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J.J. Frazier Was Arrested Again for Traffic Offenses

J.J. Frazier was arrested for traffic offenses again.

J.J. Frazier was arrested for improper driving and driving with a suspended license.  Athens-Clarke County does publish recent arrests and the applicable details were cut out from the report on their website.

Here are the pertinent details:

This marks the second automobile related arrest for the Junior Point Guard.  He was booked for driving without a license on March 24, 2014.  Frazier needs to get things straightened out with the DMV in a hurry because this is getting strange.

The next few weeks will see plenty of UGA students getting arrested as the school year has just started and there will be plenty of UGA Freshmen that do not know how to handle themselves responsibly.  This is prime season for the ACC Police and the infamous Bike Cops of Downtown Athens.  For those with kids at UGA, they are not immune.