kenny paul geno offseason preview

Kenny Paul Geno Offseason Preview

Let’s preview Kenny Paul Geno in 2015-16 for the Georgia Bulldogs.

The high flying Kenny Paul Geno was grounded for much of SEC play and the time away from the court did not help his play when he came back into action.  Kenny Paul Geno’s defense suffered and he was disengaged from the action despite seeing triple the minutes that he received as a freshman after his wrist injury sustained against Arkansas.  Kenny Paul Geno with his own injury situation and the team’s injury situation suffered because the team’s adjusted tempo fell significantly starting in January.

KPG experienced more sustained success comparatively speaking during the nonconference play than his post-injury play.  KPG received more minutes due to depth issues and he is a spark plug, run and gun player that has not shown himself to be a grind it out, half court player that should receive more than 15 minutes per game.

Notice that Kenny Paul Geno was far less efficient when given more minutes in the second half of the season.  He was far less involved in the offense and he was far less effective on the defensive end as his personal foul count shows.

Kenny Paul Geno was recruited by the likes of Florida Gulf Coast before Georgia became involved in his recruitment and he is much suited to a run and gun style even though his conditioning indicates he’s a sprinter (so to speak) that will give the Dawgs 10-15 minutes of high intensity effort, which would be good enough if he can play in that upbeat style that will enable him to fly around.  Kenny Paul Geno is a Dunk City sort of a guy that can shoot the three.  His game is based on tip-in dunks, three point shots, fast break dunks, alley oops and put backs.

Kenny Paul Geno does not create his own shot, that’s not his style.  He needs to be set up to make a play on the offensive end.  His defense when he is in basketball shape and plays a reasonable amount of minutes is average, but he gets burned easily by perimeter guys that can cut and drive well.  An average perimeter player will typically be guarded effectively by KPG.  KPG will crash the boards aggressively as well and his reckless abandon on the boards is a double-edged sword when it comes to fouls.  It’s tough to prepare for a guy like Kenny Paul Geno.

KPG should get as many minutes as possible against Mississippi State as he really plays with a serious chip on his shoulder when facing the other Bulldogs.  Coach Fox likes to tap into Kenny Paul Geno’s psyche and how he was rejected by Mississippi State’s coaching staff.  Things will be a bit different as Rick Ray will not be on the Mississippi State sideline and we will see if that changes how KPG plays, it should likely not when the two squads face each other.  Rick Ray and Mark Fox were two coaches that did not exactly get along and much of it was due to Mark Fox really sticking it to Ray with KPG.  Fox made it a point to make Ray look like a fool for passing up KPG and he made his message very clear.  Postgame handshakes were cold and hostile between the two coaches as well.

What Kenny Paul Geno Needs to Do This Offseason:

  • Conditioning:  Kenny Paul Geno needs to improve his conditioning in the worst way.  He wears out quickly and when he turns red, you know he needs to come out or else he would get exploited on the floor.
  • Lateral Quickness:  KPG lacks lateral quickness and this really burns him on the defensive end.  Improving his lateral quickness will make him a more effective defender in the half court and will hopefully lead to more contested shots, which will lead to more run outs and hopefully KPG will fly around a bit like he did in High School.
  • Shooting:  KPG as a 35% or better three point shooter would be a major asset as it will help spread defenses out and allow for the driving lanes and post-up opportunities for the young frontcourt.  His shooting motion is not particularly bad, but he needs the practice and confidence to know that he can go out there and be a contributor.
  • Ball Handling:  KPG could become a better ball handler so that he can be a part of the dribble drive attack himself, but he could be content to be a much effective cutter and finisher off one dribble or an alley oop.  Really depends, but the more things that KPG can do out there, the better.
  • Lobby for a Run and Gun Style:  KPG needs it, he thrives in a 90 foot game rather than a 45 foot game.  He looks like a guy that despite the increased minutes mentally thinks he’s in garbage time and that the time afforded to him is a gift and that he can be invisible when in the half court.

Kenny Paul Geno is going to try to win the 3 spot and it will be an interesting spot to watch in the Georgia lineup.  Coach Fox has a lot of options, he can go with 3 guards or he can use KPG/E’Torrion Wilridge/Michael Edwards to fill that spot.  Fox can go big, small, fast, slow or whatever he wishes with this team.  Kenny Paul Geno is likely not going to win the starting job, but he will come off the bench to be a spark plug and a change of pace.  JJ Frazier, Charles Mann, KPG, E’Torrion Wilridge and Michael Edwards would seem to be a lineup that is conducive to the fast pace that would allow him to excel.

Projecting Next Season for Kenny Paul Geno

KPG won’t start next season unless there is another injury plagued season.  KPG’s endurance and the increased competition will keep him from growing his minutes on the floor.  Kenny Paul Geno does serve a very important purpose and he’ll be a high energy player that will throw opponents off their game.  He’s best playing around 12 minutes per game and if he can improve on his lateral quickness and shooting ability, he’ll be rather efficient in playing his role at the 3 spot.  E’Torrion Wilridge and Juwan Parker will likely eat up the other minutes at the 3 spot.

Kenny Paul Geno will likely play 12 minutes per game and average 3 points and 2 rebounds per game.  He’ll get probably 20 minutes against Mississippi State and is a near-lock for a double digit scoring effort against the Bulldogs in a win.  Nobody would be surprised to see him light up Ben Howland’s crew.  Let’s hope UGA gets them twice so that KPG can have two games to show up the boys from Starkville.