Glitch or Someone Has a Bizarre Sense of Humor at Butts-Mehre?

Did the UGA Athletic Association link to Georgia Basketball Blog recently?

Backlinks are always appreciated, but this one makes absolutely no sense.  Usually, in Google Analytics, the referral path points to the particular page on a site where there is a link to your site (in this case Georgia Basketball Blog).  It is almost always accurate in detecting a link that is clicked from a particular source page.  It’s nice to be recognized, but this does not make any sense.

Given the more adversarial and controversial nature of Georgia Basketball Blog compared to other publications and the willingness to challenge those in power, this was very confusing.

Why point this out?

For one thing, it is weird for an organization that is so controlling of their own message to link to a publication that holds a radically alternative perspective.  This publication does not have access to the student-athletes and staff like the way local media do, which means that articles are shaded by those publications with a more sanitized message.

It is possible that this is a case where a link was placed and quickly removed or is a really specific job of spoofing.  Those who are spoofing on Google Analytics create locations where the clicks came from in order to attract traffic to their own sites.

It’s always possible that there are Georgia Basketball Blog sympathizers within Butts-Mehre or the Webmaster at has an interesting sense of humor.