Happy Anniversary to the Georgia Basketball Blog!

Yes, it’s indeed the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Georgia Basketball Blog.

In almost 98% of the articles published, there’s a concerted effort to avoid using these personal pronouns: ‘I’, ‘Myself’, ‘Me’ or ‘My’.  This is done because making the fact-based and metrics oriented observations look like personal opinions, weakens the argumentation.  Stating, “in my opinion”, makes a contention weaker and destroys gravitas.  It is much like the ‘Not Sorry’ campaign that Pantene, a Procter & Gamble brand, ran a few years ago showing how starting a conversation with ‘Sorry’ is a symptom or pathway to subjugation.  However, this is one of the rare articles where all of this does not apply.  This is not an article about Basketball, it’s an article about what has been created and what is to come.  So let ME guide you through the progress made, why this is a different place and what is to come.

Let’s be transparent shall we?

Well, not completely.  However, I want to show you somewhat of a look under the hood so that you can understand and appreciate what has been done, but before I get there… I want to thank some sources of information that I simply cannot get by without when writing my articles.

  • Ken Pomeroy – His site is amazing for efficiency and tempo metrics.
  • Sports Reference – They have many of the advanced metrics that I love to use.
  • Hoop Math – They provide the breakdowns of the shot selection that I rely upon, otherwise I’d have to scrape the data myself.
  • Hoop Seen – Some of the best independent coverage of recruiting in the State of Georgia
  • RPI Forecast – Need RPIs live?  These guys have it and I’m thankful that I am able to use them as a resource.
  • Team Rankings – Love using their data as it helps me cut down a lot of the work needed.
  • Future150 – The best recruiting site that you have never even heard of.
  • Stat Broadcast – If you follow on Twitter or read the recaps, you have likely seen material from them.

Of course, you the reader, have been wonderful in your hate or support of this site because it means that the content matters.  If nobody read about it or talked about it, then the content does not matter.  Can this site get more readers?  Of course, but I do not want to be a carnival barker about my content and I think that nothing is more powerful than an independent referral.  Whether you share the content via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, message boards (this place is really popular with non-UGA message boards!) or just e-mailing a friend that recognition and endorsement of significance matters.

This is my global visitor map and of course the Georgia Basketball Blog is more oriented toward an American audience, but it has not stopped individuals in 124 countries from visiting and reading about Georgia Basketball.  Even people as far away as Kazakhstan have read the content on this site, which is simply mind-blowing.  It is quite a world where an ordinary individual can publish content and have it be read by individuals around the world.  Well over 100,000 visitors have come to the Georgia Basketball Blog in this one year and over 50,000 of them are unique visitors in a full year’s span.  Not terrible for a two-bit site about a sport that most Georgia fans want to see removed.  

The top ten states by number of visitors:

A map of the Georgia Basketball Blog readership in the State of Georgia

I’m not surprised that much of the readership in the State of Georgia comes from the Fall Line and North.  Weirdly though, it lines up well with this map from the 2014 GOP Senate Primary between now Senator David Perdue and now Former Congressional Representative (Georgia’s 1st District) Jack Kingston.  It also bears a striking similarity to the 2014 Georgia Gubernatorial voting map in the race between incumbent Republican, Nathan Deal, and Democratic candidate, Jason Carter.  This Gubernatorial map break down is the second map.

This site is apolitical (and I plan to keep it that way), but it does speak to the divides within the state to see the similarities between site traffic and electoral maps.  I believe demographics, psychographics and data matter greatly in the analysis of support for sports programs/organizations, politicians, movements and brand affinity.  Some people are offended by this approach and quite frankly, they need thicker skin.  The more you know about individuals, the better you can debate, sell, converse, teach or help them.

Age and Gender of Readers

The largest segment of visitors are middle-aged, but my most engaged readers are younger than 35.  Old people generally hate this place, but it is okay because old people can be on the cranky side.

Raise your hand if you have ever visited Georgia Tech.  Well, if you have, then you would notice that the Male-to-Female Ratio is very skewed and this site is even more skewed than Georgia Tech.  Then throw in all of the analytics and metrics, well I prefer to not to even go further.

Okay enough about what I know about you, it’s depressing enough.  Stop picking your nose.  Now, onto other matters.

