james white to georgia tech

James White is Going to Georgia Tech

James White is going to Georgia Tech after all…

Coach Mark Fox was thinking that he would land James White or Tevin Mack this week and after visiting Athens, White apparently felt that Tech was the better fit for him.  Fox put all of his eggs in a basket and lost out on another transfer to a Georgia Tech program that is circling the drain.

Where does Fox turn now that James White is going to Georgia Tech?  Nobody knows.  It’s still very possible that the 13th scholarship spot goes vacant, which would surprise… no one.   He did it before, he could certainly do it again.  He should pursue Alonzo Nelson-Ododa, Chris Olivier, J.P. Kambola and Joseph Uchebo.

Fox got a five year extension on the day before he made a horrific swing and miss for the 2015-16 Season.  Brian Gregory is getting another year because Tech won’t pay two coaches to not work for Georgia Tech.  If James White was making his decision strictly on basketball alone, it would be a rather weird decision, but let’s shrug our shoulders and move on past this humiliation.

To Hell With Georgia Tech!


  1. James White may get to play during the season but Georgia will be the one returning to the NCAA tournament . They can down play all they want but the talent is loaded at his position at Georgia, and I don’t think White would want to come off the bench after freshmen

  2. Gregory was probably on his hands and knees begging please save my job, while Fox gets a extension Georgia is still on the rise

  3. WTF does tech tell these guys!!!!!? Well James if you happen to read this I just want you to know you just made a very unfortunate decision I really don’t know what you seen at tech that was so impressive anyway have fun finishing dead last in the ACC playing for a horrible coach and overrated program in front of an average of 2000 nerds every home game while your getting pounded by some random ACC team. And now there is nothing more I want to see now then you coming to Stegeman and getting handed to you playing for your little weisel coach.

  4. We pay a guy $10 million over 6 years, he fails to win a single NCAA tourney game and only one NIT game. So what do we do? Give him a raise and an extension. This is Georgia basketball.

    A struggling Tech program (struggling at everything except beating Fox and UGA, that is) has gotten two front court players that we desperately needed over the past two off-seasons. Brian Gregory probably has a dog named Mark Fox. Outside of Maten, our front court talent is an absolute disgrace. People need to start paying attention to what is going on around the conference. With the new coaches and talent coming in, the conference is going to improve significantly top to bottom over the next few years. We are NOT a program on the rise. We are a program mired in mediocrity that has had two decent years recently because the SEC, outside of UK, has been as bad as it has ever been.

    Go ahead and start your whining and defending of Fox now. Then, when we finally fire him after more mediocrity or worse in a few years, I’ll say I told you so. There is a very good possibility Georgia will wind up paying this guy between $15 and $20 mil over a decade and never win a single NCAA tourney game. Absolute insanity.

  5. This is madness. I understand if this is, say, Fox’s 2nd year in Athens. But holy hell, here is someone who will by most all accounts both improve our team as a Sr. post (which we just lost) and still keep a scholarship free for the following season?

    Ugh. Why can’t we have nice things?

  6. Didn’t take much to get all the negative Dawg “fans” back out in droves! If you don’t like what Fox is doing don’t watch. Of course, you guys probably don’t watch anyway. You’re all just waiting for the chance to jump on the bandwagon of a successful team and happily piss in the cheerios in the meantime.

  7. I am puzzled by your list of guys Fox should pursue. I think the guy with the best odds of being a dawg is Kouassi who you don’t list. Is there something I don’t know here. He is the only transfer that I have seen with UGA listed as a consideration. Kambola has been removed from the ESPN transfer list. Wonder why? Joseph Uchebo, 6 min, 1.5pt, 2rb, career 39%FG, is not a guy to waste time with unless we just want to fill a spot that will be empty with a practice player. and avoid giving it to a 5’10 walk-on guard.

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