Give Crean a Chance: Let’s See What He Does

We all have different opinions and viewpoints, but let’s give Crean a shot.

The idea of Tom Crean being Head Coach at Georgia provokes a lot of reactions, but there’s no sense in fighting right now.  Is this a Slam Dunk Hire?  No, but this is not a Fukushima hire either.  No sense in imploding Clay Travis style over this one.  (Yes, the preference here was Buffalo Head Coach Nate Oats, but we must move on.)  There were plans as far as how to approach Crean before the hire was made and given his personality along with the memes, the change here at Georgia Basketball Blog will be quite obvious.

This is a real e-mail with redacted contact information, it was the first proposal.

The ideas proposed:

  1. Just do comedy all season, forget everything else.
  2. Do some comedy, some analysis.
  3. Take inspiration from Christopher Hitchens’ true muse, Johnnie Walker Black Label, while writing.
  4. Renaming Georgia Basketball Blog to “The Misadventures of Tom Crean”.
  5. Pushing Tom Crean to be part of a buddy cop sitcom.
  6. Angry, righteous indignation.
  7. Shutting down and just having a photoshopped picture of Crean and Nigel Farage be the entire site.

The decision is to keep it much lighter, getting back to the publication’s roots.

  • More fun:  Crean is just a funny character.
  • Xs and Os:  Like game film?  It will be in more chewable form.
  • Analytics:  Because math is our friend.
  • Less feuding with old men.
  • Less politics:  Build a wall along the Alabama border.  It’s hard being an alt-right “Social Justice Warrior”.
  • More encouraging you to party it up before and after games.
  • Hilarious hotel reviews of hotels in road cities.
  • More bitching about that subpar High School gym in the Cayman Islands.  Some things will not change, that’s a non-negotiable.

So yeah, Georgia Basketball Blog is changing.  You don’t like it?  Well, you didn’t like it in the first place.  It’s okay.

Give Crean a chance, let’s not burn the town down.  However, let’s not forget that passionate and thoughtful dissent and debate is in our DNA and that it is okay to disagree.  We’re not Auburn and we do not have land in Guyana.

And yes, I’m trolling everyone over my political views.  I sincerely love the fact that my readers have such diversity of opinion in terms of politics.

Forgot to mention:  There was an astute commenter who brought up that Hugh Durham wore the Red Blazer and it is certainly possible that Tom Crean brings it back.  However, he was not the most recent coach to sport the Red Blazer.  Believe it or not.  It was Dennis Felton.

Dennis Felton is a trivia answer now.  Beyond being one of the rare coaches to win twice on the same day (SEC Tournament 2008) and lose twice on the same day (2007 Rainbow Classic) within one season.


  1. Master plan:
    1) Crean keeps Jonas Hayes on staff.
    2) Crean shores up recruiting.
    3) Crean implements system that plays to players’ strengths and attracts better recruits.
    4) Crean sees significant success by years 2-3.
    5) Crean departs for higher profile gig before wearing out his welcome.
    6) Hayes, having now served full apprenticeship under a better head coach, succeeds Crean.

    1. On 1 and 6, I can see Jonas sticking around for a year, maybe two. But after that I’d like him to branch out on his own if he doesn’t this spring. Western Carolina works fine, as would any of a number of schools around the southeast. That way he can start forming his own staff, getting his learning curve as a full head man going, etc. He’ll be better prepared if and when we are next looking for a head coach that way.

      Also, if Jonas does depart, I can see Crean promoting Bucklin to a full assistant spot, and hopefully targetting someone else to help really recruit like a Sharm White, maybe Jarvis or another currently working with the Celtics, Stars, other big time Atlanta AAU crew, among others who could fit that well connected in the ATL bill.

  2. Looking at the glass as if it were half-full, at least Crean will give me something to laugh about. I’ve been quietly giggling at the pics on this site off and on all morning.

  3. I’d consider losing while being entertained an upgrade at this point, so I’m fine with Crean. If he wins and gets us into the tournament, I’ll be ecstatic.

    Is Jonas staying around?

    1. Amen, Russ! I have been a Georgia basketball fan since 1982, and we have had a lot of mediocre-to-bad teams during that time. But we were usually entertaining to watch. That’s mostly what I want – to be entertained and to be at least somewhat tourney-worthy. And while most of Fox teams were always in the “bubble” discussion by season’s end, they were anything but entertaining to watch.

  4. If he changes the pace of play and installs a more uptempo style then I”m good. If he’s a little eccentric then we will have to deal with it.

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