Georgia Basketball Blog is Different and That’s Okay (Not Everyone Likes That)

I write with the intent of diluting the all too conventional, ignorant thought surrounding Georgia Basketball with reasoned argumentation backed by facts and metrics.  The reasoning, language and tenor of the typical Paul Finebaum caller unfortunately defines all of us on a broader stage.  My audience is so much better than that and I write at a higher level because I know you are on that level and crave the opportunity to read about sports like an adult.  We must win the intellectual battle and be thought leaders.  It’s a burden sometimes, but it’s important.  Political correctness and newspeak is not the solution, UGA has been about fierce, passionate and intelligent debate since its inception and giving into censorship and suppression betrays that history.  Removing the childish tribalism that has infected the culture throughout the Southeast and destroying the stereotypes that many want to keep alive (like the idea of being a “Football School”) is the goal and it is accomplished by raising the level of discourse.

Improved information, higher-minded debate and having more individuals engage in that fashion will eventually shift the status quo into the fringes, which means that the concerns of fans and alumni alike will actually be taken seriously.  We want to be taken seriously to affect positive change, don’t we?

I hope I have helped in some way in this fight.

I do not consider the Georgia Basketball Blog as part of the “Dawgosphere” so to speak because the content is such a radical departure from what is currently out there.  I do not do the whole “Dawg Porn” concept as it is far too sugary for my liking.  This is also not a rah-rah sort of a place.  After all, I have created a place where recruits receive real criticism about their overall game and I do not sugarcoat things.  I also provide criticism and necessary praise, those that have read this blog know that there is quite a bit of criticism and that I am not afraid to unload it.  I view the Georgia Basketball Blog as being more of a representative to the College Basketball Community rather than a stereotypical “Hunker Down Dawg Blawg”.  It is borderline insulting to associate this content with the typical content as the audiences are very different and let’s be honest, I write like an elitist.  Okay, fine I am an elitist… I know what you’ll say in the comments.

I write in long form because context is crucial and often missing in a sound byte dominated world that lacks nuance.  Yes, you may skip to the end and not be able to consume it in a five minute sitting, but if I cut corners, you would not read it.  If I had just presented ideas and analysis in a half-baked fashion without actually backing up anything that I put out there, how much credibility would I have?  Zero.  I could easily mail it in like one of those free sports touts and write an article in five minutes that is bland and regurgitated, but no one would read that.  Content is king and quality content means repeat visitors and positive word of mouth.

Plus, many of you travel a lot, what are you going to read on the plane?  Another motivational book, an unoriginal work of fiction, In Touch Weekly?  You are certainly not going to hit on the person sitting next to you or across the aisle and you’re better than Candy Crush.  Attacking that spreadsheet and thinking that you can write VBA code to save yourself time for when you get back to the office, come on, you know you completely rip stuff you find off Stack Exchange and you’re on a plane in a completely uninspired mood.  If you’re like me, you have already had a few at one of the airport bars, you are not going to be productive.  Just give in.  There may be nothing better to do on a plane that will stimulate your mind and let you passively feel like you accomplished something in your day.

So What’s Going to Change, if Anything?

I am going to find a new plugin for Comments as it does not permit enough back-and-forth conversation.  If anyone has any suggestions as far as plugins are concerned, put it in the Comments section!  I know, I appreciate the irony too.

I may change the site’s design to a different theme, but a lot of people are used to this theme and creatures of habit.  However, changing things up would be nice as far as the theme.   The color scheme will remain the same.

I want to change the font in the logo a bit.  I used the ‘Georgia’ font, which funny enough, is not the actual official font of the University of Georgia.  For years, I thought it was and I was wrong.  If I use ‘Montserrat’, I’d feel like a bit of a poser since everyone is using it.

If I get over 10,000 Twitter followers, I’ll do live game day/night periscopes, but I am not getting to 10,000!  I am realistic and please don’t flood me with fake followers.  Do follow though if you are a real person.  Darren Rovell is right (I never thought I would ever say that in my life), Twitter should have paid subscriptions to prevent the bots from existing.

I own SECBasketballFever.com, I should do something with that.  My original concept of it was far too time consuming, it was a nice idea though.  I will come up with something, I’m sure.

I am going to have articles about the business side of the industry and more of those fun demographics and psychographics that everyone enjoys.

