Landers Nolley II Decommits from Georgia

18 Hours Ago… Landers Nolley II Committed to Georgia and now he decommits…

Landers Nolley II has re-opened his commitment and now no one really has a firm grasp of what is going on here.

The Illinois and Virginia Tech bases are now overjoyed spamming Nolley on social media after publicly bashing him in an ugly fashion.  The phrase “My recruitment is open” could mean that he is going in a completely different direction and is going to take his time.  Keep in mind, Nolley did push his commitment date up.

Mark Fox and the UGA staff may end up moving on now rather than getting into another Tevin Mack sort of a situation.

Let’s hope that Nolley and his family make the right choice for them.  The best advice for them would be to wait it out until Spring, get off social media and shut out the media altogether.

Update October 11, 2017:  Yep, definitely wait it out until Spring.  The tentacles on the FBI Investigation are getting longer and starting to implicate more.