Hello Dawg Fans!

When I was a teenager I always listened to music before a game to get psyched up.  I am giving away my age when I say that often I listened to “All Along the Watchtower” or “Let me Stand Next to Your Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, “We Are the Champions” or “Blue Collar Man” by Styx, “More Than A Feeling” or “Foreplay/Long Time” by Boston, “Tear the Roof Off the Sucka” by Parliament and many others.  I hear that music again.  Do you hear it?  Sounds like the enthusiastic strains of the “Rocky” theme (or is it “Glory, Glory…!”) – those tunes that get your blood pumping, your adrenaline flowing, your head pounding, your eyes crazed….  And like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the Georgia Basketball Blog is returning from its short hiatus.

I must admit I was somewhat stunned when I saw a message from Heckwithtech wondering whether I would like to take over his fantastic Georgia Basketball Blog.  He and I had communicated often when he was pumping out great content on the blog, and I have enjoyed his message board posts for years, as well as the insight he provided on our Bulldog hoops squad.  So, Heck has set an amazingly high bar for the blog that my fellow writers and I can only hope to approach.

As mentioned, I will not be in this alone.  My work schedule won’t permit it.  But, I will have some fantastic assistance from guys who have both intimate knowledge of and insight in the program and great love for our little hoops team.  Our goal is to bring near daily new content for the enjoyment and edification of our audience, and we hope you get a kick out of it – from game previews and recaps, to player evaluations, to recruiting, to thoughts on the program and its future, to retrospective looks at its history, to views of the program from the outside and much more.  We hope to create something you look forward to reading practically every day.
Now, I’m pretty new to this whole blogging thing, so Heckwithtech has promised he will oversee things from a technical perspective until I can get my feet wet.  I have much to learn.  I expect there may be some kinks at first, but be patient with me, and we will get it all ironed out.  I look forward to your feedback and suggestions.
Finally, I sincerely want to thank Heckwithtech for his confidence in me, and I take this responsibility seriously.  I love our contributors, and I thank them as well!  We will do our best to live up to that confidence to meet the high standards of quality that he established.  Though we are all huge UGA hoops fans, we do not intend to toe the party line.  We want to speak truth to power, but we will do our dead level best to be fair and thoughtful.
Go Dawgs!!


  1. More places discussing UGA hoops the better Monk. Glad you’re taking the project on and can’t wait to read more of your perspective. The team has a lot of growth it’s capable of seeing in the next 2-3 weeks with the increased responsibilities on others without Maten. And for next year in what should be our deepest, most talented roster in a long time (especially if we can find one more perimeter weapon to add to the mix).

  2. Awesome. Happy to see the blog up and running again. Really enjoy your hoops insight on the message boards Monk and looking forward to more of it here! Hunker down boys.

  3. I am so glad that the blog is up and running again. I had not checked the blog for several weeks and it really was a surprise to find it back and running. I am excited to be reading the blog and having a voice to discuss our basketball dawgs. I am looking forward to communicating and discussing the basketball dawgs. Welcome aboard Monk.

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