So stick around, the site is a year old.  Now as a palate cleanser.



  1. I appreciate everything you do, HWT!

    I’m a first year Master’s student and I did my undergrad at UGA too. I’m not sure how I stumbled across your blog, but I love it! As much I like football (and I understand we’re a football school), I love basketball more.

    I find your coverage of UGA basketball the most comprehensive and thought provocative of any website (supposedly) covering UGA basketball.

    I also find the general lack of support for the team representing the flagship institution of this state very troubling. Like have mentioned before, 90% of UGA Football fans aren’t alumni or have any association with the university but are still rabid fans. Young and talented basketball players don’t grow up wishing they could play basketball at UGA, unlike some of the football recruits.

    As much as I give Fox crap, I do have to give him considerable credit. My freshman year (2011), you could show up 5 minutes before the game and I could get very good seats in the lower bowl. With every season since, there has been increasing student support and I think that is a vital part of the success of this program. It was so bad that this year I would have to get to the game 30 minutes beforehand to even get a decent seat in the upperbowl!

    Anyhow, I really enjoy reading your blog! Keep up the good work!

  2. Well, you like Archer and Rick & Morty, so you can’t be too much of an elitist. I’d suggest backing off the basketball persecution line, though. No one I know wants to get rid of basketball at UGA. Sure, they don’t really care about it, but I think your site does a great job of generating interest. I know you’ve added to my enjoyment of our team.

    BTW, I’m an old dude, and Brent is even older than me, so lay off the old guys, too. And there’s nothing wrong with a little Dawg porn every now and then. Don’t let it define your site, but sometimes it’s warranted, and it’s almost always fun.

    Congrats on 1 year. I suspect the growth will come a lot more quickly starting this fall. I know I’ve spread the word to all my fellow Dawg fans. You’re part of the Dawg-o-sphere whether you like it or not. But I get it. You’re different.

  3. More observations while awaiting moderation.

    This is by far one of the best sports blogs/sites out there, not just basketball, but for any sport. Excellent job and please keep it up.

    That said, I get that you want to be different, and you are. However, I think you’ll have to cater at least a little to the “Dawg fans” out there, because there’s no other segment of the population out there that’s going to help lift up the mantle of Georgia basketball. Like it or not, football is king at UGA, but it doesn’t mean people don’t want other winning teams. It’s just in basketball, there’s no good model for understanding what makes a successful program. We can all see Florida hire Billy Donovan and say, it’s the coach! But we don’t know why it’s the coach. Your site can help explain that, and get all these “Dawg fans” pointed in the same direction to help make meaningful change to the program. If nothing else, a little Dawg porn every now and then may get more butts in the seats, which is always a good thing. Once they’re there, your site can help explain what they’re seeing, and how to make it better.

    Just food for thought. You obviously know how to run a great blog, and I look forward to seeing what you’ve got during the off-season. That’s something I’ve never done before. If you can change this old Dawg’s outlook, you can change others.

  4. Love the blog and love the fact that it is for real basketball geeks. I really enjoy the metrics, which have become integral to a better understanding of the game.

    Perhaps you should think about letting some of your readers either propose articles for you to pursue or even turn in articles that you may choose to publish or not. This might lift some of the writing burden from your shoulders.

    You mentioned establishing traditions. Most traditions at the Dukes or Kansases or UNCs of the world grow organically from the rabid fanbase. Our fanbase is anything but rabid. Perhaps we can suggest things that might turn into traditions at the Steg. An article on that might be good. Let’s all think of ways we could enhance the game experience. Our basketball fans have not shown the cleverness or creativity of other schools. Perhaps we can gently nudge them in a good direction. We need new cheers or fan participation. Think about it.

  5. Congrats! This is a great site.

    Also, on a side note, since when is the hoops board on scout a premium board? Way to put it to the 9 folks that actually like to talk hoops more than foobaww.

  6. I love the siite and follow all sports at UGA. and attend both men’s and women’s basketball games. I.agree with Monkdawg. We as a fan base need to establish some basketball traditions. As one who travels to a lot of road games, I get jealous of the traditions at other arenas. While being at Stegeman is already fun, , a little more crowd engagement would add to the experience.

  7. Congrats on the one year anniversary! I always enjoy the content for, it’s the best out there on UGA Basketball. Keep up the good work!

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