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Georgia’s Vacant Scholarship Spot Options

With Osahen Iduwe’s exit from the Georgia program finally made public…

Georgia’s vacant scholarship spot options are shrinking by the day.  It is now publicly known that the spot that the UGA staff had intended to give to Avery Woodson, Jaylen Fisher, Rodney Pryor or Daniel Giddens was indeed the scholarship spot held by Osahen Iduwe.  The previous sentence is an inconvenient truth for some, but it is important to realize that Mark Fox and his staff did pursue graduate transfers and even a heralded recruit.

First:  Closing the Book on the Daniel Giddens Nonsense

In fact, while UGA was pursuing Giddens, they tried to get Jaylen Fisher.  The staff was not as all-in on Giddens as previously thought.

According to insider sources and confirmed by Dan McDonald at Rivals, Georgia had pulled the scholarship offer at least 24 hours before Giddens’ trip to Tuscaloosa that eventually would result in a commitment to the University of Alabama.  Plenty of speculation swirled around about why Georgia pulled the scholarship.  The theories and likely realities behind the UGA staff’s decision to pull out will not be discussed and are not worthy of discussion.  However, the decision to chase after Giddens was a big mistake in terms of understanding the team’s needs next season and going forward.  

Alabama fans in their zealotry sought to spin Giddens’ decision and Georgia’s circumstances in a light that was inaccurate.  They even slammed this publication, despite not knowing the clear stance taken well before Giddens’ decision.  When presented the clear stance and facts, the vitriol continued.

The truth is the truth and it helps when it is time-stamped by a third party.  Some individuals are strangely hurt to know that a rival suitor and those that support the rival suitor were really was not as interested as thought.  Not everyone is hyperpartisan and angry.  It is sad that society has regressed to a point where someone else’s actual, perceived or imagined pain brings more joy than an individual’s actual success or happiness.  

The Roster for 2016-17

With Iduwe not on the roster, there are no True Centers.

Broken down by traditional position roles, this is what Georgia looks like as far as filling each spot (there will be duplicate names):

  • Point Guard:  J.J. Frazier, Turtle Jackson, Tyree Crump.
  • Shooting Guard:  Juwan Parker, J.J. Frazier, Turtle Jackson, Jordan Harris, Kenny Paul Geno.
  • Small Forward:  E’Torrion Wilridge, Juwan Parker, Kenny Paul Geno, Pape Diatta, Jordan Harris.
  • Combo Forward:  Houston Kessler, Yante Maten, Michael Edwards, Pape Diatta.
  • Power Forward:  Derek Ogbeide, Michael Edwards, Yante Maten, Houston Kessler.

Backcourt Options

Kelvin Amayo – 6’4″ 215 pounds (Graduate Transfer)

Amayo’s Senior Season concluded prematurely due to a knee injury.  He is seeking a sixth year of eligibility, he should get it.

Paris Bass – 6’8″ 200 pounds (Regular Transfer)

Here’s the rub concerning Paris Bass, he has presumably two more seasons of eligibility and would appear to have to sit out a season.  Bass also was suspended at the beginning of this past season and he was released from Detroit with some unusual language to accompany his exit.  What precipitated the exit and why the transfer took place is unclear.

Jodan Price – 6’8″ 190 pounds (Graduate Transfer)

L.J. Rose – 6’4″ 190 pounds (Graduate Transfer)

Frontcourt Options

Jakeenan Gant – 6’8″ 210 pounds (Regular Transfer)

Norville Carey – 6’7″ 230 pounds (Graduate Transfer)

Mareik Isom – 6’9″ 220 pounds (Graduate Transfer)

Christian Jones – 6’7″ 235 pounds (Graduate Transfer)

What is interesting is that the best three point shooter on this list is a Combo Forward, Mareik Isom!  The options are limited, but the goal behind a graduate transfer addition in the current scenario would be to bring in someone that can immediately contribute and provide leadership.  The goal behind bringing in an ordinary transfer is to bring in someone that is far more talented and can be someone that would be able to make a significant impact.  The other comparison is to compare the potential and capability of an ordinary transfer student-athlete against 2017 recruits that Georgia may be able to land.

The Default Option

Walk-on Brandon Young receives a scholarship for his final year at the University of Georgia.


  1. LJ Rose seems interesting as another option at PG and as a big shooter, too. Him, Isom, and Gant I guess. Maybe we can tap Coach Davidson’s overseas connections to find a foreign player of worth?

  2. Isom, Jones and Rose would help. Forget the regular transfers. We can do much better. Do you think that the staff would pull the trigger on one of the 3 I listed if they could get them?

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