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Landers Nolley II Commits to Georgia, Best Shooting Recruit in a Decade

Landers Nolley II committed to Georgia and it stung the so-called experts.

It all made sense that Landers Nolley II would commit to Georgia.  The timing, the opportunity (playing time and academic) and the knowledge that he was going to attend a program that was not going to have any sort of legal issues.  Landers Nolley II is the sharpshooter that Mark Fox and Philip Pearson have wanted for a very long time and now they deliver the best shooter to come to the University of Georgia since Billy Humphrey.  Quite frankly, Nolley has a much better chance of being better than Humphrey and even giving Levi Stukes’ single season three point percentages a challenge.

Nolley just committed to Georgia through his Twitter account.  Someone created a bracket for him as far as how the cut-downs of his recruitment went and he ran with it.  From 32 to 1, Georgia was the ONE.

Remember former Atlanta Hawk John Jenkins?  Remember how he would light up teams from the perimeter at Vanderbilt?   Nolley has the capability of doing that as a student-athlete at the University of Georgia.

Nolley joins Amanze Ngumezi in this Class of 2018.  As privately and possibly publicly projected, this is supposed to be an ALL IN-STATE CLASS and it is living up to such expectations.  Will Richardson would make the final piece of a Class of 2018 that only a deranged person could find fault.

Welcome Landers Nolley II!

A note about the projections and irresponsible media coverage of Nolley’s recruitment.

The media have a tough job and when they are pressed to predict what a 16-17 year old will do, it is never easy.  Making a prediction and getting it wrong happens, nobody is going to fault a writer/analyst for doing so.

However, there are stories to report and not report.  Also, there are biases and to try to fit one’s analysis and reporting to fit the desired narrative is very bad.  Journalists do not write a story or investigate a story in a fashion to confirm their own personal conclusions.

Media members need to recognize that they have a gravitas and they do not wish to abuse their influential role nor tarnish their own authority.  For the sake of the individual involved, the following screenshots have redactions.  People make mistakes, this is just irresponsible.  The good news is that it is a low-stakes story compared to more infamous instances of bad journalism.

Why on Earth would any analyst make a claim that a recruit is trolling people?  This is such an entitled and rude comment about a recruit’s potential decision, a decision that is extremely important in his life.  It’s an attitude that is like the investor who loses money on a stock and thinks the market is wrong.  No, this is a decision that is beyond the analyst’s control and this has become extremely personalized to the point that there is no objectivity.  That’s a problem.

But wait it gets weirder than the approach of “There’s no way my analysis could possibly be wrong and if it is wrong it is an absolute troll decision.  It’s illegitimate I tell you!  Illegitimate!”

This is a case of providing sourced information to support the preconceived conclusion that the analyst has.  Who is the Coach in Georgia?  When was this statement made?  Hiding behind anonymous sources for an insulting comment like that is wrong.  It’s best to just leave that sort of a comment as completely off the record in something like Journolist or an Instant Messaging Group.  Now this is out there whether it be for paying subscribers or random people to view.  Now every anonymous source may be taken with a grain of salt from this analyst and the analysis provided could be viewed as biased to fit a preconceived conclusion.

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  1. I agree about recruiting predictions. 247Sports is particularly egregious in their behavior in this manner. This is the 3rd case where they built up the recruitment of a 4-star player who VT desperately needs to raise the program level, describing the choice as a near-lock for VT–until the 11th hour when they all chose another school following a visit to it after a great visit to VT. It’s almost as though someone put the kibosh on the deal, or sent them some last minute bad information about the VT program. These three are 2017 top 50 SG MJ Walker (FSU), 2018 rising 4-star PF Jake Forrester (IU), and Nolley. 2018 CG David Duke is on track with the same hype–just waiting for that shoe to drop. It does seem almost like something nefarious is going on here.

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