Jamir Moultrie Commits La Salle

Jamir Moultrie Commits to La Salle

La Salle just got a very good Combo Guard.

Jamir Moultrie has committed to La Salle, this is a shocking development in UGA’s recruiting for the Class of 2017.  He made the announcement a few minutes ago and seems pleased with his decision.  He will join Demetrius Henry, B.J. Johnson and Pookie Powell in the 2017-18 Season.  La Salle should be a very good team in the Atlantic 10 next season even without Jordan Price and Cleon Roberts.

Where does this leave UGA?  In a whole heap of trouble, but the next option at Combo Guard appears to be Teshaun Hightower who also considered La Salle.

This Class of 2017 is starting to spiral out of control.  The strike out possibility still exists for this Fall.  A pessimist would say, “Enjoy this season while it lasts because it is going to be ugly in the future.”

Update 10/29:  Several sources confirm that there was a slow play effort by Mark Fox.  Moultrie was not made a priority by Fox because he wanted to continue pursuing Collin Sexton who had cut UGA and took a subtle jab at the program.  Fox did it again, this is embarrassing for the program and is unbecoming of any individual representing the University of Georgia.


  1. This terrible recruiting will eventually catch up to Coach Fox. I have zero confidence he can land any prospect I don’t care how favored we are. PATHETIC LA SALLE!?! Let’s just face it Fox has a real problem and honestly I don’t see how he’s made it this far.

  2. I agree that Fox’s pursuit of Sexton probably hurt; it certainly couldn’t have helped. A man’s got to know his limitations, and Fox doesn’t, at least not when it comes to recruiting. Great choice of a picture of Fox on your 10/27 post on recruiting. That picture reflects how Fox should feel about his recruiting efforts, although I question his ability to perceive reality, particularly when it comes to recruiting. Fox will be lucky to sign anyone this Fall. He may have to rely heavily on Mt. Zion Prep just to fill out his roster. Or maybe he can try posting on Craigslist.

  3. Coach Fox recruitment process is terrible. Moultrie went where he was loved and wanted the most. Coach Fox and he thinks just because Georgia has a nice campus that will get him players, WRONG! I could write more but I’ll let it go. Fox won’t last to much longer if he doesn’t change his process

  4. Pessimistic UGA…my thoughts exactly. Fox doesn’t know his limitations and it is maddening that no one has been able to explain it to him. He is so stubborn that he would rather go down with the ship.

  5. Are we going to be able to field a basketball team in a couple of years? This is crazy! Moultrie to La Salle; probably Claxton to Baylor. We cant recruit at all. I love you Fox ; you are doing great things at UGA and I BELEIVE in you but don’t lose the players that we should be getting. No one is going to fault you for not bringing in 5 Stars recruits but Moultrie and Claxton; both should be committed to the G. Let’s go Fox! Go Dawgs!

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