing post players, but one would be wrong if that was the assumption!

Jermaine Ruttley is a guard that is transferring out of Florida A&M.  Then there’s more, how about a former Florida guard too?

There’s no strategy here for Gregory, he’s all over the place just trying to land somebody, anybody.  A stark contrast from Mark Fox who seems to be laser focused on James White as far as graduate transfers are concerned.  One can certainly say that Fox should have a backup plan should White choose not to come to UGA, but Gregory is all over the place here.  Dysfunction at Tech is certainly welcome and this looks to continue for quite some time.

To Hell with Georgia Tech!


  1. Lamentably, they landed the biggest fish out there. Still like our recruiting class, though. Hopefully, Fox has a backup plan.

    1. There has to be a plan b-or in the case with white and mack-plan c. I look for Yante to have a great year, though, but would like to see more depth.

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