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Does Georgia Basketball get the same kind of respect that the Georgia Football program receive?  Absolutely not. Look at all the blogs, websites, services and businesses that associate themselves with Georgia Football, but Georgia Basketball is left out in the cold despite being a profitable sport for the UGA Athletic Association.  Interestingly, Georgia Football generates 80% of the revenue for the UGA Athletic Association, which is more than any other institution that fields an FBS program and the Georgia Basketball program only generates 9% of total revenue.  There are even fans that identify themselves just as Georgia Football fans and during basketball season focus solely on recruiting and upcoming Spring Practice.

However, there are a good number of supporters of all Georgia Athletic teams and the dearth of commentary, speculation and analysis of Georgia Basketball needs to end.  That’s why the Georgia Basketball Blog is here.  All Georgia Basketball – All The Time, we do not talk about Georgia Football, there are plenty of sites to get your football fix.  A good number of those sites are actually terrible, but that low quality is what their readers like for some reason.

If you are looking for commentary on the current team, SEC/ACC rivals, college basketball recruiting and analysis you have found the right place.  Warning, this is NOT a typical Georgia Blog:  No sugarcoating.  No childish pot shots.  No tribalism.  No “grab the lotion” articles.  No regurgitations of game recaps to serve as articles.  No clickbait garbage.  No doom and gloom.  No unwarranted optimism.  No typical “fan” behavior.  No mercy.

Make this place your first stop.  Media folks, we know that you do your prep work here so you’re welcome.  Just give the blog some form of credit.

UGA Basketball is a program on the rise and the diehards that follow are a small group, but we are growing and we may be masochists.  Also, very powerful people within the State of Georgia really hate this site.

Welcome to the Georgia Basketball Blog!



  1. Your doing a great job, being a Georgia fan from Kentucky isn’t always the easiest thing especially being a a die hard UGA hoops fan. But I never would have thought I would ever see a Georgia basketball blog that is this excellent there are a few others out there but from what I can see this one is second to none. So thanks for sharing all your inside and news about the program. Like I said before keep up the good work and Go Dawgs!

  2. According to sicemdawgs schedule. Uga is hosting Murray st on November 20. Website is awesome thx. Go dawgs.

  3. Wow just found blog last week. Thanks for the good work! So good in fact this is the first comment I have ever posted.

  4. I agree with my buddy Brent. He told me about this place and it’s hands down the best basketball blog I’ve seen. Great info. Now we just need the team to step up to this level.

  5. By chance, will you be at BB banquet tonight? My buddies and I would enjoy meeting you, your opinions and analysis are very informative and appreciated

  6. Your blog is fantastic. I appreciate the insight and depth of your articles. Us UGA Basketball fans are very fortunate to have access to your knowledge of the game. Thanks

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