isaiah whaley class of 2016 prospect

Isaiah Whaley – Class of 2016 Prospect

Isaiah Whaley is a Class of 2016 prospect gaining the attention of Power Conference programs.

Isaiah Whaley is a 6’9″ 200 pound Power Forward from Gastonia, North Carolina by way of Ashbrook High School and playing for Team Loaded NC in the AAU circuit.  He’s a 3 star Power Forward according to all recruiting services and Future150 has him listed as the 139th best player in the Class of 2016.  Georgia offered Isaiah Whaley a scholarship as part of the Class of 2016 on February 26, 2015.

Mark Fox and his staff have been in an advantageous spot in their recruiting as they have been pursuing Whaley since Fall 2013.  Virginia Tech was the first program to offer Whaley and Georgia offered seven months later.  Georgia happened to be the second major program to offer Whaley.  Whaley currently has offers from:  Virginia Tech, Western Carolina, Charlotte, Appalachian State, Towson, East Carolina and Middle Tennessee State.  East Carolina’s membership in the American Conference makes them significant in recruiting especially when it comes to in-state talent.  Georgia still remains as the most prominent program to offer and Whaley has visited Athens for an unofficial, but Providence will likely offer soon.  Providence Assistant Coach Jeff Battle is experienced at recruiting in North Carolina, he coached at Wake Forest for 13 years under Skip Prosser, Dino Gaudio and Jeff Bzdelik.  Oregon and Baylor also have Whaley on their radar, but have been rather passive in their pursuit.

Breaking Down Isaiah Whaley’s Game


Isaiah Whaley’s Strengths:

  • Shooting:  He’s not afraid to shoot from distance.  He’s not a sharpshooter, but he has enough of an ability to shoot that it is respectable.  He may be a year from being considered a stretch 4.
  • Free Throw Shooting:  He does not have an awful motion and does not look uncomfortable.
  • Athleticism:  Isaiah Whaley can jump around and get himself involved in a play that many others cannot on both ends of the floor.
  • Post Moves:  He can shake off defenders with a fake turnaround fade into a jump hook.  He’s a confident enough player to dribble within 10 feet of the basket with his back to the basket.
  • Physicality:  Isaiah is not afraid to mix it up in there.  Very eager to take on contact.
  • Does not mind using the glass:  If there was proof he knew how to use the rim as a shield on video somehow, it would be another feather in his cap.  He knows that he is not limited to dunks and tip-ins, he can use the glass when he does not have enough verticality to dunk the ball.
  • Passing:  For a post prospect, it is rare to see a post that looks to help his teammates make plays ever.  He’ll probably need to work on it, but his passing instincts are encouraging.

Isaiah Whaley’s Weaknesses:

  • Defensive Rebounding:  Future150 puts it as his strength for some reason, but he does not box out.  Whaley seems content to try to leap over everyone and use his above-average length to make the rebound.
  • Shotblocking:  Whaley could learn to become better at this.  He can block shots, but it does not seem to be his forte.
  • Doesn’t use both hands down low:  He is almost like an oversized Small Forward that is still learning.  Just imagine what Jonas Hayes could do with him.
  • Strength and Conditioning:  He’s 6’9″ 200 pounds and expected to play at Power Forward.  He needs to put on weight in order to play in the post in the SEC.  Otherwise, he’ll be an oversized 3 because he has almost all of the skills down already.
  • Gets himself out of position or becomes inactive:  Isaiah Whaley is not quite clear as far as where he should be at times on the floor.  He has the continuous battle within as to what type of a player he is going to be.  He gets lost or separated from the action and he uses his athleticism to make up for the mental errors and confusion.  His footwork on both ends suffer as he leaves himself too vulnerable at times to a foul, turnover or a passive offensive move.

Isaiah Whaley is not a traditional post yet, he has the skills in both the high and low post, but he still has a lot to learn.  The good news is that he is a High School Senior next season.  He has a lot more of an opportunity to improve in AAU action and in his Senior Year of High School.  He is very similar to JaCorey Williams at Arkansas.  Mark Fox recruited Williams and did not land him, but Fox has a second chance at a player like him in Isaiah Whaley.  He has a lot of upside in him and if he can put on the weight and get the right instruction he has a bright future.